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Evan Fucks Bevan





Getting fucked by your boyfriend for extended periods of time can become stale. At least it appears to be that way for Bevan, who is shooting his first video without his boyfriend. He couldn’t look more excited when he feasts his eyes on hot-looking Evan. Both Cocky Boys have slender bodies and rock-hard cocks made for fucking, and in this clip, we get a good sample of their sexual prowess when they unleash their carnal desires all over each other. If Evan’s expert help isn’t enough to put an end to Bevan’s monogamy, we don’t know what will.

He knows he’s going to ravish Evan from top to bottom. They begin with a sensual make out session – lots of kissing and hands exploring naked bodies. Bevan swallows Evan’s stiff woody and sucks cock like there’s no tomorrow. Evan returns the favor, but then Bevan sits on Evan’s pole and begins to ride it as if he was riding a horse. This gets Evan horned up and he takes the reins and bends Bevan over the coffee table in time for Bevan to blow his wad all over his abs. Evan shoots his load while Bevan laps it up like sweet nectar.

[flv: 480 368]

Diego Sanders Strokes Off





Some faces are made for kissing. This week’s Cocky Boys model Diego Sanders has the kind of face that makes you want to devour his kissable lips and make out with him until the end of the world. But since we don’t have all that time, we’re left with this hot video shoot of Diego showing us his other equally kissable body parts. Hailing from Miami and utterly straight, he’s willing to jerk his meat and blow his load for a little bit of cash. That’s fine by us, as long as we can continue to fantasize!

He starts off by watching straight porn on the laptop computer in bed while he teasingly rubs his growing bulge through his sexy, tight jeans. The moans and groans coming from the laptop definitely stir something in him and he quickly removes his pants to better access his raging boner. He starts to stroke fervently and even plays with his asshole for a few minutes before popping off a good load of straight cum and then heading off to the showers to clean up. Maybe if he’s horny enough, he’ll return for more one-on-one. I’m sure he’ll take it a little further next time!

[flv: 480 368]

Ricco Fucks Adam





Ricco and Adam are pretty much your typical Latin horny boys. Everywhere they go, they have dick on their minds and in this clip, the hormones kick in at a cruisy public shower. Nothing stops the two from getting it on while they soap up and wash the stress of the day away. Ricco starts it off by making sure Adam’s fat, uncut meat is completely clean. He pulls back the foreskin and his tongue goes to work, covering every inch of extra skin that covers Adam’s fuck tool. Temperatures skyrocket watching these Latin studs make out for a while before they continue their oral foreplay.

Adam then moves over to the bench and lies down so that Ricco can have access to his ass. Ricco immediately starts working his hole with his tongue giving Adam a delicious tongue bath. Then, Ricco takes his own throbbing cock and starts to fuck Adam with a slow deliberate rhythm that quickly gains speed as their bodies create sexual friction. They fuck in every position and, at one point, Ricco manages to blow Adam while he’s fucking him. If that’s not enough to make you shoot a big wad, we don’t know what is.

[flv: 480 368]

Gabriel and Rodrigo Flip Fuck





It’s Latino week at Cocky Boys so be sure to check out the Latin heat being generated by this scorching couple. Rodrigo and Gabriel really spice up the action when they get together and show us what kind of sexual tricks they can perform. Rodrigo starts off by licking Gabriel up and down the length of his legs, up to the crack of his ass, and then up his back. He turns his attention back to Gabriel’s ass, lubing it up with a big gob of his own saliva. It trickles down his nut sack and right into his puckered ass. Then he goes in and starts fucking the hell out of Gabriel’s hole.

Then they flip and now it’s Gabriel’s turn at bat. He fucks Rodrigo doggy style with a lot of passion, thrusting his Latin cock in and out of his ass. It’s almost as if he’s trying to teach him a lesson for the previous ass fucking he got, but it only makes them hornier than when they started. The passion builds and their bodies mash together one last time before they start spewing their Latin loads all over their bodies. If intense sexual passion is what you’re looking for, check these two out!

[flv: 480 368]

Bevan Bounces on Evan’s Cock





Finding the right combination of twinks to put on film can be a fun chore when the talent is as gorgeous and willing to fuck as these two boys, Evan and Bevan. Not only do their names roll off the tongue like a song, but the music these two make with their taut young bodies is a horny man’s delight. For Bevan, this is his first time making a fuck video where he’s not jerking it alone or with his boyfriend and you can tell he likes being a little naughty when his man’s not around. He devours Evan’s dick like it was candy and even flips him over so he can have a go at his puckered hole.

After playing around with their stiff hard cocks for a bit, Bevan shifts positions and sits himself down on Evan’s dick so he can bounce up and down on it. The ease in which that pole slips into his ass shows just how much Bevan loves to get fucked. These two move to their own beat, quickly building up that boy batter deep inside their balls. In quick succession, they bust their nuts and when they’re done, Bevan proceeds to lap up that spent juice like the naughty little boy that he is!

