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Bevan Bounces on Evan’s Cock





Finding the right combination of twinks to put on film can be a fun chore when the talent is as gorgeous and willing to fuck as these two boys, Evan and Bevan. Not only do their names roll off the tongue like a song, but the music these two make with their taut young bodies is a horny man’s delight. For Bevan, this is his first time making a fuck video where he’s not jerking it alone or with his boyfriend and you can tell he likes being a little naughty when his man’s not around. He devours Evan’s dick like it was candy and even flips him over so he can have a go at his puckered hole.

After playing around with their stiff hard cocks for a bit, Bevan shifts positions and sits himself down on Evan’s dick so he can bounce up and down on it. The ease in which that pole slips into his ass shows just how much Bevan loves to get fucked. These two move to their own beat, quickly building up that boy batter deep inside their balls. In quick succession, they bust their nuts and when they’re done, Bevan proceeds to lap up that spent juice like the naughty little boy that he is!

[flv: 480 368]

Webcam Barebacking Twinks


Double your pleasure with Christian and Juan over at Flirt 4 Free! Not only do these cute twinks love to perform in front of the camera, but they also love to do it together. It’s like a session of endless possibilities where you get to be the director and they get to be the dirty porn models who will do anything for the part. There’s nothing that these guys won’t do for you if asked. In fact, they made a short list of the sexual acts they love performing on the webcam including kissing, rimming, sucking, fucking bareback, cumming in each other’s buttholes, eating said cum out of each other’s buttholes, playing with dildos, ropes, candles, handcuffs, wrestling…. Whew, it almost would have been easier to ask them if there was anything they wouldn’t be willing to do.

Jizz Slurping Twinks





Their names are Ryan and Jayden and they’re both Jizz-oholics. All together now: Hi Ryan and Jayden! But seriously folks, these slutty twinks live for a mouthful of hot cum. They’ll take the salty taste of jizz over a burger any day, which explains why these bitches are so skinny!

On a beautiful day these two came together and made music when they both discovered they shared the same appetite for cum. After swapping blowjobs they finally busted a load into each other’s thirsty mouths. Wanting to savor the moment, the two kissed and swapped the load back and forth adding their own mix to the delicious taste.

If there were such a thing as a twink vampire they would definitely subsist on sperm. Even better though – you wouldn’t have to hunt them down because they would all be found over at Jizz Addiction.

Jizz Addicted Twinks




Conner and Ryan are two horny young twinks who don’t mind swallowing a little cum when the moment arises. Ryan goes down on Conner’s knob and really takes his time enjoying the hard dick in his mouth. The boy definitely knows how to work his mouth for ultimate effect! Later, the two swap places, and we’d be lying if we didn’t say how surprised we were when we saw how big Ryan’s dick actually got. You’d never guess such a skinny twink would have such an Olympic sized cock. Conner ends up dropping a delicious load right on Ryan’s tongue. After the twink has swallowed a little of it, he gets up and kisses Conner making sure that the stud gets a taste of his own jizz. Ah, just another day at Jizz Addiction! Check out Mason Wyler taking Mike Roberts’ load down below, and then head on over to the site to see hundreds of guys guzzling down spermy loads. You won’t be disappointed!

[flv: 480 368]

Review: Cum Dumpster



We don’t know if it’s just us, but we find the idea of a guy taking a load in his mouth incredibly thrilling. We love it when a twink hungrily waits patiently while a dude gets close to busting a nut only to spring into action when it’s announced that he’s getting close. Call us crazy but seeding is seeding and knowing that your spunk is making its way through a boy’s body is enough to make us pop one out right now.

It’s something we enjoy so much that we are not easily taken in by movies that claim to feature guys who like to swallow, so when we downloaded Cum Dumpster we weren’t expecting to see much. Thankfully, we were totally wrong. In the first scene alone a cute guy takes load after load into his greedy gullet. Later, there’s another group scene where as soon as one boy gets a load he shares it with his buddy and they swap it back and forth with their mouths.

Zach Randall Wets Himself




We were never really into pissing all that much until we saw the guys from Sure we’ve pissed on a few of our exes in the past, and have even gotten peed on once or twice ourselves, but these boys aim for their mouths and drink up. Those who have been to the site are probably familiar with Zach Randall. Zach is a dark haired hottie who has an insatiable thirst for his own piss.

