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Dru Fucks Turner at Corbin Fisher

Dru Fucks Turner at Corbin Fisher

Dru Fucks Turner at Corbin Fisher

Dru Fucks Turner at Corbin Fisher

Dru Fucks Turner at Corbin Fisher

If you’ve been craving some hot, interracial fucking you definitely won’t want to miss this recent update from Corbin Fisher featuring Dru and Turner. Sexy boy turner was a Corbin Fisher fan who had been fantasizing about getting fucked by site regular Dru. He decided to write to Corbin Fisher about his fantasy, and before long his dream became a reality. After some passionate kissing, Dru pulls out turner’s hard dick and the two studs grind against one another as they continue to kiss. Next the boys trade blowjobs and Dru teases Turner’s ass until he’s ready to fuck it. It was good that he waited, because as soon as Dru starts pounding Turner’s ass, Turner is in ecstasy. As Turner takes all of Dru’s cock and savors every moment of the pounding, both guys get close to cumming but manage to hold back. Eventually Turner cums while being fucked and then Dru pulls out and spills his load all over Turner’s ass.

Phillipe Gaudin and Alex Orioli Fuck Raw at Bel Ami Online [BAREBACK]

Phillipe Gaudin and Alex Orioli Fuck Raw at Bel Ami Online

Phillipe Gaudin and Alex Orioli Fuck Raw at Bel Ami Online

Phillipe Gaudin and Alex Orioli Fuck Raw at Bel Ami Online

Phillipe Gaudin and Alex Orioli Fuck Raw at Bel Ami Online

If you’re a fan of Bel Ami’s cute young star Alex Orioli, you’re in for a treat. In this hot and nasty update, Alex Oriloi fucks newbie Phillipe Gaudin bareback! Phillipe is still learning the ropes, and today Alex shows him how Bel Ami boys like to play around condom-free! You can tell that this is a special treat for both of them, and it’s definitely exciting for fans as well! The boys start out in the shower and then move into another room. The sex between them is passionate and it’s clear to see that Alex and Phillipe are sincerely into one another. We can’t wait to see more scenes of these two together!

Phillipe Gaudin and Alex Orioli Fuck Raw at Bel Ami Online

Roger Lambert and Manuel Rios at Bel Ami Online

Roger Lambert and Manuel Rios at Bel Ami Online

Roger Lambert and Manuel Rios at Bel Ami Online

Roger Lambert and Manuel Rios at Bel Ami Online

Roger Lambert and Manuel Rios at Bel Ami Online

If you haven’t seen this hot recent update at Bel Ami Online featuring Roger Lambert and Manuel Rios, be sure to click through and check it out. Roger Lambert is one of the hottest models that Bel Ami has on its hands right now, so they have been carefully taking their time to introduce him. Fans, however, are already clamoring for more. And once you get a glimpse of his sexy body, face, hair, and dick, you’ll understand why. In this clip, Roger is partnered up with bad boy Manuel Rios, and the passion between the two of them is pretty incredible. Watch as they marvel at each other’s huge dicks and then suck cock until Manuel fucks Roger. This one is incredible from start to finish.

Roger Lambert and Manuel Rios at Bel Ami Online

Hung and Horny


Drawing from their large stable of horny studs, Eurocreme has assembled their biggest collection of big cocks to date. You will find an unprecedented array of the stiffest, thickest cocks you’ve ever seen. With huge stars such as Matt Hughes (with his 11-inch fuck wand) and the very popular and versatile Mason Wyler heating up the screen, you know you’ll be in good hands as you sit back and enjoy this choice piece of over-sized meat. Hughes is known for wielding his nearly foot-long cock in front of open mouths and Mason is known for taking on a gang of top fuckers in the past. Although they don’t appear together in this video, you’ll find that they each put on a great show in their respective scenes.

Besides the plentiful shots of these handsome dicks plowing through some willing, tight asses, Huge and Horny also features plenty of facial cum shots to end the scenes. Steven Prior and Rich Hunter start off the video with a delicious oral/anal combo that leaves Hunter covered in goo. But the biggest draws are the two separate three-way scenes featuring Hughes and Wyler. The title of this video is dead-on in describing the hot action you’ll find on screen. Huge cocks definitely make these boys horny.

Matt Hughes Stars in 11 Inch Fuck Stud






Matt Hughes undoubtedly has one of the biggest dicks in porn. How big is it? His dick is so big he’ll never need crutches when he gets older. He can just pop out that bad boy and use it for support. How big is it? He’s been known to pass out when he gets a raging hard-on. How big is it? He’s so big he has to claim it as a carry on when he gets on a plane.

Okay, so maybe I’m being a bit goofy, but it’s only because he’s so hung that it boggles the mind that a dick can grow to be that big. Matt’s dick is the real deal. At 11 uncut inches of solid meat, there are probably very few guys who can really take it the way he likes to give it. Fortunately for him, there is no shortage of guys who are ready and willing to try and put their asses to the test.

11 Inch Fuck Stud gathers 5 of his most explosive scenes. From 2008 in one convenient DVD for you size queens that can’t get enough of a good thing. Forget water boarding, next time we want to torture someone we should send Matt to give him a little dick to ass heart-to-heart. We’re sure any guy would be singing in no time!

Blake Mason’s Jesse Fucks Robbie






Jesse has to have about the biggest cock we have ever seen on a twink. And on top of that Jesse is also uncut! Could it get any better? Having never fucked a guy before, Jesse decided that tattooed stud Robbie would be his first. The two met through working on Blake Mason’s site – apparently they ended up getting close during some sort of dildo molding experience.

