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Real Life Boyfriends Fucking





Jonathan Lowe has officially retired from porn, but before he did he headed on over to Cocky Boys for one last hurray. For his big exit not only did he shoot a hot video for them, but he also brought along his real-life boyfriend Tony. And from the looks of it, we’re thinking that as he ends his career his boyfriend could just be embarking on a new one.

This is a particularly hot scene, and the two start things off with some very passionate kissing. Tony yanks Jonathan’s jock off of him and goes down on him as if he’s never sucked Jonathan’s big juicy dick before. After Jonathan returns the favor in kind, he sits his hot ass on Tony’s face.

By this point, the two are so horned up that they immediately begin to fuck. Jonathan straddles Tony, and rides his fat cock before sticking it to his boyfriend. The flip-flopping action is intense and fun to watch, but the best is saved for last. Both these guys have huge loads that they end up dropping. Jonathan creams all over Tony’s dick who ends up using the spunk as lube for his own cock. Tony’s cumshot is epic! He literally nuts so far that he actually ends up hitting the side of his head! We have a feeling that these two have many a passion-filled night ahead of them.

[flv: 480 368]

Have you got the skillz to put on a sexy webcam show? Put it to the test!

There’s a real skill to being a good webcammer.  First off, you’ve got to set it up so you’re always in the most flattering angles.’s got some great examples of what we’re talking about; notice how the focus of the camera is always straight into the guy’s crotch? That way, you not only make your package look ten times meatier than it already is, but it also makes everything around it (aka your love handles) look smaller by comparison.

webcam portal live gay dating sex cams

In addition, you’ve really got to let yourself go wild. Nobody wants to watch a guy just sit there, no matter how muscles he’s got, or how long and hard his dick is. Okay, well maybe there’s a few exception to that rule; Any guy over 9-inches has our permission to do whatever the hell they want in any circumstance) – but you catch our drift.

As you can see from most of the guys at, there’s something about on film that’s truly liberating – these guys find themselves doing and saying more than they might in the company of another person. It’s a great chance for a stud to live out some of his hottest fantasies – and for you to watch.

Plan on ‘Takin’ The Big Ones’? Better Coat Your Throat with Strawberry Goodness!

There’s a lot of things I can do. Burp the alphabet, rub my tummy and pat my head (at the same time!), even do a few of those fancy one-handed push-ups. Oh yeah, when it comes to stupid human tricks, I’ve got them covered.

deepthroat desensetizer spray sex shop no gag

Too bad I don’t have one of the more important ones, and I’m not afraid to admit it. Yes, my name is Scott, and I can’t deep throat. Try as I might, I just can never get a guy –especially the extra-large ones – all the way down my mouth. And trust me, you know I’ve tried a million times.

But then I found The Deep Throat Desensitizer Spray while doing a little dirty online shopping last week. Look, I’ve tried desensitizers before many times. They always leave a funky taste in my mouth, and one time I even got vocal paralysis for a week after an extra ambitious exchange.

But The Deep Throat Oral Desensitizer Spray is different. Not only does it cool and coat your throat with Strawberry goodness – it comes in a convenient travel sized bottle you take with you to the clubs. That way, when you go home with that special well-endowed someone, you’ll be prepared. Never leave home without it – that’s what I say.

Diamond-studded neon underwear – Don’t leave home (or the clubs) without it!

It’s summer, and I think we fellas know all too well what that means – Underwear parties. Yes, if you’re anything like us boys here at GooGabber, you have a list of Underwear parties a mile long that you absolutely must attend in the coming months.

disco sex underwear swarovski diamond gay underwear party briefs

To be perfectly honest, there probably won’t be a single weekend before mid-October that we’ll be able to go to a nightclub, event, or party without first being demanded by some flamey coat check boy that we remove all our clothes (shoes too!) before taking one step further. I know, it sounds terrible, doesn’t it? Tis’ the cross we must bear…

That’s why, when it comes to cute AND wearable underwear, we’re like total pros. So what’s our pick for the summer’s cutest and coolest underwear? Baby, 2008 is all about Disco Sex Underwear. Not only does their name combine out two favorite pastimes (Disco! Sex!), each pair is studded with Swarovski crystals. Yes, you read that right – it’s diamond emblazoned neon underwear! Wow, I think we got hard just thinking about it. And for only about $25 a pop, you can totally afford to grab a few pairs – just to mix it up, right? I mean, there’s only one thing worse than wearing the same pair of undies twice to an Underwear Party – and that’s not wearing any diamonds at all. Do that more than once, and your summer itinerary will be clear in no time! More diamonds!

