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Bel Ami Stages 14-Boy, Bareback Orgy In Africa

Bel Ami Stages 14-Boy Orgy In Africa

Bel Ami Stages 14-Boy Orgy In Africa

Bel Ami Stages 14-Boy Orgy In Africa

Bel Ami Stages 14-Boy Orgy In Africa

No one can top Bel Ami when it comes to Euro-boy orgies. As a result, Bel Ami has an obligation to share their orgy magic with the entire world. You may not know this, but there is currently a severe shortage of boy-orgies in Africa. It’s an orgy drought that’s been going on for almost a decade. To help out, Bel Ami has taken their orgy show on the road. For this hot new scene, they transported fourteen of their sexiest boy-models to beautiful Africa for a wild free-for-all of cock-sucking, ass fucking, and load spraying that you won’t soon forget! Kevin Warhol ends up being at the center of the action. He’s a star bottom at the moment, and everyone wants a piece of him. Check it out!

Bel Ami Stages 14-Boy Orgy In Africa

Bare Adventure Sex Shoot





Breaking into the business requires a lot of can-do attitude and a lot of willingness to do what it takes to get the part. Things can turn desperate when the cash flow is low to non-existent. But if you’re a cute, blond student hard up for cash, you can always trade in your good looks and slim body for some cold, hard cash in an instant. It only requires showing off a little skin… Oh, and sucking dick and spreading our legs and letting a thick cock shaft up your bum!

This student answers an advert offering easy money; all he has to do is agree to be filmed having sex with another cute slim guy just like himself. Before he knows what hits him, the cameraman and his cohort – the sexy, young co-star force him out of his clothes. The student wants this badly so he grits his teeth and goes for it. Soon, he’s throat-deep into the camera guy’s engorged tube while he barebacks the young stud. He shows off his versatility by getting his smooth ass fucked raw by the cameraman and getting a juicy load of cum all over his face.

[flv: 480 368]

Hung and Horny


Drawing from their large stable of horny studs, Eurocreme has assembled their biggest collection of big cocks to date. You will find an unprecedented array of the stiffest, thickest cocks you’ve ever seen. With huge stars such as Matt Hughes (with his 11-inch fuck wand) and the very popular and versatile Mason Wyler heating up the screen, you know you’ll be in good hands as you sit back and enjoy this choice piece of over-sized meat. Hughes is known for wielding his nearly foot-long cock in front of open mouths and Mason is known for taking on a gang of top fuckers in the past. Although they don’t appear together in this video, you’ll find that they each put on a great show in their respective scenes.

Besides the plentiful shots of these handsome dicks plowing through some willing, tight asses, Huge and Horny also features plenty of facial cum shots to end the scenes. Steven Prior and Rich Hunter start off the video with a delicious oral/anal combo that leaves Hunter covered in goo. But the biggest draws are the two separate three-way scenes featuring Hughes and Wyler. The title of this video is dead-on in describing the hot action you’ll find on screen. Huge cocks definitely make these boys horny.






When Russ Connors went out for a night of drinking and partying, he never imagined he would end up with a big black dildo shoved up his bum. Such are the hazards of being cute, horny, and a little naive. The guys at Boynapped were out looking for a victim and they couldn’t resist this chance to find out how much torture this cutie could endure, but Russ was able to hold his own – although holding your own can be a challenge when your hands are tied. This turned out to be a night he’ll never forget.

Russ finds himself enjoying a drink before he’s quickly gagged, tied up and severely penetrated by a big black dildo. At first, it looks like it will never go into that sweet, little hole but Russ relaxes his sphincter and it slips in with no problems. Sebastion Kain is the lucky guy that gets to inflict all this torture on Russ. He masterfully shoves the rubber toy into his ass until it’s nice and open before he mounts Russ and shoots a massive load of sticky cum on his face. This is definitely a night Russ didn’t see cumming.

[flv: 480 368]

Josh And Luke Go at It





Finding the perfect match between two horny guys hasn’t been as evident as when you get a look at Luke and Josh go at it from the very start.  Their lust is apparent from the minute the clothes fly off and hands go off exploring every inch of each other’s tight young bodies.  Before long, they are lip-locked into a passionate embrace and Luke goes down for the first time on Josh’s long cock.  A little more foreplay, a little more embrace and Luke just can’t wait to sink his hard pole into Josh’s full round ass.  When he does, you can literally sense the pleasure in Josh’s face as he is forced to balance himself from the rafters against Luke’s powerful thrusts.

The intense pleasure is too much for either one of them and Josh is unable to hold back.  He blows his wad while Luke continues to drill into him, but he can’t hold off forever.  He pulls out of Josh’s ass and places his throbbing member right in front of his face.   It is surely a happy ending as Luke unloads his massive load into Josh’s pretty face, leaving his luscious full lips covered in that messy juice.

