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Dallas and Shane





Dallas is a 6’ 3” Texan with a hung package. His buddy Shane is a surfer from Southern California and he is also tall with a huge bulge. They’re no strangers to doing porn, but in their videos, they’re strictly tops. Today, though, one of these tall, lean, fucking machines is going to bottom for the other and it looks like Shane is the lucky winner who gets a taste of that huge Texan cock. It’s not a big deal for either one. When they start to suck face, you can tell they’re both going to enjoy this naked romp.

From the moment Shane drops to his knees to suck Dallas’ fat cock, he unzips his own pants, spits on his dick and starts to stroke it while getting face fucked. This stud is ready for action! You can tell it really is Shane’s first time getting ass fucked. He winces and breaks into a sweat as Shane invades his surfer boy hole. But he takes it like a pro as Dallas starts to dig into his moist anal cavern. Apparently, the pain goes away because by now, Shane is slamming into Dallas’ 7.5-incher with no problems.

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