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Bel Ami’s Dan Arlett





Dan Arlett is one of the new guys at Bel Ami and to say that he is gorgeous barely begins to tap into the masculine sexuality that makes Dan a perfect addition to the stable of Bel Ami models. His baby-face beauty contradicts the pure manly allure that draws viewers in when they first lay eyes on his perfectly sculpted body. His laidback attitude makes him approachable and his congenial smile keeps you wanting more of this guy.

Luckily, he’s here to give you that extra “more” – his uncut dick is a beauty to behold, even in its flaccid state. But when he starts to run his hands all over his smooth body, his cock stiffens to full attention and you get a great view of that beautiful cock with the foreskin pulled back and arched out as if inviting you to taste it. The camera lingers on his body as his hands continue to explore his supple skin. He starts to pull on his dick, his extra skin gliding back and forth along his shaft making it glisten with precum as he prepares to unload his juicy man-seed all over himself.

[flv: 480 368]

Bel Ami Model Ennis





There’s only so much you can get from a photo shoot – especially when your subject is not all too interesting. This is definitely not the case with Bel Ami model Ennis. Even before the clothes come off, Ennis drips with sensuality and a bit of mystery that seems to tease us when he looks directly at the camera. Though we may never really know what truly lurks behind those dark-colored eyes, there is one mystery that gets solved in this shoot. When his pants come off, we get a close-up look at that beautiful uncut cock.

To say that Ennis has the perfect body would be an understatement, but clearly this stud takes care of his body and he is proud to show it off. His cock, when soft, has an impressive length with foreskin that doesn’t fully cover his cock head. In all honesty, he’s hot in and out of clothes. We prefer him out of clothes and he’s all to eager to oblige. We can only hope this is not a one-time deal. With all those Bel Ami models to choose from, it wouldn’t be hard to pair him up with a few choice models to see how well they interact.

[flv: 480 368]

Ricco Fucks Adam





Ricco and Adam are pretty much your typical Latin horny boys. Everywhere they go, they have dick on their minds and in this clip, the hormones kick in at a cruisy public shower. Nothing stops the two from getting it on while they soap up and wash the stress of the day away. Ricco starts it off by making sure Adam’s fat, uncut meat is completely clean. He pulls back the foreskin and his tongue goes to work, covering every inch of extra skin that covers Adam’s fuck tool. Temperatures skyrocket watching these Latin studs make out for a while before they continue their oral foreplay.

Adam then moves over to the bench and lies down so that Ricco can have access to his ass. Ricco immediately starts working his hole with his tongue giving Adam a delicious tongue bath. Then, Ricco takes his own throbbing cock and starts to fuck Adam with a slow deliberate rhythm that quickly gains speed as their bodies create sexual friction. They fuck in every position and, at one point, Ricco manages to blow Adam while he’s fucking him. If that’s not enough to make you shoot a big wad, we don’t know what is.

[flv: 480 368]

Str8 Hunk Fucks English Lad





The hottest thing about porn is pairing up a delicious-looking straight boy with an eager and excited gay boy.  English Lads knows this too and that’s why we’re getting treated to Rick, a homosexually challenged dude with a tanned, tight body. He’s a prime stud and he knows it. Justin can’t control his excitement at the prospect of offering his tight, smooth ass to this hunk of a man. To start things off, Justin undresses Rick, but he only gets as far as taking his shirt off before he goes down, unzips his pants and starts sucking that straight uncut dick.

When Rick starts fucking Justin, the real fun begins. Justin climbs on top and bounces up and down, enjoying the feel of Rick’s stiff rod working his chute. You can tell that these boys enjoy doing each other because, before too long, they’re ready to bust a nut. Rick pulls out and starts beating his dick, while Justin works his hard, sensitive nips to get him extra horny. That trick seems to do the job, because Rick’s breathing speeds up and he can’t hold off any longer.  He expels a giant burst of cum all over Justin’s tight abs.

[flv: 480 368]

Sizzling Euro Boy Action






We love it when members of a particular website find a model so hot that they basically convince the powers that be to invite said model for an encore performance. In this case the hot guy in question is Euro stud Alan Carbol who makes a return visit to Bad Puppy and brings his equally hot friend Rudolf Ulrych along for some wild and crazy times.

Not only do these two swap blowjobs but they also get into a little sixty-nine action just to be thorough. If Rudolf is nervous about performing in front of the camera he doesn’t show it because he’s able to stuff Alan’s big dick all the way down his throat.

Alan ends up flipping Rudolf over and tasting his ass before diving in dick first into the bottom’s tight hole. We have to admit that Rudolf is one sexy looking bottom while he gets fucked, and we would’ve ended the scene exactly the same way that Alan did. Brava boys! That’s the way it’s done.

