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Andy O’Neill’s Sexercise





Andy O’Neill gets a surprising delivery in this clip. If the hot delivery boy got Andy’s cock stirring the actual package delivered will surely finish off the horny task. As he unwraps it, it turns out to be a rubber ball, which he starts to inflate. Complete with an attached dildo, Andy can’t wait to ride it. I guess killing two birds with one stone has been Andy’s idea all along. Who ever thought that combining an exercise regime with your daily jerk off necessities could be so practical? It certainly leaves more time to fantasize about kinky scenario with the deliver boy.

Like a freaky new Pilates workout, Andy climbs the rubber ball and takes it for a test run. He mounts it like a stud and starts to sit down on the dildo. As it inches its way into his rectum, Andy’s face is filled with sexual pleasure. As weird as this sex toy is, it surely does what it’s supposed to do. He fucks it with the passion of a twink in heat before it sends him over the edge. His load shoots forth with full force covering him in twink goo.

[flv: 480 368]

Andy O’Neill With His Toys





Andy O’Neill is the star of Fresh SX’s Boys With Toys. In that video, he showed off his talent at playing with some very adult looking toys and in this clip, you get to check out his playful attitude as he takes out his toy box and shows us exactly where he can put them. Andy is only 5’ 7” and weighs 137 lbs, but that doesn’t stop him from achieving power bottom status. His Brazilian ass can take a pounding and still beg for bigger cocks. Maybe it is all that practice with dildos that has him eager to take it up the ass, but whatever it is, we hope he continues showing us his natural assets.

To prepare for his ass stretching exercises, Andy starts off with a big black dildo that easily slips into his South American fuck hole and then gradually moves to a sexercise ball with a hefty-looking dong attached to it. Never once does he wince or complain – which leads us to believe that this boy has a high tolerance for pain. His ass isn’t the only talent either. He can swallow monster cocks like a pro, and all that practice makes it all the more perfect when he’s ready to take on his cock-stiff buddies!

[flv: 480 368]

Andy & Karl





Toys are a great way to subtly suggest to your buddy that you want to fuck him – especially if both are either tops or bottoms. The art of seduction works well when you’re both horny and especially when you’ve got not just one but two handy Icejacks to break the ice, so to speak. Watch as Andy and Karl fuck their toys in the Jacuzzi. Immediately, they start making out with each other and playing with their toys as their cocks slide in and out of the clear plastic toy. They watch as their cocks swell to monster proportions before Andy stands up and lets Karl play with his ass.

You know what that means, Andy’s getting some cock up his butt, and that’s exactly what Karl does. Andy rides Karl’s pole in the Jacuzzi, feeling him deep inside and making sure he hits all the right spots.  It turns out one of them does like to bottom. That doesn’t stop them from both using the Icejack again, though. Once the butt banging is done, they quickly slide their dicks back in the toys and start jacking right up until they get close. Then they slip them off and shoot their loads all over each other.

[flv: 480 368]

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