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Bare Adventure Sex Shoot





Breaking into the business requires a lot of can-do attitude and a lot of willingness to do what it takes to get the part. Things can turn desperate when the cash flow is low to non-existent. But if you’re a cute, blond student hard up for cash, you can always trade in your good looks and slim body for some cold, hard cash in an instant. It only requires showing off a little skin… Oh, and sucking dick and spreading our legs and letting a thick cock shaft up your bum!

This student answers an advert offering easy money; all he has to do is agree to be filmed having sex with another cute slim guy just like himself. Before he knows what hits him, the cameraman and his cohort – the sexy, young co-star force him out of his clothes. The student wants this badly so he grits his teeth and goes for it. Soon, he’s throat-deep into the camera guy’s engorged tube while he barebacks the young stud. He shows off his versatility by getting his smooth ass fucked raw by the cameraman and getting a juicy load of cum all over his face.

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Pursue your dreams – of getting fucked by some huge talent


Oh boy! We’re been warming up our vocal cords – or maybe just our throat muscles – all day long in anticipation of posting about one of the funniest, hottest sites out there right now, Actually, we’ve always secretly dreamed of getting stuck in one of those awkward casting couch situations. You know, where the big record executive offers you to sing backup on Kelly Clarkson’s new album, but you have to deepthroat that swelling bulge he’s got hiding in his slacks first?


Well, that’s totally the way things go down at, only I’m pretty sure none of these twinky dick suckers are going to get a shot at singing on Clarkson’s next album – that’s Clive Davis’s ass you’ve got to pound to get that deal – right P. Diddy? Oh, stop me before I get off track!


So anyway, for what they’re worth, has some pretty ridiculous-yet-surprisingly erotic scenarios. These eager bottoms will sit on some pretty long lengths to achieve their dream of being the next big thing in music, after watching them get fucked raw by some of the most talented men in the business, it’s good to know that some of us out there are perusing out dreams! Go get ‘em, boys!


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