When Corbin Fisher Met Bel Ami






It’s here at last! The first crossover clip of the Bel Ami and Corbin Fisher boys! First up are Luke Hamill and Josh. From what we hear these guys got along really well, and were joking around like they had been long-time buddies. We also heard that when it came time to shoot the scene both were incredibly nervous. We’re not really sure what these two had to worry about because the scene they do together is positively explosive.

Luke fucks Josh in some of the most unique positions we have ever seen. We can’t be certain but we suspect that Josh is dickmatized. We’re not sure if flying over to the Czech Republic for sex is considered a booty call or a vacation, but we’ll be sure to ask Josh because you know he’s going to want seconds, thirds and fourths.

At one point the two look like they are trying to out-suck each other by the way they go down on one another. Josh swallows Luke’s cock so far down his throat that it actually brings tears to his eyes. Boy’s got some skills!

If this is just the first part of what is to be an ongoing relationship we can’t wait to see the rest!

[flv: 480 368]

Lawrence Busts a Nut





Lawrence is one hella cute boy who recently showed off his goods on Boy Fun Collection. We’re always surprised when someone so young shows that he’s got plenty of experience in front of the camera. Lawrence totally gets himself hard right off the bat, but when you’re his age a stiff breeze will get you hard.

We just love how he handles his dick, which has a beauty mark right on the shaft. One thing we really like about his cock is that he’s not completely uncut, but he doesn’t have a lot of foreskin. It’s like the best of both worlds and he totally shows off his cock-head in the video. Another body part that he intimately shows to the camera is his tight boy-hole. He’s got the perfect amount of hair, which lets us know he’s not too concerned about obsessively primping.

When it comes time for the big money shot Lawrence leans back and tries to keep his face composed, but he can’t. It gets all screwed up as he covers his stomach in hot gooey cum. Boy what we wouldn’t do to get a little taste of this hot twink.

[flv: 480 368]

Bel Ami Welcomes Julien Hussey





Julien Hussey is so fucking gorgeous that we’re thinking about relocating to the Czech Republic. Julien totally looks like the type of guy we would have crushed on in school. He’s got a masculine face, twink body, and fat uncut cock between his legs. He also happens to have low-hanging balls – in case you’re wondering his right nut sack hangs lower than his left.

Although Julien has not appeared in any movies yet, the studio promises that we’ll be seeing a lot of this hottie in the upcoming months. We’re trying to picture what it is Julien likes to do in bed. We bet he loves to get rimmed. Can’t you see him with his legs thrown over his head, his eyes squinting in ecstasy as he licks his lips? He probably also loves to get pounded nice and hard. Whew!

Below is a behind-the-scenes clip from the movie Night Out. Julien isn’t in it, but we thought you’d enjoy it anyway. We have to go to the bathroom and take care of something that came up.

[flv: 480 368]

Horse-Hung Uncut Twink




There was something about the twinkle in Jessy’s eyes when we first saw him that gave us he impression he was up to something. What Jessy is up to is about 9 uncut inches of dick between his legs. When he pulled out his monster meat we thought we were going to faint when we saw just how big he is. Seriously, he needs three fistfuls to cover the whole thing!

When Jessy isn’t passing out from loss of blood to the head every time he pops wood, you can catch him jerking off furiously. Not only does he like to play with his throbbing billie club, but he also likes to slip a few fingers in his shaved hole to boot. Jessy is a two finger kind of guy, and he loosens himself up a bit before he finally finger-bangs himself.

Jessy’s really perfected how to get himself off, and knows when it’s time to put his legs down, for one last bit of showing off. He really angles the camera to show off all his goodies including his huge nuts. Jessy’s definitely developed a taste for his own jizz, and throws his legs up over his head once more and aims right for his mouth!

[flv: 480 368]

Russian Twinks Do Acrobatics in Bed!





Whenever I go to the circus or watch rhythmic gymnastics I’m always curious why so many of the contortionists happen to be Russian. Do their mothers start bending them every which way when they are young? If so, can an adult learn how to do that as well? I only ask because one of the more recent updates over at the Bad Pupppy megasite features two incredibly athletic (not to mention cute) Russian twinks going at it.

Petr Resler and Martin Justel aren’t just having sex, they’re doing some kind of Cirque de Soleil contortionist monkey shit that most of us only dream about. Let’s face it, if a top tried to put most of us in any of the positions Martin gets put into we’d probably have to spend the rest of the week in traction. I bet you could put these two on a trapeze, and they would still figure out a way to get it on while flying through the air.

I was told that these two were exhausted after all the monkey sex they had, but did manage to finish things off with an explosive facial cumshot. Of course they were tired. I’m tired  too – and I only watched them. Now if you’ll excuse me I have an appointment with an acrobat I must keep.

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