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Haze Him: Milk Gone Bad





We know there are a lot of uses for milk, but this is the first time we’ve seen it used in a sexual manner… At least with straight frat boys. At Haze Him, rush is in full swing and the eager pledges are ready to do anything to get into a fraternity. The frat boys are also ready to put them through some sexy games to prove that they can take it all… Even taking a big fat dick in their virgin asses. Nothing stops these boned up boys from humiliating their friends. Not even a banquet!

Nobody likes drinking bad milk, so when these pledges bring the head of the Florida Fraternity some funky milk during dinner all hell breaks loose. If you ever wondered what a human serpent looked like you’re about to find out. Much of it involves hairy balls touching faces in sheer humiliation, but that’s not all there is. Along with the seemingly harmless pranks, there is some dick sucking and hardcore fucking to do. Nobody makes fun of these fraternity brothers. They get their revenge, though. Prepare yourself for some naked humiliation at the hands of these sadistic boys!

[flv: 501 365]

Boynapped: Benji Looms & Luke Hammond





A little submission can go a long way to learning the ins and outs of bondage and discipline. In this clip from Boynapped, Sebastian is the one in control. He’s got two boys to play with and he’s going to use them to full advantage. Buff bulldog Luke Hammond gets introduced to cute puppy Benji Looms in a training session that leads to some hot fucking and some cum soaked cock sucking. Sebastian has them both chained up as he leads them into submission. While Luke is the well-trained canine, Benji is new to the game and needs some strict supervision!

To get him in line with Luke, Sebastian forces him to train Benji like the good dog he’s capable of becoming. Already we can see that Benji enjoys his lessons. He eagerly opens up his mouth to let in Sebastian’s big dick and he offers his ass to Luke for a hardcore fucking… Doggy style! Between the cock feeding and the anal invasion, Benji will be a well-trained canine pup in no time. In the meantime, a little cock at both ends is just the kind of bone this dog needs to satisfy his master.

[flv: 510 365]

Wolf Hudson Lets Kinky Side Loose At Bound Gods

 wolf-hudson-pisses-on-slave.jpg’s latest addition Bound Gods is leaving no kinky stone unturned as they explore all aspects of hardcore sex. This week Wolf Hudson locks up a slave nomad until he is ready to have a little bit of fun with the caged man. Hudson shows us one of the perks of fetish sex when he whips his dick out and pisses all over the slave before taking him out of the cage and tying him up.


Wolf quickly ties up his nomad and inserts his already hard cock — we take it he gets turned on when he’s tying guys up — into the slave’s expectant mouth. But don’t worry. No slaves were harmed in the making of this video and Hudson goes on to return the favor with a lot of enthusiasm.


The slave is so fucking turned on that he can barely take the blowjob that Hudson gives him. He fights against his restraint and tries to yell through his gag but the only way he is really able to release all of his pent up sexual energy is by busting a nut all over his own cock. Hudson immediately puts a cup underneath and catches all the spunk for later use.


Not caring that his slave has already shot his load, Hudson throws the guy down and fucks him silly until he pulls out and cums all over his slave’s ass. We wonder if he let him go or threw him back in the cage for further use at a later time. Damn, we really need to get a cage.


Twinky Ricky has no sexual boundaries – he’s ready to be your bitchboy!

Boundaries: If you ask us here at, there’s noting sexier than a guy with no boundaries whatsoever. If you’re the kind of guy that will let us do anything to you – and we do mean anything – then congratulations buddy. We’re about to take your ass to the chapel and we’re going to get gay married, baby.


We know we totally sound like old fashioned romantics. But it simply can’t be helped. When a guy is open to try new things, it just make our pants stiffen and our balls tingle! And I think we may have just found the perfect guy to fill out unrestricted, boundary-less wet dreams.


His name is Ricky, and he’s one of the top models on, and after studying his profile very closely, we’re convinced he’s totally the guy for us, mostly because this smooth-skinned twink is down for anything and everything. Ropes and bondage? He’s tied up and ready to be your plaything. You’re into pouring hot, oozy candle wax all over his crotch? He’s already got the candle lit and ready to go.


