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Mick Roberts and His Huge Uncut Dick at You Love Jack

Mick Roberts and His Huge Uncut Dick at You Love Jack

Mick Roberts and His Huge Uncut Dick at You Love Jack

Mick Roberts and His Huge Uncut Dick at You Love Jack

Mick Roberts and His Huge Uncut Dick at You Love Jack

This week You Love Jack treats us to an amazing homemade gay video from super-hung twink Mick Roberts. Mick has boy-next-door good looks, but with a wild streak and a hint of naughty slyness. He’s got a huge, uncut dick and he gingerly uses his foreskin to jerk himself off. One of the hottest parts of his clip is when he puts his hairy legs in the air and starts finger-fucking his own hole. The expression on his face changes and it’s like he’s lost in his own little world of pleasure. He knows he’s hot, so he works the camera and teases us until he’s ready to cum. As he reaches for the finish line, his breathing gets faster and he lets loose a series of powerful spurts that arc and then land on his chest and stomach. The guy who thought up You Love Jack must be a pervert genius. We imagine him as a James-Bond-esque villain with thousands of pairs of fancy shoes and a secret hideout manned by twink-bots.

Store Room Suck & Fuck

juicy cum all over Scott’s face!

[flv: 510 365]

Sex on the Beach




Romance on the beach is the theme of the day at Raw Films. The two studs featured in this clip are eager to get started even if they risk being seen by prying eyes – not that they have any right to privacy. With Outdoor sex, you run the risk of being caught, but these two are oblivious to their surroundings. For us, though, it’s a great backdrop to the intense sexual pleasure that they give each other on the rocky shores of this European beach. Au naturel is the running theme and that includes the bareback session that these two enjoy!

They start off with some heavy kissing on top of the rocks with the waves crashing in behind them. Then they move down to a hot, oral session in which one of these guys swallows the other’s massive shaft. With only the rocks partially concealing them from the rest of the world, they can cry out in pleasure at the sensations of getting an expert blow job. Finally, the hardcore fucking begins. It’s almost like an intense showdown between the two as the top pounds him hard and the bottom boy pushes back to get that cock inside of him as deep as he can get it.

[flv: 510 365]

Outdoor Fuck with Jarda Schneider and Thomas Bayer





Nothing says ‘nature’ like a good old-fashioned gay naked romp through the great outdoors. But if you’re built like Euro boys Jarda Schneider and Thomas Bayer, nothing says “nature-lover” like a good extended glance at these two hunks getting it on in their natural setting. Their smooth, almost hairless bodies accentuate their toned abs and tight torsos. It make it easier for them to appreciate what each has to offer as they ravage each other on a blanket. You can easily see that this isn’t a picnic as they remove their clothes and start savoring their bodies.

Jarda’s uncut dick gets instantly hard when Thomas starts to run his hands across his chest and lightly plays with his nipples. He must really be hungry for Jarda’s cock because he doesn’t let up. Jarda starts to stroke his fuck muscle in preparation for the ass fucking Thomas is going to get for lunch! But before he does, he samples Thomas’ ass with his tongue before he pushes his raging hard on into Thomas. Outdoor sex doesn’t get any better than this, and with these two hot boys showing you how it’s done, it won’t be long before you, too, will become a nature enthusiast.

[flv: 480 368]

Country Boy Caleb Takes A Dip





These country folk sure don’t have any manners when it comes down to fancy things in town. Caleb Black is a simple country boy and he’s more used to swimming down at the local swimming hole in his hometown than in a regular swimming pool. As he lounges outdoors, the crystal clear water calls for him to jump in, which he does in full hillbilly style – buck naked. He has probably forgotten that town people don’t usually do that, but he doesn’t know any better. The cool water caressing his skin gets his cock stirring and in a flash, he’s stroking his meat.

I’m sure they do things differently where he comes from – but the handling of his stiff country pole is the same across city limits. Even if someone catches him in the act of dirty monkey-spanking, his only saving grace from getting in trouble is the fact that Caleb is a real looker. Instead of turning him in, they’d want to join in on the action. With his country boy charms, a big cock head, smooth balls, and his untamed bush, it’s hard not to stop and stare. Who can blame such a cute boy? He doesn’t know any better.

[flv: 480 368]

Noah River and Taylor Pierce





These two very hot boys by the pool are enjoying the company of each other as they enjoy the sun’s rays. But before long, their testosterone levels shoot up and the towels that barely conceal their expanding bulges come flying off. Mouths swallow cocks whole and in short order, the pool is all but forgotten. Taylor Pierce likes having his buddy’s cock in his mouth, so he gives Noah Rivers the blow job of his life. Taylor returns the favor because he knows that, soon, he’ll have that boy meat deep inside his ass.

