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Channing Tatum Exposed




There have been a lot of rumors about Channing Tatum and whether or not he’s been in gay porn. We’ve scoured the Net, but haven’t come up with anything yet, but believe us when we say that as soon as we find anything you’ll be the first to know. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t any nudie pics of this native Canadian stud. In fact, Channing started his career off modeling, and there are various pictures of him baring everything over at Male Celebrities. He must have been a soccer player or something because baby’s got back!

If you’ve never heard of Channing, get ready to be bombarded with images of him. Channing will be starring in the new G.I Joe: Rise of the Cobra film coming out August 7. In it he will play Duke – the main hero. Channing as you can see is drop-dead gorgeous, and has such a hot body that even my computer screen is drooling. Can’t wait to see more of this hottie in the future!

Christian Bale Gets Naked



Christian Bale is a pretty decent actor with a killer bod who could really do more naked roles. C’mon, WTF? What’s with all the covering up lately? We haven’t seen his ass or cock in a while now, and we’re starting to go through withdrawals.

We’re hoping that Christian will shed his clothes in some sort of artsy-fartsy film that gets shown nowhere but ends up winning every award. Getting naked would be exactly the type of street cred he needs after his last two Batman films and his upcoming Terminator Salvation. No offense, we love these films, but if you do too many you lose your artistic integrity. Lord knows why, but as long as Bale strips we’re all for it!

We were also hoping his wife would release pictures of him with morning wood. That would be pretty hot too, and we wouldn’t have to sit through a boring movie! A girl can dream can’t she? Oh well, until then there’s always Male Celebrities.

Zachary Quinto Gets Naked




Celebrities have become notorious for dropping their pants or taking naughty pictures of themselves for that special someone. Usually when they do they are bound to end up online for all of us to gawk at. No other place on the Net has as many naked stars as Male Celebrities. There you’ll find everyone from Brad Pitt and Paul Newman to David Beckham, and our latest crush Zachary Quinto.

We found a great pic of Zach completely naked with a raging hard-on. We’re not sure if it’s legit, but it is worth a perusal. It’s been rumored that the Heroes turned Star Trek actor might be gay. This may arise from he fact that he has never shied away from playing gay, though we hope maybe there are one or two guys who have hooked-up with him who are fanning the flames. Zachary’s chiseled looks and five o’clock shadow definitely makes him one of the hottest actors in Hollywood today, and if the pictures are any indication he would do just fine in porn!

Hugh Jackman Bares All


We hadn’t really realized it before now, but Hugh Jackman loves to be naked. Whether he’s stripped down to his just his adamantium as Wolverine, or gaying it up on stage (he loves his song and dance numbers), Hugh isn’t afraid to put himself out there… really out there. In his new movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine Mr. Jackman strips down to his birthday suit and even shows his ass off to the camera, but the mother jewels are nowhere to be seen. Seeing that we were left with a bad case of blue balls we went digging. We knew Male Celebrities would have a picture or two of him naked, but we didn’t know that you would be able to catch what he’s got hidden down under. They truly do feature the hottest uncut (hint, hint) pictures of all our favorite celebs.

Hot Celebrity for the Week


Umm, apparently we need to start watching more CBS shows because there are some hotties up in there that we had no idea existed. Not everyone can sit through all their boring drama shows, but if you have you’ll recognize Eric Close who plays FBI agent Martin Fitzgerald in Without a Trace. Close was in a fraternity while he was going to school, and he never lost his youthful physique. He’s just one of the many guys that we have stumbled upon over at Male Celebrities, and we’re sure he won’t be the last.

Twilight’s Robert Pattinson


In honor of the Twilight DVD release this weekend, I thought I’d do a post on Robert Pattinson. Okay, I admit it, I read Twilight (devoured is more like it). Female fans of Pattinson have been squealing in delight for all things Robert, but gay fans will soon have something to cheer for as well when his film Little Ashes is released in May. In the movie, Rpattz plays surrealist painter Salvador Dalí with Javier Beltrán playing Spanish poet Federico García Lorca. The two have already done interviews in which they discuss their torrid love scenes and Rob admits to having done all the naked scenes himself – including one where he fucks Javier doggie style. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for the naked screencaps to make their way onto Male Celebrities. For now I’ll just have to be content to see all their other naked male star galleries.

