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What What In the Butt at Haze Him

What What In the Butt at Haze Him

What What In the Butt at Haze Him

What What In the Butt at Haze Him

What What In the Butt at Haze Him

If you’re one of the few people who hasn’t heard the song What What In the Butt by Samwell, now is your chance. The senior frat bros in this new college hazing clip from Haze Him actually dance to it as they torment the new frat pledges during their bizarre, homoerotic initiation rituals. One of the most memorable moments in this clip occurs when a senior frat brother puts on a viking hat and forces two naked pledges to simultaneously sit their asses down on the hat’s two enormous horns! From there on out, things just get worse as the pledges are forced to suck each other’s dicks, fuck an inflatable man-doll, and have their dicks tied together. This is definitely one of the weirdest frat hazing videos we’ve seen so far!

Piss Mates (Bareback)





A night out with friends and the Dirty Fuckers cameras can turn out to be very lucky for a horny, eager cocksucker. Sven is a newcomer to porn and he’s enjoying a night out on the town with some of his best buddies. After a wild night of drinking, he gets a boner from looking at all of his hot friends. It doesn’t go unnoticed by his horny mates, so soon he’s on his knees sucking them off right at the bar. Thanks to all of their beer drinking, his buddies need to take a piss. But instead of heading to the bathrooms, they just let Sven guzzle their piss straight from the tap!

Sven is good at sucking cock, never missing a beat as his mates pull him back and forth from dick to dick like the the hot  piece of ass that he is. Sven never gets fucked in this video, but he does get a succession of cumshots blasted down his throat and splattered across his young face, until it’s dripping down his chin and neck. He also ends up with a big piss stain all over his clothes. This was definitely a night to remember!

[flv: 510 365]

Sweet Freshman Threesome





Does it still count as a threesome if a fuck doll is in on the action?  One sure way to find out is by checking this choice video from Fresh SX.  These three friends are going to town on this doll, fucking every hole while the third sits on its dildo.  But there’s only so much you can do with a plastic boy, so their attention turns to each other. That doll is long forgotten by now.  With real flesh-to-flesh action, these boys can suck a mean one and take it up the ass like champs.  All that fuck doll practice pays off when they start to pleasure themselves on each other.

The way these two go down on their friend’s cock, you’d think the supply of fresh man-juice was going out of style.  They bob on it until it’s nice and hard before they prep their asses for a good hardcore fuck.  And there’s plenty of top action going on.  One of the twinks shoves his dick as far in as he can, opening it up for an even bigger dick.  By the end, they lay down on the couch and shoot their loads all over their tight abs.

[flv: 480 368]

Four-gy at Next Door Buddies

The guys over at Next Door Buddies are always having the type of sex that makes us extremely jealous and EXTREMELY horny. Their latest update, which features Shane Erickson, Alexy Tyler, Christian Wilde and Spencer Reed is no exception. The action starts when two guys are interrupted by a second couple.. Usually this would ruin the mood, but this time it turns into a full blown orgy party. Pretty soon, everyone has a dick in their mouths and asses are being primed for a good ol’ fashion fucking.
From what we’ve read, these guys are always horny and ready for man-on-man action.. We don’t usually believe everything we read but we have to admit that in this case the rumors are true. These guys are insatiable as they climb all over each other. At one point two guys are fighting for one (clears throat) bone.
[flv: 480 368]
The action is so hot that the director even extended their normal twenty minute running time to make sure we wouldn’t miss of any of the action – and we’d like to thank them! Four beautiful men, four insanely intense orgasms and one huge living room makes for some of the hottest sex we’ve seen in a while. But don’t take our word our word for it. Click on over to Next Door Buddies and check these guys out for yourself!

Gay College Orgies!

Who says that it needs to be Spring Break in order for these hot college studs to have a grand old time? At the party is always happening and the boys are always horny!


One of the reasons this site is so hot is that the guys are constantly throwing parties and getting a little tipsy, which always leads to some kissing/groping and before you know it they’re fucking on a table in front of a roomful of other guys.


There are a couple of guys watching these two go at it, but they don’t try to join the fun, which is a bummer because they are really hot! It’s okay though because we love to watch two guys go at it especially when they’re into each other like these guys are. gay-guy-sucking-dick.jpg

It’s a bit of a mystery where they are or we’d go looking for the party, but they certainly have no qualms about stripping their clothes off and getting hard while others watch and socialize.


There’s an unspoken rule that says that the guy with the bigger dick always ends up being the top. We’re not quite sure if that’s what these two decided, but in any case, it’s fun to watch the top’s long cock split and jab the bottom’s ass who can’t help but squirm and moan in delight.

Fratpad — Where All Straight Dudes Go To Relax

What happens when someone throws a bunch of straight guys together under one roof? The answers might surprise you! The guys over at Fratpad are young goofballs that spend most of their time shirtless and aren’t afraid to get a little experimental with each other.


