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Forced Twink Gangbang at Boynapped

Forced Twink Gangbang at Boynapped

Forced Twink Gangbang at Boynapped

Forced Twink Gangbang at Boynapped

Forced Twink Gangbang at Boynapped

Things just keep getting better at Boynapped. In this recent update, a truckload of hot twinks are cruising around in the new Boynapped 4×4. Luke, Mark, Tony, and Dan are out looking for trouble, and they find it when they come across straight boy Kieron Knight. After tying him up and slipping him under a blanket in the back of their truck, they bring him to a secret location. He does his best to fight back, but he’s no match for four guys. They succeed in holding him down and they each take a turn fucking his ass. When they’re ready, they all shoot their loads onto Kieron’s face. There’s nothing like spending a relaxing day out in nature, hunting with your friends!

Boynapped: Benji Looms & Luke Hammond





A little submission can go a long way to learning the ins and outs of bondage and discipline. In this clip from Boynapped, Sebastian is the one in control. He’s got two boys to play with and he’s going to use them to full advantage. Buff bulldog Luke Hammond gets introduced to cute puppy Benji Looms in a training session that leads to some hot fucking and some cum soaked cock sucking. Sebastian has them both chained up as he leads them into submission. While Luke is the well-trained canine, Benji is new to the game and needs some strict supervision!

To get him in line with Luke, Sebastian forces him to train Benji like the good dog he’s capable of becoming. Already we can see that Benji enjoys his lessons. He eagerly opens up his mouth to let in Sebastian’s big dick and he offers his ass to Luke for a hardcore fucking… Doggy style! Between the cock feeding and the anal invasion, Benji will be a well-trained canine pup in no time. In the meantime, a little cock at both ends is just the kind of bone this dog needs to satisfy his master.

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When Russ Connors went out for a night of drinking and partying, he never imagined he would end up with a big black dildo shoved up his bum. Such are the hazards of being cute, horny, and a little naive. The guys at Boynapped were out looking for a victim and they couldn’t resist this chance to find out how much torture this cutie could endure, but Russ was able to hold his own – although holding your own can be a challenge when your hands are tied. This turned out to be a night he’ll never forget.

Russ finds himself enjoying a drink before he’s quickly gagged, tied up and severely penetrated by a big black dildo. At first, it looks like it will never go into that sweet, little hole but Russ relaxes his sphincter and it slips in with no problems. Sebastion Kain is the lucky guy that gets to inflict all this torture on Russ. He masterfully shoves the rubber toy into his ass until it’s nice and open before he mounts Russ and shoots a massive load of sticky cum on his face. This is definitely a night Russ didn’t see cumming.

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