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Emo Dudes Undressed





Say what you will about the Emo movement, but these kids are everywhere. It’s not surprising that a website chronicles these hotties with the lanky twink bodies, long hair, and piercings. has a nice variety of gay Emo guys undressing and jacking off for the camera. Don’t think that because they have small frames and wear skinny jeans they’re not packing where it counts because they totally are!

Some of the guys on this site just want to show off their cut, or uncut dicks as is the case with some, for the entire world to see. These are just regular guys that have grown up in the era of the Internet and have no problem exposing themselves for all to see. Of course, some go much further than this. In one case, one cute Emo boy whips out a dildo with a pattern that looks a little like a ladybug. The Emo kid tugs on his uncut dick while he rubs the tip back and forth across his tight hole before plunging in. There’s also plenty of sucking and fucking between emo kids to keep their admirers satisfied.

Seasons Malibu