Shane gets pounded and served Cain’s cum on

Oh Shane and Cain – I think we all know the story by now. Let me guess. You two are coworkers, and decided to have a couple round of drinks after work. One thing leads to the next, you end up on Cain’s couch, and Shane claims he’s too drunk to go home and needs to take a just a brief rest. Before you know if, Shane’s head’s in Cain lap, rubbing against a growing bulge that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

jizz addiction shane cane couch orgy jizz drinking

If I had a nickel for every time that’s happened to me, I’d have…well, you get the picture; it’s a pretty tried and true scenario. If you ask me, however, the boys of are a breath of fresh to this scene.

jizz addicted cum drinker ass fucking

Not only are they really hot, but holy crap- they fuck like a couple of rabbits on speed! Cain obviously can’t wait to get pounded, and when Cain squirts a condom full of cum into Shane’s mouth, it’s really quite literally, just icing on the cake (or rather, the cakeboy). Hmmm, and I thought you said you were tired Shane! shane cane drinking cum from condom

Boys Gone Bad – wild guys getting totally naughty!

Do you think it’s hot when a guy breaks the rules? Public nudity? Dick sucking in the middle of an open field? Wearing white after Labor Day?

boys gone wild outdoor gay porn

If any or all of these things gives you a big, fat stiffy, then you’ve got to check out Except, of course, that whole thing about wearing white after Labor Day. If that’s you’re thing, you’re probably better off visiting The Style Network, or tuning into The View, or some gay chick shit like that.

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Alright, still with me? Good! So, like I was saying, breaking the rules is always hot, and the tanned and wild studs from GoysGoneBad.cum are getting way totally naughty. Maybe even a little too naughty. Seriously, the shit these boys are doing could make those nipple-flashing, tequilla-downing girls from GirlsGoneWild blush!

boys gone wild public gay nudity

As you can see from their latest update, these guys will strip down to their birthday suits no matter where there are, or what the occasion. Dicks dangling everywhere, and bare butts exposed for all to see – that’s the way these boys roll. Better roll on over to the site to see some more, eh?

Cool Cock on


hey hey hey, all ya Doods & Doodettes, i’m up here in this tacky hotel room — bored and alone (some of y’all might remember i was maybe gonna havetah leaVe home — well last night i did, picked up my shit n booked) — got online & checked out

cameraboy candyman gets collared

cameraboy angel shadow goodboy gone bad

whaz coo bout is how it show U 2 can b a model. i been thinkin bout camwhorin’ since last nIght when i left home. gotta pay the rent, right? i think i got a good chance. my 4 faves: brandon (1A1 blue eyed cutie), candyman & angel shadow (candy likes his collar … & angel’s 1 a those goodboz gone bad) & bluelagoon (sweeeet!!!! i bet these two r so in luv!!!!! )

cameraboys bluelagoon boyz r so in luv!

hang! sides a whole buncha lovely tranny ladies (flowers on titties are big right now, as really bright colored panties on well waxed pussies) there’s a ton of big dicked studs, frat boys, hot latin cock, and horny twink types. they got something for everyone, for reals. But whazz 2coo is thos studs — or boyz or chicks wit dicks, whatever ur into — u don’t just havetah to look at ’em and go, “i wonder what their dick looks like hard? how do they stroke it?” (& my question, what the fucks under that ski cap?) wonder no more! he (or she) alls urs: free live gay video chat (gays, trannys), couples, muscle heads, twinks, sex video on demand., it’s kinda like a video game: pick your idea of hot chick / stud / twink, deposit the ducats, sign on, & they’re all urs! my fav features is how they list everything up top .. good cuz i’m kinda new to this (yeah, rigggghttt) — no, really, i am! im just looking cause i might have to start cam whoring, er, i mean, “performing” myself. gots to pay that hotel bill. anyway, ill worry ’bout tha shit tomorrow. Some a the kinky kids i like, u might want to check out: brandon (blue eyed cutie), candyman (spikey collar!) angel shadow (nice package) & bluelagoon (sweet ‘n spicey)