In one video, Zach pisses right through his jeans all the while rubbing his growing dick. Another clip has him poolside where he whips it out and decides to have a little fun. Not only does he end up pissing into his own mouth, but he’s able to suck his own cock as well. Just one look at him, and you know this stud has shot into his own mouth plenty of times!

One thing that always surprises us is just how much these guys end up peeing. It’s almost as if they haven’t pissed for days holding it all in for the camera. Below we have a video of Zach pissing all over his face while sitting on top of his washing machine. When pissing is your thing, the world is your toilet!

[flv: 480 368]

Cum Eating Dudes




The worst thing about jacking off is having to clean up all that cum after you’re done, but the dudes over at Jizz Addiction have something completely different in mind. These dudes have no problem eating their own cum. Some of the more talented ones are able to aim their piss holes right into their opens mouths shooting out streams that always hit their target. The ones who aren’t able to do this will find alternatives. One guy in particular catches all the jizz on his hand and rubs it slowly on his crack. Using his own sperm as lube the boy actually ends up seeding himself! Another guy just scoops everything up that has landed all over his body and laps it up as if he had chocolate sauce on his fingers. Now that’s what we like to call recycling!

[flv: 480 368]

Creamy Facials and Cum Swapping

There’s something about youthful twinks frolicking in bed that gets us really hard. We have a feeling we’re not the only ones! The boys over at Cum Swapping Twinks love to get their faces covered in thick, rich, creamy cum and then have the one who dropped the load lick it off. Once he’s got enough in his mouth they’ll swap the cum back and forth adding their own warm saliva to the mix. If this sounds like your cup o’ creamy soup, you’re going to be extremely satisfied by what you see on this site. Sometimes, when a site focuses on one specific thing, all the other action ends up being mediocre – but not with these cum swappers. These twinks love to fuck in every position that’s been invented, and some that haven’t.

[flv: 480 368]

So if you feel the need to watch young, dirty boys with no inhibitions going at it, pop on over to Cum Swapping Twinks. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

Zach Randall’s Hot Solo Session

[flv: 480 368]

If you remember the above clip then you’re going to love the latest offering by Zach Randall is back and hotter than ever – if such a thing is even possible. The ripped not-quite-a-twink/not-quite-a-man (how Britney!) lets out a nice warm load which soaks his designer jeans. This guy really gets off on his own piss and completely soaks himself, the bed, and probably the floor in the process.


One thing we love about Zach is his big uncut cock. He loves to play with it and it shows. You’ll notice that Zach really mixes things up and gets into positions that you rarely see when a guy is spanking his monkey. We’re guessing that this stud had quite a few interesting masturbation sessions growing up. We love this one in particular because all his muscles look even more ripped than normal. Check out those triceps!


Zach unloads a pretty big load all over his washboard stomach. On top of being hot, having a smoking body, and a big fat dick, he’s also a really big shooter! He really does have it all.


If this isn’t enough to get your rocks off, then seeing this cute guy lean over and suck his own dick – eating his own cum in the process – will definitely put you over the edge.

Jerking Off, Cocksucking, Fucking, and Pissing At


The hot Australian dudes over at Bentley Race know how to have a wild time. These dudes love to fuck like crazy but when they can’t find a partner they show their flexibility by self-servicing themselves. These particular guys give themselves some major tongue action — we bet they give the best blowjobs from all the practice they’ve had with themselves!


One thing these dudes love to do is fuck in the open air, which is probably the reason why they have no tan lines on their bodies. These two guys jump out of the car for an impromptu photo shoot before the photographer bends his friend over the car and gives him a good pounding.


If you’re into pissing and watching guys piss you’ll love watching all the hot studs that like nothing better than whipping out their dicks and taking a long piss before jerking their poles and shooting out a milky load.


There’s nothing better than watching two hot studs who love going down under. There are tons of pictures and videos of hung guys doing what we love to watch hot studs doing best. If you’re in the mood for some hot cock to get you off you should have no problem finding something to satisfy your needs!


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