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Flirt 4 Free Model Saxie







Saxie is one hot stud! He’s got a magnetic personality that attracts both men and women. It’s a good thing he’s bisexual and won’t turn down a sexy offer from either sex. His winning smile melts hearts and his penchant for kissing and gentle touching makes him the ideal type to bring home to mother but he’s dirty enough to let you go down on him while he’s driving – at least that’s one of his fantasies listed at Flirt 4 Free. Saxie is one wild stud – just watch his live video performances and you’ll see that behind his sweet face and cuddly personality lies the slutty heart of a true beast!

Of course, we can talk all about him, but the best way to see for yourself is to… Well… See for yourself.  His page at Flirt 4 Free is stocked with over eight hundred recorded private shows and by the looks of some of them he’s a real tiger in bed! From the list of videos available, you will instantly gather that he’s got a penchant for jacking off and shoving enormous dildos up his perky butt. But if you want him to play just for you, hit him up for a private show!

Webcam Barebacking Twinks


Double your pleasure with Christian and Juan over at Flirt 4 Free! Not only do these cute twinks love to perform in front of the camera, but they also love to do it together. It’s like a session of endless possibilities where you get to be the director and they get to be the dirty porn models who will do anything for the part. There’s nothing that these guys won’t do for you if asked. In fact, they made a short list of the sexual acts they love performing on the webcam including kissing, rimming, sucking, fucking bareback, cumming in each other’s buttholes, eating said cum out of each other’s buttholes, playing with dildos, ropes, candles, handcuffs, wrestling…. Whew, it almost would have been easier to ask them if there was anything they wouldn’t be willing to do.

Uncut Man/boy is all the Rage!


Our latest venture online introduced us to Moma, and no we’re not talking about a museum of modern art. Moma is a really hot man/boy who flaunts his stuff on Flirt 4 Free. Everyone who has had a private with him agrees that he’s got one of the hottest bodies on the site. They also praise his uncut dick as well as his explosive cumshots. What intrigues us about Moma is that he mentions his big dick as one of his fetishes. We’re not sure if this means that he likes to jerk it off as much as he can, or maybe he just likes to admire it as much as possible. He also lists sex as one of his favorite things, which is a good thing since there’s plenty his penis can do in that activity. Not surprisingly, he also loves sports. Is it any wonder he’s in such great shape? Check out more of Moma and all the other hot studs just waiting to chat live over at Flirt 4 Free!

Flirt 4 Free’s Cable


Cable hasn’t been on Flirt 4 Free very long, but already the 5’11” Libra is in the top twenty models on the site. Of course, when you take one look at him it’s easy to see why he’s so popular with all the guys.

In a recent interview, Cable admitted that he loves having the top of his penis touched. He’s also a sucker for someone who is vocal stating that, “being able to hear [someone’s pleasure] will always get me to cum on command.” It’s no surprise given these confessions that Cable really enjoys getting his dick sucked. He explains that he loves it when someone locks eyes with him as he gets serviced. With eight inches of uncut cock we’re sure it’s just as good for the person doing it as it is for Cable.

You can see Cable and a bunch of other hot guys over at The best thing about this site is that the guys work overtime to make sure that you leave with a smile on your face. Now that’s service we can all count on!

Flirt 4 Free’s Avalon


Avalon E. has a tight little body that he doesn’t mind showing off over at Flirt 4 Free. He’s a bit on the short side, but what he doesn’t have in height he makes up for in length. We’ve dated guys that were shorter than us in the past, and when it came time for them to drop their pants it looked absolutely mammoth!

Avalon has admitted that his favorite thing to do in the private show is to show his sensuality while he masturbates, but would like to be asked to show off his muscular chest more often. He also mentioned that he loves the sight of closed holes, but didn’t go any further, which left us wondering exactly what he meant. Check him out now and have him flex for you!

Flirt 4 Free’s Model of the Week

blade-flirt-4-free’s favorite Model of the Week contest throws the spotlight on the guys who know how to leave a customer satisfied. Just recently, Blade E. answered a couple of questions for his fans.

What is your favorite thing to do in a private show?
When I shoot a load of my cum on my face.

What do your fans say they like most about you?
They like my cock, my blue eyes, and beautiful face.

What’s your biggest turn on?
The power to give you 100 percent pleasure.

For customers who have never visited your room, what can they expect?
I am the best twink, the most horny, and the best guy in your bed. Come and play with a wet ass and big cock.

Anything else you’d like to add for your fans on Flirt4Free?
I am here to enjoy your desires, you can fulfill your fantasies this week, with the most sweetest and tender twink. I am a sex machine.

Flirt 4 Free’s Keith Conner


There’s nothing like meeting a young, cute twink who admits that he loves using sex toys, giving blowjobs, participating in threesomes, and (gasp) bottoming! I was literally searching for someone to rub one out to when I stumbled upon Keith Conner. I checked him out, and he had rave reviews from all his fans. But then again how could he not after admitting that his fantasy was to get fucked by a team of football players. He was quick to divulge intimate information, explaining that he can swallow big things and that he does it very well. But the clincher was when he mentioned that the guys who have topped him have always said that it feels really good to be inside. We bet!

Flirt 4 Free’s Dante Makes Us Smile


We never get tired of chatting (among other things) with the guys from Flirt 4 Free. They have a large stable of men who are available to chat 24/7. Recently, we were perusing our options when we saw Dante. We clicked so fast onto his profile that we literally must have broken some kind of mouse clicking speed record. The 5’10” stud has hazel eyes, brown hair and olive skin. It’s like someone read our minds about what we believe constitutes the perfect man. The Long Island native admits that he loves “to make people cum.” With a meaty eight inches, and an affinity for sex, this Aries is bound to put a smile on your face.

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