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Str8 Hunk Fucks English Lad





The hottest thing about porn is pairing up a delicious-looking straight boy with an eager and excited gay boy.  English Lads knows this too and that’s why we’re getting treated to Rick, a homosexually challenged dude with a tanned, tight body. He’s a prime stud and he knows it. Justin can’t control his excitement at the prospect of offering his tight, smooth ass to this hunk of a man. To start things off, Justin undresses Rick, but he only gets as far as taking his shirt off before he goes down, unzips his pants and starts sucking that straight uncut dick.

When Rick starts fucking Justin, the real fun begins. Justin climbs on top and bounces up and down, enjoying the feel of Rick’s stiff rod working his chute. You can tell that these boys enjoy doing each other because, before too long, they’re ready to bust a nut. Rick pulls out and starts beating his dick, while Justin works his hard, sensitive nips to get him extra horny. That trick seems to do the job, because Rick’s breathing speeds up and he can’t hold off any longer.  He expels a giant burst of cum all over Justin’s tight abs.

[flv: 480 368]

English Lads Fuck





Jason Connor and Ryan Williams make quite the pair indeed. These mates look like they just went on a series of dates and are having a shag for the first time. They sincerely look like they can’t wait to have each other undressed. At one point the two are feeling each other up through their jeans, but not being content with just feeling it through the pants Ryan reaches his hand into Jason’s pants and cops a good feel.

These boys might be on the twinkier side of the spectrum, but boy are they hung. We couldn’t believe our eyes when their trouser snakes came popping out. Ryan immediately got to work on Jason’s uncut dick, and from the look on his face he was obviously surprised that it was still growing.

There’s only one place for a big cock like Jason’s, and that place is deep inside a nice, tight ass. Ryan really has to practice his breathing as Jason slips in his schlong inside and begins to pump away, but by the end he’s riding that shit like there’s no tomorrow. We just love a story with a happy ending!

English Lads’ Scott Stone Wanks Again!





We always keep tabs on our favorite sites, but we somehow missed Scott Stone. You’ll probably recognize the straight English Lad from the first pic we posted of him. Those who’ve never seen him before should prepare themselves to fall in love. Scott’s awesome body comes from his work as a builder and all the sports he enjoys playing. We can’t imagine what it must be like to have this young twenty-something Brit standing in front of us all sweaty, huffing and puffing… Swoon. Not only is Scott way fucking hot, but he’s also got a nice, fat, uncut cock between his legs.

From what we’ve heard this is only Scott’s second time on the site, but he’s everyone’s favorite model. It’s easy to see why when you look at him. In his latest solo video, Scott admits that he can make himself cum in less than a minute if instructed to do so, but the camerman prolongs the moment as much as possible. He also loves to wank on his toes, and shows off just how limber he is before squirting a big load on top of a stool. We just hope that it won’t be too long before we get to see him in action again! We added his first clip below for a fun little refresher!

Straight Twink Boy Jerks Uncut Cock, Busts a Nut on

Amateur British men in action, over on have been featuring models since 2005 who are always hot-to-the-touch. These are truly fresh faced blokes — most of ’em are white (as in, tan free) — so if you’re into that milky white skin look,‘s the site for you! With lots of couple action,’s serving up skinny boyz with big uncut cocks fucking other skinny boys plus the good, solo stuff that let’s you step into the picture and imagine yourself working out your nut with a cutie. And check this out: you’re not just busting a nut, you’re feeding an orphan! donates 5% to charity.

First up on the home page, there’s Bradley (a blond cutie you’d see out at a club). He totally caught my eye. But then I zeroed in on David. He’s the boy in’s newest solo feature. One look at the foreskin hanging over David’s cock and I popped a boner. I’m posting some pics from the video but you should really get online and check out David’s video: it’s nineteen minutes long and worth every solo jerking second.

straight twink uncut cock

Right off, I can totally tell David’s a straight dood: he stands there the way straight guys do. Totally confidant, he stands there with a “What the fuck are you looking at?” face, holding his uncut weiner. Don’tcha love how those lines cut down from his waist into his groin? You can just tell he enjoys a good wank (English for jerking off).

straight twink jerks off uncut cock

Woof! For me, there’s nothing — I mean nothing — like foreskin. I mean, I should move to Mexico or anywhere the boys still got their hoods. David’s really casual how he slides the foreskin up over his boy cock, so high you can only see the head peeking out (and his piss slit!) England, ahoy!