What makes this site so hot is that these guys are clearly straight and have very obvious limits with how far they will go with each other. But even their boundaries don’t keep them from wanting to know about their fellow roommates. You can bet when they are naked together they’re sneaking peeks at each other’s junk.


Like most guys — whether they be gay or straight — these dudes love to jack off to some good porn, and they end up in many group circle jerks because of it. It might be a little fishy for one guy to be in the room watching the other dudes jerk their meat, but it’s really quite common at Fratpad. The dude watching will even jump in and grab another guy’s nipples just to fuck with him.


One thing we noticed about all the guys is how incredibly ripped they all are. They have a gym in the house, and drink protein shakes, but it’s still pretty impressive.


It’s seems like one of the ways that they cut down on expenses is by doing group activities together which includes bath time. If I had roommates that looked like these dudes do I would be hitting the shower at least five times a day!


Are these brothers fucking each other or not? The Visconti Triplets get physical!


We’ve got to be honest: We did a total and complete double take when we saw this very first 4-some scene from I mean, we know that this trio of tanned and toned musclemen are from a different country than our, where the rules and customs about hooking up may be a bit different, but we never expected to see them actually fucking each other in the ass!


Which is exactly why you have to look at each and every one of these photos from their latest update very, very closely. You see, the forth member of their orgy is just a Visconti lookalike! And with his bulging pecs, perky nipples, and sexy, short faux hawk, he definitely gives these brothers a run for their money in the bangably hot department.


Still, for those of you into brotherly love, the sideways glances and the way they accidentally touch each other as they’re hooking up with this amazingly eager forth will have you jumping out of your seat and pawing at your computer screen in no time. Now that we look at it again, maybe they really are having sex with each other….we’re just not sure! Anyone know?


Hairy bushes, beefy bods, and frat boys – What more can you ask for?

Can we take a brief moment to thank for their latest onslaught of guys with wonderfully wooly bushes of hair below their belts? Sure, there’s nothing worse that ending up with mouthful of tiny curly hairs after you’ve been sucking you’re boyfriend dick all morning, but for some reason we’d gladly shove our face in his hairy crotch anytime. I think it has something to do with that long, pointy cock their boy Dan’s got hiding in the thick coat of hair; well, not so much hiding, as proudly pointing it toward the sky.

frat men dan boy muscle

 More than that, the guy’s got a hot, youthful exuberance to him, and delights in showing off his muscular frame. With killer triceps like that, can you blame him? I mean, those are some pretty massive guns he’s got – just watching him flex makes us want to run out to the gym and find a some all-American boy with a addiction to barbells to fuck around with. Now who’s up for some squat thrusts?

frat men dan boy muscle pretty cock

Sex is so much better with audience participation, ain’t it?

Have you seen the latest trailer over at What the fuck! This shit is insanity. It sort of reminds me of the last frat party I went to, only like not as gay and with less cock sucking. That’s not to say there’s not a whole lot of dick slurping going on this party – that takes place in some type of well-lit sex club. Actually, that’s more a comment on how gay that fraternities are at my college, but that’s another story.

guys go crazy gay orgy party

Anyways, it never fails to astound me how they get so many good-looking guys to just loose all their inhibitions and just strip down and start fucking the nearest hole they see. These guys hold back absolutely nothing; it’s like everywhere they turn, their cocks just slip into another hole, or some dude’s mouth who’s on his knees servicing the entire crowd. There’s nothing better than getting fucked, and having an entire throng of hotties yelling and cheering you on. Talk about motivation to go the extra mile!

guys go crazy gay orgy

If you ask me, sex should always happen in front of an audience. I mean, if you’re going to put on a show for your partner, why not let everyone else marvel at your amazing deep throating talents while you’re at it? That way, if your fellas gets tired anywhere along the way, you’ll be sure there’s a back-up fuck right there next to you. Now, for this next trick, I’ll need a volunteer from the audience.

guys go crazy gay orgy blowjobs

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Tag Teaming Alex and his uncut manhood – Now in High Def!

What’s a buck worth these days? Thanks to our buddies at, it’s actually more valuable than you think, considering a trial membership to their site is only $1! I know, right? Recession? What recession!

high def twinks gay porn threesome

Of course, there’s bound to be some naysayers out there, so to all you who doubt the quality of what you can get for a dollar, I say one thing – with a name like HighDefTwinks, if there’s one thing you can count on, it’s clear, crisp shots of hot and heavy young guy action.

high def twinks porn gangbang

Take their latest update, where they put a hot, dark-haired young twink named Alex, and lock him in a hotel room with two of his horny buddies. The threesome immediately travels to the bed, where they strip each other’s underwear off, and star tag-teaming Alex’s cock, taking turns licking and stroking every inch of his uncut manhood. Alex obviously likes it; this kid can’t get enough of kissing his buddies, and we can’t blame him with a pair of soft, red lips like his. Something tells me Alex may have to save his dollar to buy a tube of chapstick when this hotel hook-up is over and through… gay porn HD videos

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