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Collin O’Neil’s Spicy Spanish Boy Romp

Collin was doing some shoots over in London and needed to find a hot bottom boy fast. He went through one of the more popular gay online hook up sites and found Milan, a hot Spaniard with great body and a huge dick. Collin convinced him to fly up to London to be part of his video shoot. Milan jumped at the chance and was on the first flight out. Once he got to London, Milan met up with Collin in the warehouse he was filming at. One look and Collin knew he picked the right guy. After a brief introduction and boring shit we really do not care about, they started going at it. Collin hovered over Milan as he whipped out his dick and fed it to the Spanish stud. Milan gratefully took Collin’s cock in his mouth, wrapping his tongue all over the veiny shaft so that he could taste every inch of the famous pornstars cock.

collin oneil

Collin was getting way too excited to be bothered with a blow job. He wanted Milan’s ass badly, so he asked him to stand up, grabbed him by the waist and yanked down his pants. Milan was standing there practically dressed with only his ass hanging out. As he looks over his shoulder, Collin was coming fast upon him with his raging hard on. Milan bit down on his lip waiting with anticipation for the cock head to pop into his eager hole. Collin didn’t pop, he plunged his thick cock into the tight, pulsating asshole. Milan gave out a scream, which turned into a moan which then became a continuous echo of heavy breathing. Milan’s eyes rolled into the back of his head with every push that Collin’s cock rammed his ass.

Before long, they were both becoming distracted with the clothes they had on. Once fully naked, Collin placed Milan on his back and continued fucking that ass. As he pumped, Milan’s cock started getting larger and larger. Collin always did love a hot bottom boy with a huge penis. Deeper and deeper the cock seemed to go in, the more Milan spread his legs farther and farther apart. The velvety lining inside Milan’s ass was the best feeling ever, however, it was becoming too great. Now was the time he was about to pop. Both guys unloaded gobs of their white cum everywhere. Streams of sperm crossed in mid air, colliding with each other. Collin smiled down on Milan and had concluded that he was the one of the best fucks he had ever had and we all definitely agree.

To see more of the photo shoot, click here.

Collin O’Neil – Around the World In 80 Lays

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Collin O’Neil is a porn star who you’ve probably seen in videos from Channel One, Raging Stallion, Hot House, and Falcon. As you might have guessed, he’s incredibly hot. But he’s also talented and he has a unique eye for hunky, real guys. Just check out all the models on his tour page and you’ll understand what I’m talking about!

Even though he’s a hottie, this site is a showcase for Collin’s work behind the camera as a director and photographer. It’s become one of my favorite porn sites because the guys are just amazing. Collin travels the world in search of only the hottest real guys – and the guys that he recruits are honestly turned on by what they’re doing. Nothing ever looks staged or forced. These are just real, horny guys who really love to fuck – and it shows.

During the film shoots, Collin also takes pictures of all the action. So in addition to tons of video clips, there’s also a collection of XXX galleries with thousands of photos to jerk off to! Plus, there are photo-journals of Collin’s trips around the globe as he searches for hot new talent.

Membership at comes with access to four additional sites, and all of them feature the same high-quality production value and 100% original content that you’ll find at Collin’s site. When you get five sites for the price of one, you can’t go wrong!

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