It’s crazy to think that these guys are fairly inexperienced when you see them put their mouths on each other’s dicks. Robbie starts first and unleashes the trouser monster that lives in Jesse’s pants. He looks right at home sucking a huge cock, and pretty soon the favor is returned.

Considering how big Jesse’s cock is, we’re impressed that Robbie can hang (ahem) with him. The two do a little sword-fighting and are almost evenly matched though Jesse does win that particular battle.

What Robbie really wants is to feel Jesse’s dick sliding in and out of his tight hole. Jesse, ever the gentleman, knows his 9” inch weapon can do damage, and doesn’t want to hurt Robbie. The bottom is very encouraging until the two seem to relax and hit a good rhythm. The once nervous top ends up taking control and pounding the bejesus out of Robbie who can’t take it anymore and ends up shooting rope after rope of hot jizz!

[flv: 480 368]

Birth of a Size Queen






We’ve always wondered just how size queens were made. Is it nature or nurture? We always thought it was some sort of genetic disposition like having blue eyes, or a curved dick. But little did we know that we were totally wrong. The big-dicked dudes over at His First Huge Cock are to blame for corrupting semi-innocent gay virgins with their big, hateful dicks.

Just take John for instance. This young virgin decided if he was going to lose his virginity he might as well make it as memorable as possible. The guys over at paired him up with Kiko – a guy with a dick so big he could use it as a weapon if he needed to.

Anyway, Kiko was really sweet to John and took his time impaling him. At first John had to continually catch his breath, and gasp for air as Kiko’s unprotected cock slid inch after glorious inch deeper! Of course, by the end of it John was practically swinging off the chandeliers begging to be fucked harder. To top it all off, Kiko breeded and seeded his ass to officially steal John’s virginity. May I suggest that we all bow our heads now for a moment of silence? That means no more slapping noises for the next 60 seconds. Whoa there, Sea Biscuit! Just simmer down.

[flv: 480 368]

Bel Ami’s Love Affairs




Former Bel Ami pin-up boy and all-around dreamy, gorgeous stud Lukas Ridgeston directed this steamy movie that follows the passions of some of the most beautiful men on the planet. No porn stars can play being in love quite like the Bel Ami boys, I mean, c’mon… Wouldn’t you fall in love too if you had to do a scene with the likes of Josh Elliot, Luke Hamill, Sascha Chaykin, or Alex Orioli?

Love Affairs consists of six scenes in which these boys suck, fuck, and – yes – look absolutely in love. Hopeless romantics will love the scene between Sascha Chaykin and Alex Orioli. After Alex nuts in Sascha’s mouth he becomes his bottom boy and Sascha plows his ass every which way until he finally cums all over Alex’s chest.

We also see a team-up between Jacques Briere and Josh Elliot. Those who are familiar with Josh know that this pretty boy is always horny. Another beautiful boy who appears in the film is Luke Hamill who has a scene with Kurt Diesel. Luke is one of Bel Ami’s hottest models and seeing his mischievous grin is always a boner-inducing treat. Rediscover your own love affair with the most gorgeous men in porn and get ready to fall in love all over again.

Bel Ami’s Some Like It Big





If you’re a size queen (fess up, we know you’re out there), you should really check out Bel Ami’s Some Like It Big. From top to bottom (hehe) this movie is a tour de force of some of the biggest dicks in twink porn. But what’s even better is that there is no obnoxious long dialogue just pure sex.

The first scene stars Andre Pagnol and Ralph Woods attempting to munch on each other’s humongous cocks – they don’t call it a job for nothing you know! One thing that we love is that Bel Ami has been having two cumshots per scene, and these two definitely deliver. Andre gets quite the blowjob from Ralph until he can’t hold it anymore and has to relieve himself. Ralph – who has been pulling his pud all along – ends up releasing his own gusher. For their encore, the duo engage in a flip-flop fuck that leaves both of them quite dry and satisfied.

Another hot team-up occurs between Paul Valery and Colin Reeves. Paul looks a bit like James Franco, and you won’t believe your eyes when this doe-eyed beauty drops trou and unleashes his trouser monster. As Colin gives Paul a hot blowjob, Paul asks if he would mind terribly if he came in his mouth. Not wanting to turn him down, Colin concedes but gets rewarded by Paul who returns the favor. Paul who has always been a fun bottom bends Colin over and proceeds to give him the type of fucking that he’ll remember on long lonely nights.

With the likes of Andre Pagnol, Colin Reeves, Keith Johansson, Kurt Diesel, Manuel Rios, Mark Zebro, Paul Valery, Ralph Woods, Steve Jennings, and Trevor Yates this flick shouldn’t be missed.

Well-Endowed Twink Cleans Up


We’re just going to come out and say it. Joe’s got a huge dick. Like, enormous. Like the kind where if you were to hook-up with him and he pulled it out you would have to take a couple of deep breathes and figure out exactly what it is you would do with it. No, we’re totally not exaggerating. Have we seen bigger? Sure, but who hasn’t at the zoo? Watching Joe shower, we get the feeling that he is the type of guy who is really quiet, but knows how to throw down in the bedroom. By the way he soaps up his entire body we’re guessing he’s also a very meticulous guy. You know, the type of guy that doesn’t just get the job done, but does it extremely well. We’re not quite sure where Joe’s from, or we’d be on the next flight there, but we have a feeling that whoever ends up with this hottie is going to be one happy fucking camper. If you want to see more of Joe and his buddies check them out at

[flv: 480 368]

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