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JuicyGoo's GooGabber Gay Porn Blog – Your Man-Slave Is Ready!

Some of the desktop models from!

“Dance little man, dance!” That’s what you’ll be shouting at your computer screen after you grab the free download of VirtuaGuy2!

Just in case you didn’t already know, VirtuaGuy2 is the most downloaded gay software in the world. As for what it is…

Remember Doctor Shrinker? Well, if Doctor Shrinker had been gay (or out of the closet, at least) he probably would have come up with something like this. VirtuaGuy2 takes a selection of the world’s hottest male strippers, shrink’s them down to pinky size, and traps them on your computer desktop. Then as you go about your business on your computer, they intermittently pump and grind all over the place trying to get your attention. Before you know it, you’ll be ordering them around like a crazy little Caligula!

There are dozens of different strippers you can download. The guys pictured above are just a small selection. Each model has his own routine and his own animations. His own personality, if you will. In addition, each model also comes with videos and photo sets – the whole shebang. They are all exclusive models, so you won’t have seen them anywhere else on the Internet.

Besides the free software download, you can also grab some free desktop wallpapers and Internet postcards of hot guys at the VirtuaGuy2 website. So what’s the hitch? There isn’t one, really. There’s a membership option – which lets you unlock additional animations and also grants you access to more content – but it’s optional. If you like VirtuaGuy2, maybe you’ll decide to join so that you can have access to all the different models and media. Members also have access to behind the scenes footage and a selection of hardcore porn sites. But you can download the basics for free, no string attached.

If the thought hasn’t already occurred to you, installing VirtuaGuy onto the computer of someone you live or work with, secretly, can also be a lark. Just set it up and then sit back and get ready to watch their reaction as a little tiny man unexpectedly starts prancing around their computer desktops, gyrating against the open windows and putting on a hot little show. Then you can walk up behind them and act shocked. “Oh my god – are you using the company computer to look at porn? You can get in trouble for that, you know… You better turn that off.”

Ah… Good times, good times. So download VirtuaGuy2 now and let the fun begin.

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