[flv: 480 368]

Hot Boy Phenix Fucks Tyler





Working out your body gets a new meaning when these two delicious boys start to work each other during their gym session.  All the fitness equipment and training tools are soon forgotten when these two get worked up watching each other work their trim fit bodies.  Tyler can’t help rubbing his crotch as he watches Phenix lift those legs.  Phenix starts getting hard too, and the focus shifts from toning to tonguing when Tyler drops to his knees and gives Phenix a wet hot blowjob.  That pierced tool slides in and out of Tyler’s mouth before they do a switcheroo and this time Phenix works on Tyler’s massive tool.

Tyler then pumps that big dick as Phenix devours that delicious taut ass – an ass that clearly likes to get put to good use, because Tyler is all too willing to let Phenix pump the hell out of that ass.  The temperature rises to sauna levels at the gym as these two fuck each other silly–if only going to the gym was this much fun..  But not to worry, these boys aren’t neglecting their bodies.  Don’t they say that kissing burns calories?  Well, these studs are more than kissing–they’re giving each other the work out of their lives!

[flv: 480 368]

Damian and Tori-A Steamy Hook Up





Watching two guys fuck can be a very hot experience. When it’s between an expert top fucker and an extremely talented bottom boy, it’s down right scorching hot. These two talented horny studs flirted all night at the bar, but when it was time to go home, these guys weren’t ready to go to sleep. Instead they get started with some steamy foreplay as Tori explores Damian’s tattooed hard body. Watch as Damian’s cock is fully engulfed in Tori’s beautiful wet mouth. Then get ready to watch the hottest rimming you’ll ever encounter on the Internet. Damian knows his way around a nice pink boy hole before getting ready to pound the hell out of it.

Tori shows just how good a bottom he is when he puts a condom in his mouth and expertly rolls it on to Damian’s cock before he gets up and impales himself on his rock hard cock. The fucking takes on several positions as Damian flips Tori over and pounds his ass doggy style, in missionary position, and on his back. It’s not too long before their sexual chemistry heats up and Damian pulls out and shoots his cum all over Tori, who soon follows with a gusher of his own.

[flv: 480 368]

Real Life Boyfriends Fucking





Jonathan Lowe has officially retired from porn, but before he did he headed on over to Cocky Boys for one last hurray. For his big exit not only did he shoot a hot video for them, but he also brought along his real-life boyfriend Tony. And from the looks of it, we’re thinking that as he ends his career his boyfriend could just be embarking on a new one.

This is a particularly hot scene, and the two start things off with some very passionate kissing. Tony yanks Jonathan’s jock off of him and goes down on him as if he’s never sucked Jonathan’s big juicy dick before. After Jonathan returns the favor in kind, he sits his hot ass on Tony’s face.

By this point, the two are so horned up that they immediately begin to fuck. Jonathan straddles Tony, and rides his fat cock before sticking it to his boyfriend. The flip-flopping action is intense and fun to watch, but the best is saved for last. Both these guys have huge loads that they end up dropping. Jonathan creams all over Tony’s dick who ends up using the spunk as lube for his own cock. Tony’s cumshot is epic! He literally nuts so far that he actually ends up hitting the side of his head! We have a feeling that these two have many a passion-filled night ahead of them.

[flv: 480 368]

Cocky Boys Fucking Frenzy




There are some matches that are just meant to happen. Take Jesse and Marc, for instance. These two start off by making out for a bit before Marc gets on his knees and begins to suck Jesse’s big fat dick. It’s clear that Jesse has a little bit of a freak streak from the looks of his nipples. Marc really has his work cut out for him trying to properly suck such a big cock, but he’s quite good at what he does.

Once Jesse returns the favor, he’s ready to move on to other things: good old fashion ass eatin’ and some hole fingerin’ are both on the menu. Marc gets so worked up he ends up throwing Jesse on his back and climbing aboard the fat dick express. He slips his ass onto Jesse’s huge cock and rides him like a cowboy at a sex rodeo. After a little doggie-style action, Marc climbs on top of Jesse again, but this time he opts for the reverse cowboy. The eager bottom slams himself up and down on that cock as if this will be the last time he’ll ever get to bottom. Marc finally has to spray his load while Jesse is still deep inside of him pounding away until he too has to shoot his own load all over Marc.

[flv: 480 368]

Cocky Boys Fucking Poolside




Kyle Majors really knows how to hook his boys up. A couple of weeks ago he got a call from Josh who begged to have Kyle hook him up with RC. Mr. Majors put in a quick call to RC who was more than up (ahem) for it.

The two start off in the pool chatting a bit, but Josh is a ball of hormones and can’t keep himself from commenting on RC’s beautiful body. RC just gives him a look. You know the one, it’s the look that pretty much says my body is yours – do with it what you will. With this open invitation Josh immediately swoops in for the kill and begins to kiss and lick RC all over.

Josh gives RC a good blowjob before he gets one of his own, but the real action starts when this hungry power bottom sits on RC’s dick. Pretty soon they’re fucking in every position imaginable until it all becomes too much for them and they have to drop their loads.

[flv: 480 368]

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