Noah and Taylor don’t seem to care that their naked romp is taking place outdoors where people might be looking. Either way, we’re glad they decided to take it outside. By sunlight, their bodies are flawless and they know it. Taylor can’t wait any longer and he finally gets what he’s been wanting – Noah’s boner. When Taylor finally gets dicked, it’s well worth the wait for us too. He practically devours that knob and Noah can’t contain his load as he pulls out and shoots a big one all over Taylor’s tight abs.

[flv: 480 368]

The Best Online Webcamming is Found at Cum Buddies


Thank your lucky stars that the Internet has made it possible for you to never have to leave your house. That applies to finding a virtual date, too, because sometimes it’s better (and easier) to pick and choose a hot hunk who has all the features you need: a hot body, a big dick, an exhibitionist streak, and a cam. The voyeuristic itch inside you will get a good scratching. Try out the boys at Cum Buddies – the best site for the hottest cam models, and you’ll be hooked.


They go by Playguys online and they have created an erotic cyber world just for you. They’re young, muscular, and Mediterranean – and packed with so much sexual expertise that you’ll leave this x-rated chat session wiser and more knowledgeable about gay cock sucking and fucking techniques.


Hotdiamond is a cam model of a different kind. He’s straight and loves to get off on cam for his gay fans. He’s down with the idea of stripping off his tight undies and showing his tight, hot ass. Then he’ll get his cock hard and work himself up to a nice, wet load.. He invites you to indulge and enjoy his body. So what are you waiting for? Go, touch him.

Johan’s Journal Part 2: Eye Candy






Johan’s Journal Part 2: Eye Candy has a running time of just over two hours and twenty minutes! Seriously, we watched it from top to bottom (teehee), and were barely able to make it past the first scene featuring blond, dreamy Luke Hamill, and his hot boytoy Justin Boyd. Luke fucks the blond twink hard and furious and drops his load all over Justin’s ass while the hot bottom straddles him.

The next scene is probably one of our favorites in terms of sex dares. A bunch of the boys are in Spain on business and take a sightseeing tour on a double-decker bus. The bus is filled with tourists but that doesn’t stop Johan from daring the boys to jack-off. Surprisingly, two of them actually whip out their cocks while the others watch on. The guys go into peels of laughter when the first guy actually shoots his load all over the back of a seat. Some of the guys are in shock at what has transpired, but they’re assured that it’s just another day in the life of a Bel Ami model.

Another hot scene involves Davy Paxton and Leon Boisen. The two really get into sucking each other’s cocks so much so that Sebastian Bonnet (who is operating one of the cameras) starts sucking on Davy’s huge uncut pole. Davy ends up topping Leon’s tight hole until he has to pull out, rip off the condom and drop a load all over Leon’s stomach.

[flv: 480 368]

Flirt 4 Free’s Cable


Cable hasn’t been on Flirt 4 Free very long, but already the 5’11” Libra is in the top twenty models on the site. Of course, when you take one look at him it’s easy to see why he’s so popular with all the guys.

In a recent interview, Cable admitted that he loves having the top of his penis touched. He’s also a sucker for someone who is vocal stating that, “being able to hear [someone’s pleasure] will always get me to cum on command.” It’s no surprise given these confessions that Cable really enjoys getting his dick sucked. He explains that he loves it when someone locks eyes with him as he gets serviced. With eight inches of uncut cock we’re sure it’s just as good for the person doing it as it is for Cable.

You can see Cable and a bunch of other hot guys over at The best thing about this site is that the guys work overtime to make sure that you leave with a smile on your face. Now that’s service we can all count on!

Hung Tattooed Twink

There are times when hooking up online is just too tedious. The endless emails back and forth, the flakiness, the games, and even when you do score you run the risk of coming face to face with someone that looks nothing like the pictures they sent. The problem is that you’re horny and need some interaction. That’s when Flirt 4 Free swoops down to save your ass. There you’ll find tons of hot guys logged on and waiting to do whatever your heart desires. Stephon Stallion is one of these guys. At 6’5”, Stephon towers above most people. Appropriately, Stephon’s fantasy is to have sex with an entire basketball team in a locker room. This ambitious looking twink might be tall, but objects under his clothes are in direct proportion to his size, and he sports 9 solid inches of manhood. He says he’s open to try anything, and from what we’ve seen we have no problem believing him!

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