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Straight Twink Boy Jerks Uncut Cock, Busts a Nut on

Amateur British men in action, over on have been featuring models since 2005 who are always hot-to-the-touch. These are truly fresh faced blokes — most of ’em are white (as in, tan free) — so if you’re into that milky white skin look,‘s the site for you! With lots of couple action,’s serving up skinny boyz with big uncut cocks fucking other skinny boys plus the good, solo stuff that let’s you step into the picture and imagine yourself working out your nut with a cutie. And check this out: you’re not just busting a nut, you’re feeding an orphan! donates 5% to charity.

First up on the home page, there’s Bradley (a blond cutie you’d see out at a club). He totally caught my eye. But then I zeroed in on David. He’s the boy in’s newest solo feature. One look at the foreskin hanging over David’s cock and I popped a boner. I’m posting some pics from the video but you should really get online and check out David’s video: it’s nineteen minutes long and worth every solo jerking second.

straight twink uncut cock

Right off, I can totally tell David’s a straight dood: he stands there the way straight guys do. Totally confidant, he stands there with a “What the fuck are you looking at?” face, holding his uncut weiner. Don’tcha love how those lines cut down from his waist into his groin? You can just tell he enjoys a good wank (English for jerking off).

straight twink jerks off uncut cock

Woof! For me, there’s nothing — I mean nothing — like foreskin. I mean, I should move to Mexico or anywhere the boys still got their hoods. David’s really casual how he slides the foreskin up over his boy cock, so high you can only see the head peeking out (and his piss slit!) England, ahoy!

David bust nut shoots jizz

‘Kay, I’m in math class and I shouldn’t be looking at porn (anyway!) but this other dood’s looking at me weird so I reached down into my pants and adjusted my cock. Dang! David shoots his wad and … fuck me, if I don’t bust a nut, too. How am I gonna get from my desk to the bathroom without anyone knowing? I bet they can smell my cum scent. HELP!!!!!

Straight Nigel’s Gay Butt Toys at Boy

Nigel has been one popular guy ever since he made his debut with Donovan. He’s blonde, has great muscles and most importantly, he is straight and you know we love straight guys. He has recently discovered the pleasure of having his ass explored and is now interested in full on toy playing. Donovan arranged a meeting and told Nigel he had a couple surprises in store for him which turned out to be a couple of toys wrapped in the corner. After Nigel eagerly unwrapped the packages, he discovered the goods inside and agreed to give them a go. Donovan had a strand of anal beads and a butt plug in the mix which were the ones he chose. Nigel got himself lubed and gave his ass the hot workout it craved.

boy ride

He started by playing with his tight ass hole, rimming the edge and eventually inserting a finger. He pulled his finger in and out, caressing the warm insides of his eager hole. Nigel is not use to ass play so it took awhile for him to loosen up. He pulled out the vibrant blue anal beads, pressed them up to his ass and slowly popped in the first bead. Pop, pop, pop. This is an amazing sound Nigel’s ass was making as he pushed the larger beads in deep and faster. His tight hole hugged onto the anal beads as Nigel groaned at the pleasure he was receiving. He then grabbed the butt plug, since his hole was already stretched, he has no problems pushing it inside. He left it sit inside and clenched his ass cheeks tight around it. Nigel pushed it in and out, deeper and faster. Before you knew it, he was squirting his cum juice all over. One more straight guy converted … at least part of the way.

To see more of Nigel’s magic dildo ride, click here.

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