Yes, it appears there may in fact be no end to the kink that Ricky from is willing to try; of course, we’ve got a few games up our sleeve that we’re sure even wild child Ricky has never thought of doing before. Anyone ever tried the Upside-down Flying Tokyo Helicopter Slam? Didn’t think so….


Who ordered the Beefcake, with a side of hot webcam?

So there’s this guy I’ve had my eye on for a while now. His name is Kyle, and I’ve seen him around campus a lot lately, and most recently he just transfered into my European History 101 class. But ever since then, I haven’t learned a lick about anything, from King Henry, to Napoleon. This guy’s got me hypnotized  the second he enters the room, and it’s all because he’s one of the best built, most muscular guys ever to walk the halls of my University.

andy muscle cam hot muscular stud

He reminds me a lot of Andy, from, a guy I’ve also had my eye on for a couple days now. There’s just something about a sweet guy with a bodybuilder body that makes me want to get on my knees and let the worshipping begin.

andy muscle cam hot muscular stud

This frisky little French beefcake (of German Decent) is the dictionary definition of amateur porn. With a webcam he’s set up himself in his bedroom, you can really tell Andy loves to flex and put on shows for anyone who wants to watch. He does everything – from fun with his fleshjack, to showing off his smooth, tan stomach, the guy does everything. It might not beat going to class, but who says I can’t have both, right?

andy muscle cam hot muscular stud

Put it in, pump it up, and get ready to wish Grandma the happiest birthday ever?

Now here’s a toy we came across last week and definitely had some fun with; so much fun, in fact, that we had to throw it up here at JuciyGoo and sell it ourselves.

butt plug vibrating inflatable swell guy

So my buddy Tommy took this thing out for a spin this weekend. Being the curious guy he is, Tommy’s always up for anything – especially a challenge, and I had the perfect one in mind. See, all week Tommy had been bitching to me about how he had to spend the all day Saturday at his parent’s house to celebrate his Grandma’s birthday. Not only was it going to be way totally lame, but it was going to ruin his weekend completely – I mean, when was he going to find time to find a guy to get down and dirty with?

I had the perfect replacement. I dared him to take the Swell Guy – an expandable butt plug of nearly 5 inches of pure backdoor pleasure – and keep it up his ass the entire day Saturday. See, the controls (that make it vibrate, ect.), are really discreet, so, as the site says, “you can get dressed and walk around with it”. Well, that’s exactly what he did, and judging from what he told me, he’s was all smiles all day long! Best birthday party ever! Now I can’t wait till my next family get-together!

Rough and Ready to Rumble with a scruffy fucker at

Rough trade lookin’ guys – with that dangerous good looks and thuggish demeanor – are always such a turn-on. Something about that way you’ll never know if they’re about to snap, or spooge all over makes them not only endlessly exciting, but that much more unattainable.

dick show rough looking guy tatoos finger nail polish pink
’s latest update is a guy who’s just that; and despite his slender frame, this kid looks rougher than rough, and he’s got a killer bull-style nose ring to prove it. Yeah, he’s a bad ass all right – until this tattooed kid strips off his jeans to reveal a smooth, uncut cock and thick, curly bush of hair. Looking at him then, it’s all too clear that this scruffy fucker has been exposed, and it’s that moment of vulnerability that’s truly hot about watching him jerk his meat.

dick show hughe cock guy painted nails

Where they find guys like this, who knows – but one thing’s certain: he’s more than willing to let another guy slurp on his pole long and hard as he holds their head and shoves their lips deep against his crotch. Yeah, it definitely brings a whole new meaning to likin’ it rough.

dick show big penis finger nail polish gay tattoos

Shane gets pounded and served Cain’s cum on

Oh Shane and Cain – I think we all know the story by now. Let me guess. You two are coworkers, and decided to have a couple round of drinks after work. One thing leads to the next, you end up on Cain’s couch, and Shane claims he’s too drunk to go home and needs to take a just a brief rest. Before you know if, Shane’s head’s in Cain lap, rubbing against a growing bulge that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

jizz addiction shane cane couch orgy jizz drinking

If I had a nickel for every time that’s happened to me, I’d have…well, you get the picture; it’s a pretty tried and true scenario. If you ask me, however, the boys of are a breath of fresh to this scene.