Zac Efron Undressed

It’s hard to believe that one of our favorite heartthrobs was born in 1987! God we feel old. Born in San Luis Obispo and raised in Arroyo Grande, Zac Efron has been setting hearts aflutter since his acting debut in 2002. The High School Musical alum has his eyes on a long career and understands that he’s gotta get in shape in order to maintain his leading man appeal. Fortunately for us, every time Zac decides to show off his very hot and worked out body there are paparazzi nearby to document his progress.
In the last year the star has been photographed without his shirt several times, including a day spent romping at the beach with his girlfriend. Zac knows he’s getting his picture taken and hams it up for the camera, but no amount of posing can change the fact that he’s got a hot bod.
In one of the pics, Zac appears to be adjusting himself. That or maybe he’s uncut and has sand that trapped in his foreskin. Either way we wish it were us adjusting him.
These are just some of the few pictures of hot, young celebrities you’ll have access to on There are even a few of Zac in the buff, but we figured we’d let you check it out for yourself and see all this site has to offer.

Josh Duhamel Bares All

In honor of the wedding that will take place this weekend between Josh Duhamel and that girl that likes to spell in every one of her goddamn songs – good ol’ what’s her name with the previous crack issues – we’re posting pictures of what that lucky bitch has to look forward to the rest of her life. Yeah, right.
We’re going to assume that before he was an actor in huge hits like Transformers, and umm… well, it was a big movie, this 36 year-old yummy stud was a professional model. That or some very rich older patron (we’re picturing a man) kept his ass as he tried to make it in the rough world of acting, and took compromising pictures to remember him by.
Lucky for us, collects these hidden gems like some people collect black market artifacts. We have to admit that Josh has a pretty nice ass for a straight guy. Isn’t that always the way? The guys who intend for nothing to happen in and around that area are as smooth as butter while those of us who get off on having our asses played with have to get a weed wacker just so the guy can find it.
We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw this full frontal pic on the site. And no it hasn’t been photoshopped. That my friends is what Fugalicious will get to enjoy for the rest of her life. Yay her! Yeah, we’re bitter.

Hugh Jackman Caught on Camera Naked!

There’s a lot of great actors that come from Down Under, but no male actor is as hot as Hugh Jackman. Recently voted by People Magazine as the hottest bloke in all the land, Hugh is the perfect combination of chiseled good looks, masculinity, and gorgeous body. Seriously, what’s not to love about the boy from Oz?


It’s not surprising with all of the work he’s done in films that he has appeared naked in at least one of them. A lot of actors who aren’t modest will do nude work either to get their name out in public, or to break out of a certain type. Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe anyone?


It’s not surprising that most of these actors end up on, but what we didn’t expect is to see a little homoerotic action between Hugh Jackman and a mystery man wearing nothing but a pair of tighty whities.


Insiders tell us that Mrs. Jackman has a conniption fit every time someone suggests her husband might be gay. We suggest that instead of throwing a fit she keeps a more watchful eye on her hot, uncut husband. After all, taking your shorts off while swimming in the ocean with a male friend – no matter how innocent – is a little bit gay. To see more of Jackman’s junk and hundreds of other celebrities check out Male Celebrities.

Weeds’ Justin Kirk’s crotch bugle: Talk about a scene stealer!

Okay, to be perfectly honest, we’re not all that sure who this Justin Kirk guy is, but damn if he isn’t the hottest thing we’ve see in a long time. It’s something about those mischievous, sexy eyebrows of his – the guy just looks like he’s got something up his sleeve – and something even meatier in his pants, if we’re lucky!

justin kirk naked

For those of you Weeds fans out there (I know, I’m like the only gay who isn’t head over heels in love with Mary Louise-Parker! Whatever.), you’re probably well aware of Justin and his fine body of work – especially if you caught that sexy scene where Justin stripped down to his whitie-tighties and let that huge bulge in his crotch steal the scene.

justink kirk naked

Sure, he’s a little bit dorky, but there ain’t nothing wrong with that by us. And did we mention he’s gotten naked on screen, which you can check out at Oh yeah, he’s got great pair of low hangers with a dick to match that make us think he maybe should switch to a much more XXX-rated career….We’re just saying!

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