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2 reasons why skinny boy Kaleb from is totally freaking our shit!

We’ll be honest: There’s something a little off about Kaleb from, and it has totally caught out attention. In fact, there’s two things we think are totally weird about this guy and his hip-hugging whitie tighties, and since he shows up quite a bit from time to time, we thought we’d air our feelings!

guy masturbating with both hands

First off, he has this strange way of masturbating. For lack of a better term, we’ll call it the two-hand clutch. See, just watch him. With one hand, he grabs the shaft and stokes up and down, and with the other he forms that little hook around the base and grips all so tightly. Weird, but effective.

guy masturbating with both hands

Secondly, he’s a total moaner when he’s pleasuring himself. Only, these noises are like nothing we’ve ever heard before. They’re almost like a high-pitched wale, mixed with a few deep grunts. It’s definitely worth a listen!

guy masturbating with both hands

One’s Bi, one’s Straight, and one’s Australian – How far will these guys go?

Every time a new update pops up on, we’re faced with the same question – Exactly how far will these boys be willing to go this time for a little cold, hard cash? This time we’ve got three guys – Gavin (who’s bisexual), Scott (who’s straight), and finally Trevor (who’s Australian).

If you ask us, a combination like that could go many, many different way. I mean, Gavin’s easily going to be willing to suck a little (or a lot) of dick since he’s bi, which really is just a stop of the big rainbow road to gay. Then there’s Scott, who says he’s straight, but really went to town on his eyebrows with the tweezers, so we’re guessing he’ll easily let another guy blow him –if not much more.

But then there’s Trevor, and as an Australian he’s a total wild card. You know how those blokes from down under roll – they could love sitting on everything in sight, or they could punch you in the face if you even suggest they remove their pants. You just never know with those Aussies! Anyways, we got a little sneak peek of what went down, so here’s your first look….

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