[flv: 480 368]

Horse-Hung Uncut Twink




There was something about the twinkle in Jessy’s eyes when we first saw him that gave us he impression he was up to something. What Jessy is up to is about 9 uncut inches of dick between his legs. When he pulled out his monster meat we thought we were going to faint when we saw just how big he is. Seriously, he needs three fistfuls to cover the whole thing!

When Jessy isn’t passing out from loss of blood to the head every time he pops wood, you can catch him jerking off furiously. Not only does he like to play with his throbbing billie club, but he also likes to slip a few fingers in his shaved hole to boot. Jessy is a two finger kind of guy, and he loosens himself up a bit before he finally finger-bangs himself.

Jessy’s really perfected how to get himself off, and knows when it’s time to put his legs down, for one last bit of showing off. He really angles the camera to show off all his goodies including his huge nuts. Jessy’s definitely developed a taste for his own jizz, and throws his legs up over his head once more and aims right for his mouth!

[flv: 480 368]

Russian Twinks Do Acrobatics in Bed!





Whenever I go to the circus or watch rhythmic gymnastics I’m always curious why so many of the contortionists happen to be Russian. Do their mothers start bending them every which way when they are young? If so, can an adult learn how to do that as well? I only ask because one of the more recent updates over at the Bad Pupppy megasite features two incredibly athletic (not to mention cute) Russian twinks going at it.

Petr Resler and Martin Justel aren’t just having sex, they’re doing some kind of Cirque de Soleil contortionist monkey shit that most of us only dream about. Let’s face it, if a top tried to put most of us in any of the positions Martin gets put into we’d probably have to spend the rest of the week in traction. I bet you could put these two on a trapeze, and they would still figure out a way to get it on while flying through the air.

I was told that these two were exhausted after all the monkey sex they had, but did manage to finish things off with an explosive facial cumshot. Of course they were tired. I’m tired  too – and I only watched them. Now if you’ll excuse me I have an appointment with an acrobat I must keep.

Mason Wyler and Justin Ryder Flip Flop





Mason Wyler has to be one of the horniest sluts on the planet. His mouth has never met a dick he couldn’t swallow hole – ditto for his ass. Going to his site to watch the latest updates is akin to going to a summer blockbuster movie. You know there’s going to be lots of explosions, sweating, swearing, and at the end of it someone always gets screwed.

Mason’s latest notch on his very full bedpost (seriously, it looks like wicker) is Justin Ryder. Justin is a boy with hairy ass legs and a nice long cock, which Mason quickly gobbles down. Usually when guys deep throat they have to take it a little slower, but Mason’s gag reflexes went away a long time ago. The two flip-flop swap until they finally figure out that they can get into the 69 and enjoy it at the same time.

The most shocking part of the video is when Justin climbs on top of Mason and slides his ass on top of Mason’s uncut dick. To see a greasy, open for business, slutty, power-bottom like Mason top is rather arousing. Don’t worry he’s still as voracious a bottom as ever and ends up accidentally backing up onto Justin’s cock. Yeah, right, accident.

[flv: 480 368]

Webcam Barebacking Twinks


Double your pleasure with Christian and Juan over at Flirt 4 Free! Not only do these cute twinks love to perform in front of the camera, but they also love to do it together. It’s like a session of endless possibilities where you get to be the director and they get to be the dirty porn models who will do anything for the part. There’s nothing that these guys won’t do for you if asked. In fact, they made a short list of the sexual acts they love performing on the webcam including kissing, rimming, sucking, fucking bareback, cumming in each other’s buttholes, eating said cum out of each other’s buttholes, playing with dildos, ropes, candles, handcuffs, wrestling…. Whew, it almost would have been easier to ask them if there was anything they wouldn’t be willing to do.

Review: Cum Dumpster



We don’t know if it’s just us, but we find the idea of a guy taking a load in his mouth incredibly thrilling. We love it when a twink hungrily waits patiently while a dude gets close to busting a nut only to spring into action when it’s announced that he’s getting close. Call us crazy but seeding is seeding and knowing that your spunk is making its way through a boy’s body is enough to make us pop one out right now.

It’s something we enjoy so much that we are not easily taken in by movies that claim to feature guys who like to swallow, so when we downloaded Cum Dumpster we weren’t expecting to see much. Thankfully, we were totally wrong. In the first scene alone a cute guy takes load after load into his greedy gullet. Later, there’s another group scene where as soon as one boy gets a load he shares it with his buddy and they swap it back and forth with their mouths.

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