Barebacking Charlie’s Internal Cumshot

Meet Santiago and Charlie. Two young studs who became boyfriends about, oh let’s say, 5 minutes ago. They had instant attraction when they saw each other on the subway car. Santiago was on one side and Charlie on the other. A smile was exchanged, a quick glance to check the other one over and a dead stare at each others crotch. Charlie initiated the move by rubbing his bulge on the outside of his jeans. Santiago’s gaze grew as Charlie’s bulge began to grow. With only a few people on board, Santiago felt confident enough to whip out his cock and started to masturbate his long uncut cock for Charlie’s pleasure. They got off at the next stop, both tenting their jeans as they walked across the platform. Once up to Charlie’s apartment, they leaped out of their clothes faster than they could close the door.

internal cumshots

The woman across the hall in 2B caught a quick look as Charlie’s mouth devoured Santiago’s rock hard cock. Charlie was known for deep throating with ease. He moved along Santiago’s shaft like a well oiled machine. They moved over to the makeshift sitting area filled with bean bags. Charlie plopped down, spread his legs and arched his ass up into the air. The blond hairs surrounding his pulsating asshole sparkled with spit as Santiago’s tongue swirled around his crack. He inserted his uncut, uncovered cock into the pink hole. He pushed his dick in until his balls reached Charlie’s ass and held it in for one moment. With a little smile as he looked down onto Charlie, he pulled his cock out and then slammed it hard into Charlie’s ass. Fucking him with all of his might, Santiago kept repositioning Charlie for every maximum pleasure he could give. After an hour and a half, Santiago dumped his hot juicy load inside Charlie’s well pounded ass. As he was jacking off, he expelled his – now boyfriend’s – newly deposited milk from his hole. As he shot his load upon his chest he could feel Santiago’s cum run down his ass. They gave each other a deep passionate kiss and fell asleep on top of the sex soiled beanbags.

To see more of these boys, click here.

Cum Swapping Boyfriends Serve Cum for breakfast!

Andreas and Tao begin a lazy weekend morning by sleeping in. Their nude bodies are inntertwined with their 300 count Egyptian sheets. Andreas gets up to start breakfast as Tao dreams away. The aroma from the kitchen awakens his senses as the rippling sheets rub against his cock, making it stiffen with every move me makes. Hungry and horny, Tao climbs out of bed and heads to the kitchen with his raging hard on. Andreas smiles as he enters the room, looks at Tao’s boner and says “Good, you’re up!”. Andreas give him his morning juice and bends down to grab Toa’s dick in his mouth. Slupring away, Andreas give Tao’s cock it’s morning workouthis raw cock inside, bare backing his boyfriend between the microwave and the toaster oven.

hot bareback studs

After a half an hour, they walk back into the bedroom to continue their morning fuck fest. Andreas gets into position and Tao mounts him like a bucking bronco. He goes for hours, fucking Andreas deep and hard, on top of him, below him and to the side of him. His ass starts getting sore, with only spit as a lubricant, but loves every second Tao’s fat cock is inside of him. He moans louder as he feels Tao’s cock swell larger, stiffening with every thrust. It feels like a steel beam ramming him, he knows he is about to blow. Tao pulls his cock out and slides up to Andreas face where he eagerly awaits with an open mouth. He barely makes it as cum flies out of his shaft and all over Andreas’ face and with one big jerk, a huge wad gets dumped into his mouth. He swallows it with delight and laps up all the cum off of his own face. Tao sticks his dick down his throat, making sure every salty drop is not lost.

Andreas started his day off right with a hard bare back fuck and a face full of cum to see more, click here.

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