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Pierre Fitch and Cliff Beltane





A workout partner is a good thing to have when you’re trying to build muscle. He promotes the competitive drive that keeps you focused on the goal… And he can hold your bag when you’re laying in on a one-two punch. In this Video Boys clip, Pierre Fitch is kind enough to show Cliff Beltane a few boxing techniques but Cliff doesn’t look too interested in the sport. You’ll notice that they shift gears in the middle of their sparring to a sport that’s more gratifying to Cliff. You see, Cliff has been eyeing Pierre’s thick piece of Canadian cock. The way he sees it, he’d rather have his ass punched by Pierre’s shaft.

The gloves have come off but the pounding has just begun. Cliff feels more evenly matched in the sport of fucking and Pierre proves to be just as adept at thrusting his man tool into Cliff’s ass as he is at throwing punches at a bag. Boxing matches can last a few rounds but this fuck session need only go a few inches – nine inches, to be exact. Pierre lays into Cliff’s big stick before he lets him climb on his own love shaft.

[flv: 480 368]

Bel Ami’s Johan Paulik Directs!


Johan’s Journal Part 1: Sun Kissed has the famous Bel Ami model shooting the action from behind the lens. Johan knows exactly what the audience wants to see and gets tremendous close-ups of the boys’ holes and dicks – so close, in fact, that you feel like you could reach out and touch them. The movie features some of the hottest Bel Ami guys including Sebastian Bonnet, Danny Saradon, Ben Keaton, and Ethan Clarke to name a few.


In one scene Justin Boyd is busy doing a photo-shoot when Johan decides to start a little trouble. He walks up to Elias Kudrow and asks if he would like to do anyone. Elias responds that he wouldn’t be opposed to having a little fun with Justin and Johan proceeds to make it happen. The two guys have beautiful big dicks, and can barely keep their hands off each other. Elias’ mouth feels so good that Justin ends up coming right at the get go. Elias isn’t ready to finish and slides his cock inside Justin and plows him pretty hard before he has to pull out and rip the condom off just in time to shower his own abs with stream of jizz.


That’s just some of the few scenes that you’ll enjoy in this flick, but one of our favorites is when five of the Bel Ami guys are lounging around trying to figure out how to guess a guy’s cock size. They finally whip their cocks out and have a competition to see who can cum the fastest. Hint: The winners picture appears on this blog post.


Incidentally, Lukas Ridgeston is one of the guys working the camera and gets so horny during a scene between Chris Casablanca and Sebastian Bonnet his erect dick pops out of his boxers  – it’s as nice as ever!


Hot Gay Dudes Know How To Have Great Sex!

The dudes over at Bentley Race have no qualms about stripping down and rub-a-dub-dubbing until they have released a nice hot load over all themselves. As this site becomes more notorious, so do the dudes that make their way over there in order to show off their own pulsing manhood.


One guy we have a particular hard-on is a skater dude whose name escapes us because we were too distracted by other things in the picture. Not only is this stud uncut, but he’s got the kind of thick dick you would want to suck on all night long.


There’s something for everyone on this site including self-sucking, watersports, twinks, dudes, jocks, skaters, freaks, big cocks, and of course fucking. We love all the fucking scenes especially the ones that happen to take place outside. We’re not sure if these guys have an audience, but if we were walking by we would definitely stop to watch the show.


The best part when you’re about to fuck a guy is always the moment that you are rubbing your cock across his tight hole and he gets that hungry look that lets you know he wants you to shove it in immediately.


Of course, who are we to keep a guy’s wish from coming true right? He just better be able to take it as good as these bottoms do!


Joshua Ballman on Jake Cruise is a Huge Grower!

The latest stud over at is Joshua Ballman — a young and hung surfer/skater looking stud who could do us any day of the week. Before he stripped down, Joshua said a few words in his JO video. The cute dirty-blond stud seemed really confident without being obnoxious, and we realized why once he had dropped his pants.


Joshua is absolutely huge! Like, you’re going to need several other hands to help you whack off that monster. Huge! His cock veins were pulsing the entire time he played with himself. It’s not really any surprise, since it must take gallons of circulating blood to keep that sucker erect.


Sometimes you can look at a picture and just admire it while other times you actually imagine yourself in it. When we saw the picture below we pictured ourselves on our knees holding his tool firmly at the base and slowly trying to stuff as much of it as humanly possible down our throats. We can picture Joshua throwing his shaggy head back and slowly thrusting his hips back and forth — feeding us his ginormous member.


After that was done maybe he’d want to worship our cocks for a bit, or maybe he would want to continue where we left off. He sits on the couch and grabs it at the base giving it a couple of shakes, raises an eyebrow and waits to see what we will do next. What would you do?

huge-fat-gay-cock.jpg Offers Up Hot Studs For Your Pleasure

Gabor — no relation to the cop slapping Zsa Zsa — is a 25-year-old hottie who hails from Berlin Charlottenburg, and loves playing football and basketball. He had never done any type of modeling before, but was eager to see what all the fuss was about and allowed the dudes over at Berlin Casting to pop his porn star cherry.


Gabor is exactly the type of guy I would want to wake up next to every morning. His trim body, light hair on his chest and face stubble is the type of thing that drives me wild. Just by looking at him, it’s easy to see that he has a very laid back attitude. It also doesn’t hurt that he reminds me of Shia Lebeouf.


During his shoot, Gabor was completely unafraid of bending over and showing off his ass and even went as far as to spread his cheeks to the camera for those who desire a closer inspection. He also enjoyed stroking his meat — looking very sexy while doing it — but the real clencher was when he finally released his load. There are guys you watch and then there are those who you would actually want to hook up with after seeing them in action, and Gabor definitely falls into the latter category.


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