jizz addicted cum drinker ass fucking

Not only are they really hot, but holy crap- they fuck like a couple of rabbits on speed! Cain obviously can’t wait to get pounded, and when Cain squirts a condom full of cum into Shane’s mouth, it’s really quite literally, just icing on the cake (or rather, the cakeboy). Hmmm, and I thought you said you were tired Shane! shane cane drinking cum from condom

Sticky cum gushing out of stretched assholes…YUM!

Drippy, powerful anal creampies – that’s what’s going down over here on one of the freshest, coolest new sites to hit our radar, And we’ll be honest – when me and my buddies first saw this one, we were like, “Oh fuck dude! What the heck is that?!” But first impressions can be totally deceiving, and now that I’ve seen the hot studs and juicy buttholes that are flying around this site, I can’t get enough!

cum filled ass gay porn sucking cock

Speaking of insatiable appetites, the thing, smooth boys on this site are downright loveable. And what they’re doing is actually pretty hot – let me explain. Do you remember the magic of the first time you saw some dude’s dick burst in an explosion of wet, messy, white cum? Well this site is just like that, only the cum is explosions are backwards! Instead of shooting out of a guy’s cock, they drip, leak, and spout from these boys beautiful holes! How hot is that?

gay bareback crampie fucking asshole free gay porn

Anyhoo, for those of you brave and curious, check out their latest duo. They vigorously go down on each other’s throbbing members, and then fuck each other’s asses until they gush with rivers of creamy liquid. It’s totally different, and definitely worth seeing at least once, right?

gay dripping hole cum filled asshole gay porn bareback Hits Capitol Steps, Sells Gay Sex, hits capitol steps, sells gay sex,

Jeremy Hall ( works it. Athlete, porn star, adult video content producer AND webmaster, Jeremy Hall doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk. Literally. Heading down to D.C., Jeremy recently hit the streets of the US capitol. Jeremy stripped down to his jock strap and posed for a series of eye catching pix to announce the launch of Jock Bucks (a Club Jeremy Hall Affiliate Program powered by CCBill.) hits capitol steps, sells gay sex,

Jeremy described the Capitol Hills shoot, “I was almost arrested on several occasions, and my photographer threatened to quit several times.” When he’s not creating a scene on the Capitol Hill steps, the twenty-five year old Canadian college stud, is one of the busiest gay porn models around. Beside running his own site (, performing and generating unique site content (, Jeremy’s chalked up three nominations for the 2008 Grabby Awards for Best Supporting Actor (Little Big League 3 Bottom of the 9th), Performer of the Year, and Hottest Cock of the Year.

On Jeremy’s home page, there’s a clip from “Blue Balls.” Jeremy (and another stud, Luke) are football players who hit the locker room after a sweat drenched game of ball. Their eyes lock across the locker room and, as Jeremy says, “Luke & I just had to fuck.”

Jeremy’s a tan, lean, athletic type with a big, suckable cock. Luke’s a meaty blond jock with a hot bubble butt.

Blue Balls opens with the camera looking up — literally. Positioned on the locker room floor, I was psyched, peering up under two straight dudes’, with a butt hole eye view of their extra large cock swords battling it out. I could totally perv on seeing this duo’s cocks duke it out, watching kissing and swapping straight man spit.

Talk about sports fucking … Luke gets down on his knees, swallowing Jeremy’s straight dude cock. Jeremy returns the favor, licking Luke’s jock strap, flipping him onto his back and tonguing his sweet butt hole, finally — yeah, Luke, take one for the team!!! — sliding his big dong into Luke’s jock butt. Jeremy’s up for some hard-core sport fucking. Holding up Luke’s leg, Jeremy starts pumping his big knob, drilling Luke’s ass.

Want more?‘s the place to see Luke Live! Scroll down the left tool bar to see when Jeremy does his live show. If you’re looking for today (March 18, you’re in luck: Jeremy’s booked himself a show today). Check it out!

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