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Christian Goes “Wilde” for Andrew






Having two models as hot as Andrew Blue and Christian Wilde for best buds is a fantasy come true.  Especially when the clothes fly off and the action begins.  At first, when Christian shows up with a raging hard on bulging from his pants they pretend they don’t see it.  But horny boys will be horny boys and before they know it, Andrew is swallowing Christian’s stiff shaft and showing him how well he’s mastered the act of sucking dick.  You can tell that Andrew goes “Wilde” for the fast acting tongue action and before long, he’s taking Christian’s engorged tool in his backdoor and loving every minute of it.

These two slender-built hotties don’t let up.  They lust for each other and the pleasure they share only makes them work their bodies harder and faster.  Both of their luscious dicks get a good work out in this video.  Andrew is so hot for Christian, he’s even spitting on his dick with each stroke of his mouth.  In the end, Christian ends up giving Andrew exactly what he wants and that’s a hard prick to penetrate his ass.  Nothing will stop him from getting it from his best buddy.

[flv: 480 368]

Christian Wilde Fucks Newbie





We love it when Next Door Buddies unveils a newbie. You can almost see the guy’s anticipation as he strips out of his clothes. Usually one of two things will happen: either the guy won’t be able to get hard at the beginning, or he’ll be rock hard from the moment he wakes up that morning all the way until he busts his nut on camera. Justin Jameson definitely belongs in the latter category and has no problem getting aroused for his hot scene with Christian Wilde.

The guys start things off in the bathroom and never end up making it to the bed. Justin is a voracious bottom that can probably take the biggest dick you could throw at him with the greatest of ease. As Christian slips inside of him, we can’t help but notice that he arches his ass slightly. We think he knows the exact position to be in when it comes to getting fucked.

These two definitely make beautiful music together, but just because it’s Justin’s first time doesn’t mean that Christian is going to hold back. If anything, the top really pounds him hard showing him what it’s like to get fucked by a true stud on camera. Somehow we have a feeling that Justin just can’t wait to get asked back.

[flv: 480 368]

Four-gy at Next Door Buddies

The guys over at Next Door Buddies are always having the type of sex that makes us extremely jealous and EXTREMELY horny. Their latest update, which features Shane Erickson, Alexy Tyler, Christian Wilde and Spencer Reed is no exception. The action starts when two guys are interrupted by a second couple.. Usually this would ruin the mood, but this time it turns into a full blown orgy party. Pretty soon, everyone has a dick in their mouths and asses are being primed for a good ol’ fashion fucking.
From what we’ve read, these guys are always horny and ready for man-on-man action.. We don’t usually believe everything we read but we have to admit that in this case the rumors are true. These guys are insatiable as they climb all over each other. At one point two guys are fighting for one (clears throat) bone.
[flv: 480 368]
The action is so hot that the director even extended their normal twenty minute running time to make sure we wouldn’t miss of any of the action – and we’d like to thank them! Four beautiful men, four insanely intense orgasms and one huge living room makes for some of the hottest sex we’ve seen in a while. But don’t take our word our word for it. Click on over to Next Door Buddies and check these guys out for yourself!

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