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Christian Bale Gets Naked



Christian Bale is a pretty decent actor with a killer bod who could really do more naked roles. C’mon, WTF? What’s with all the covering up lately? We haven’t seen his ass or cock in a while now, and we’re starting to go through withdrawals.

We’re hoping that Christian will shed his clothes in some sort of artsy-fartsy film that gets shown nowhere but ends up winning every award. Getting naked would be exactly the type of street cred he needs after his last two Batman films and his upcoming Terminator Salvation. No offense, we love these films, but if you do too many you lose your artistic integrity. Lord knows why, but as long as Bale strips we’re all for it!

We were also hoping his wife would release pictures of him with morning wood. That would be pretty hot too, and we wouldn’t have to sit through a boring movie! A girl can dream can’t she? Oh well, until then there’s always Male Celebrities.

Christian Bale: The best guy to ever strip off his batsuit and let it all hang out?

With the new Batman movie — Dark Knight — coming faster than a hunk with a 5-day hard-on, there’s been tons of talk around town regarding who, of the many Batman, has been the best. Now, we’re going to hold off on tossing our hat into that ring, but we have to say that when it comes to guys in dark capes flying around in the night, nobody gets more sexy than Christian Bale – not to mention more nude.


Who knew there was such a hunky birthday suit hiding in that oversized batsuit? Oh yeah, this elusive actor is not one to keep his clothes on in the name of dignity – and seeing his bare butt on the big screen will always be way hot, even when he’s not being Bruce Wayne.

christian-bale-no-shirt.jpg has got all tons of revealing shots of Christian in various states of undress– and let’s just say it takes a big man to fill out a codpiece the size of this super hung super hero.


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