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Camping Twinks Have Brokeback Moment

There is nothing like two twinks fucking to really get the blood flowing especially when there is the possibility that they will be caught. The boys over at always try to find time to fit in their extracurricular activities. In this case these two twinks find themselves on a camping trip sharing a tent. Needless to say that the quarters are tight and it is almost impossible for the two not to brush up against each other.


At one point the two are talking, a lot closer than they normally would, when their eyes lock. They’re both wearing nothing but t-shirts and boxers briefs, so when they both become aroused they both notice their growing bulges. One thing leads to another and pretty soon they are kissing and rubbing each other through their underwear.


There is always that moment of hesitation on how far is too far, but these guys are horny more than anything else. Shorts get pulled down, cocks get played with, and a head slowly makes its way down south. Not hearing any protest, the twink deep-throats the stiff dick, and it gets wonderfully clear how this session will end.


There’s nothing like the sensation you have when you get fucked for the first time and you feel yourself about to shoot your load. It’s so powerful, that even if you don’t shoot very far you find yourself on par with those who could turn shooting long distance loads into an Olympic sport.


Check out one of rising star Zack Randall’s first guy-on-guy fuck sessions

XXX star Zack Randall is a total celebrity in our eyes. Ever since the shy, country stud and his gigantic uncut tool were named 2007 Freshman of the Year by Freshmen magazine, we’ve been nuts for this incredibly talented kid and his jaw-droppingly amazing body of work – one that keeps growing larger and larger with every new day in gaypornland.

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So when we saw the latest update from, we couldn’t help but scream louder than a preteen at a Hannah Montana concert! See, they’ve managed to dig up some of young Zack’s early work, and he looks younger and fresher than ever, as he bends over his young blond buddy and goes to town on his firm, supple ass. It’s like watching a star being born!

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Oh yeah. our hands were down our pants and our shorts were starting to tighten faster than the page itself could load. We dare you to keep yours from doing the same!

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Twink Boarding School Spanking Lesson

Boarding school is a time for young men to explore all of their sexual desires. Boys who would never even think about touching another guys dick, find themselves to be exceptional dick jackers and suckers and even occasionally bottom boy fuckers. When you are confined with nothing but other boys all around you, you make the best of the situation and bend over whatever walks past your way, stick in your cock and shoot your load all over the school uniform. Some of these guys are bunked up 6 to a room. The smell of stale, cum stained bed sheets overpower the worst dirty jocks and sneakers. Cum is plentiful in the boy’s balls and it needs to be released as often as possible. Fortunately for these guys, the opportunity to take out your cock is all around. The showers fill up with hot, sweaty boys after practice. Row after naked row of athletic students lather up their firm, muscular bodies. They massage every aching muscle, clean out their sweaty foreskin and thankfully spend a little too much time cleaning their asshole as they look for someone to fill up their hole. Dropping the soap is just as effective hear as it is in prison.

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Discipline is a big issue on campus. There seems to be a line to get into the Dean’s office almost daily. The boys are scolded and reprimanded for their actions, which usually involves having sex with another student. Standard punishment for this offense is a spanking. They are asked to undress and bend over the Dean’s knee. He rubs the tender butt to get it loosened up before he starts whacking the ass cheeks with his hand. Red hand marks start to imprint themselves all over the offenders swollen ass. Sometimes, when he feels the students cock start to stiffen against his leg, he will insert a finger into the asshole as he finishes the punishment. Of course, the student usually finishes by cumming down his pant leg.

On campus, sex is plentiful with fresh, new young cocks and tight virgin assholes and the bond between each boy last for a life time.

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