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Teo – and the story of how a Gay Porn Star comes to be!

Ever wonder where gay porn stars come from? Well, the short answer would be frat houses and homeless shelters, but if you’re looking for a happier, more enjoyable story, then look no further than Teo – the newest hot cake that has cooked up for our enjoyment.

chaos men teo upcoming pornstar gay boys

You see, when straight boy Teo – with his retro brown locks of shaggy hair and killer smile – first clumsily stumbled onto the gay porn scene, a simple jack-off show was as far as he was willing to go. Any further would be like so totally gay, right? Well, it wasn’t long before he was letting another guy rim his cute little bubble butt – and squirming in all to un-straight pleasure all the while. The week after, he was sucking his first cock – and jacking off his buddy in the process, which was way totally hot.

chaos men teo upcoming pornstar gay boys

 And look what we have now – Teo’s first time fucking another guy is here, and although his awkward thrusts and uncomfortable kisses make it all too apparent that he’s never done this before, that really just adds to the charm of it.  Everyone’s got to have a first time, right?

chaos men teo upcoming pornstar gay boys

 So what’s next for Teo? If we were a betting man – which we totally are – we’d be putting our money on seeing Teo get pounded by next week. God, I can’t wait until next week!

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