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Birth of a Size Queen






We’ve always wondered just how size queens were made. Is it nature or nurture? We always thought it was some sort of genetic disposition like having blue eyes, or a curved dick. But little did we know that we were totally wrong. The big-dicked dudes over at His First Huge Cock are to blame for corrupting semi-innocent gay virgins with their big, hateful dicks.

Just take John for instance. This young virgin decided if he was going to lose his virginity he might as well make it as memorable as possible. The guys over at paired him up with Kiko – a guy with a dick so big he could use it as a weapon if he needed to.

Anyway, Kiko was really sweet to John and took his time impaling him. At first John had to continually catch his breath, and gasp for air as Kiko’s unprotected cock slid inch after glorious inch deeper! Of course, by the end of it John was practically swinging off the chandeliers begging to be fucked harder. To top it all off, Kiko breeded and seeded his ass to officially steal John’s virginity. May I suggest that we all bow our heads now for a moment of silence? That means no more slapping noises for the next 60 seconds. Whoa there, Sea Biscuit! Just simmer down.

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