David bust nut shoots jizz

‘Kay, I’m in math class and I shouldn’t be looking at porn (anyway!) but this other dood’s looking at me weird so I reached down into my pants and adjusted my cock. Dang! David shoots his wad and … fuck me, if I don’t bust a nut, too. How am I gonna get from my desk to the bathroom without anyone knowing? I bet they can smell my cum scent. HELP!!!!!

English Lad Army James’ Cannon Load of Cum!

James is back after a stint in the army and stopped by English Lads, he is looking as buffed as ever! It has been a very long time since this hot boy has gotten laid and he is hornier than ever. He is looking forward to beating off his cock properly and spewing a heavy solid load of cum everywhere. One thing is certain as he pulls down his combats his army issue long johns are bulging! He pulls the material tight round the bulge and there is no missing his pulsating erection. James gets such a thrill from showing off in front of the camera and in no time his cock is out and getting some attention. He tugs on his long uncut cock, pulling his foreskin way past the head of his dick.

english lads

For all those ass lovers, James shows off his hair free crack in all its glory. Spreading his cheeks far apart making his sphincter lips stretch left and right. His cock gets harder as he shows off his ass. Once back into some serious wanking, James gushes his load all over his t shirt in what must be one of his biggest and strongest cum shots that really flies. His moans soften and his body trembles as he lies in a pool of his own spooge.

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English Lads Kallum and Troy Fuck

Kallum and Troy are back for some more duo fun. These boys not only have a lot of history, but they also have a lot of chemistry together. Kallum’s cock is rock hard and waiting for Troy’s warm mouth to glide down his shaft. With one gulp he takes in the entire cock tower forcing it down his throat. Kallum trembles with excitement as his dick pulsates inside of Troy’s throat. Kallum can feel the cum wanting to explode out so he switches positions to munch on Troy’s cock. Troy’s cock and Kallum’s tongue come into contact. Kallum spits on Troy’s meat and gives him some great head before he fingers up Troy’s hole.

english lads

Troy positions himself as Kallum slides in his 8 inch uncut cock into the tight asshole. Kallum starts off slowly, enjoying the expressions on Troy’s face and he pumps his cock in and out of him. The he goes quicker, stronger and harder. The boys are fucking really hard and Troy tries to hold out from shooting his load. HE enjoys Kallum’s large cock so much that he explodes a big load as Kallum rams his fat cock hard inside of him. Kallum pulls out and dumps his own load all over Troy’s face.

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Euro Military Cadet Tony from English

Meet Tony, a young cadet that I had met when I was over in London a few months ago. We ran into each other over at the outdoor market. I noticed his combats and he noticed me noticing him. He smiled, so I went over and said hi. Tony told me that he was straight and horny as hell and I told him that I could easily fix that for him. He said that he didn’t want to do anything with a guy, but he wanted me to watch him jackoff. I told that hot military boy that it was a deal. As we walked back to my hotel, he said that he thinks he likes guys, but isn’t sure. He watches all his army buddies in the showers. He said that he like seeing them soap up their muscular arms, tight abs and is mesmerized when they clean their asses. But he does not know if this is sexual or just plain admiration for the fellow platoon members. As we walked back, he had mentioned that he was low on funds. Poor army bastards do not get paid nearly enough as they should. So I mentioned to him that I have friends that would shoot him jacking off for a very nice price. He didn’t want to do it on film, so I quickly called them and they immediately upped the price. After that, Tony had a hard time refusing. We walked over to my friends at English Lads and I introduced Tony to the boys. They were very happy to see him.

english lads

Tony was a little nervous at the beginning of the photo shoot because he was the only one without any clothes on. He convinced me to take mine off and he watched me, naked. His cock began to slowly rise and get harder. That, of course, made my cock get harder. Tony began to jack off, he was watching my cock throbbing, jerking from side to side. He told me to beat off and I willingly agreed. Here we are surrounded by a bunch of guys, Tony and myself naked and grabbing our cocks, it was kind of surreal. Before you know it, I spewed my load all over the floor (some landed on the camera guy, but I didn’t tell him that) which made Tony come also. He soaked his entire body with the thick man jism that flew out of his cock. Tony looked over at me and gave me a great big smile. He said that next time he wanted to fuck my ass. Next time? Yea, I think that can be arranged.

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