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JuicyGoo's GooGabber Gay Porn Blog Offers Up Hot Studs For Your Pleasure

Gabor — no relation to the cop slapping Zsa Zsa — is a 25-year-old hottie who hails from Berlin Charlottenburg, and loves playing football and basketball. He had never done any type of modeling before, but was eager to see what all the fuss was about and allowed the dudes over at Berlin Casting to pop his porn star cherry.


Gabor is exactly the type of guy I would want to wake up next to every morning. His trim body, light hair on his chest and face stubble is the type of thing that drives me wild. Just by looking at him, it’s easy to see that he has a very laid back attitude. It also doesn’t hurt that he reminds me of Shia Lebeouf.


During his shoot, Gabor was completely unafraid of bending over and showing off his ass and even went as far as to spread his cheeks to the camera for those who desire a closer inspection. He also enjoyed stroking his meat — looking very sexy while doing it — but the real clencher was when he finally released his load. There are guys you watch and then there are those who you would actually want to hook up with after seeing them in action, and Gabor definitely falls into the latter category.


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