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Cody & the Brother-In-Law





Look out sister! Cody Cummings is on the make and he’s got his eye on his sexy brother-in-law, the hot and hunky Nikko Alexander. Well, it’s not like the in-law didn’t instigate the whole thing. And knowing Cody, he’s not one to turn down a cock… No matter who’s it happens to be. In this hot clip, Cody is doing his thing –masturbating to porn on his laptop in the kitchen. Ok, so maybe Cody did set it all up. After all, he is such a good host that he even let Nikko take a shower. It was during this event that Cody set up his jack off session.

As planned, Nikko “catches” him in the act and decides to join in. When the cat’s away, these horny studs will play. Not only does Nikko sneak a peak of his new friend jerking off, but he takes control and gets on his knees and takes Cody’s hard-on into his mouth, sucking the hunk dry. Not bad for a supposed straight man with a wife. But those are just details. When a man’s horny, a man’s got to get off. Luckily, Cody is open to helping out a brother-in-law!

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