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Jackson Gets Fucked For the First Time at Corbin Fisher!

Jackson Gets Fucked For the First Time at Corbin Fisher!

Jackson Gets Fucked For the First Time at Corbin Fisher!

Jackson Gets Fucked For the First Time at Corbin Fisher!

Jackson Gets Fucked For the First Time at Corbin Fisher!

Super sexy Jackson was an instant hit when he debuted on Corbin Fisher this year. With his sexy stubble and laid-back masculinity, Jackson was impossible for fans to resist. In this clip, Jackson bottoms for the very first time – with beautiful blond Kent serving as his guide and top. As the scene starts, Jackson and Kent kiss while Kent rubs Jackson’s crotch through his jeans. After some mutual cock sucking, Kent rims Jackson’s furry ass and then explores it with a couple fingers before finally easing his hard cock into Jackson’s virgin hole. This is Jackson’s first time, but he’s definitely not shy. “How does that virgin ass feel?” he asks Kent, which clearly eggs him on. Kent pounds even harder, and soon Jackson’s legs are in the air as he takes every last inch of Kent’s dick. Both guys moan as they fuck and they get so in sync with each other that they end up cumming at the same time. As Jackson’s cock spews multiple streams of jizz onto his abs, Kent explodes inside Jackson’s tight, virgin ass. Then the cameras continue filming as they clean up and chat about Jackson’s first bottoming experience. If we’re lucky, it won’t be his last!

Jarrod Price Fuck Rob Ryder at College Dudes

Jarrod Price Fuck Rob Ryder at College Dudes

Jarrod Price Fuck Rob Ryder at College Dudes

Jarrod Price Fuck Rob Ryder at College Dudes

Jarrod Price Fuck Rob Ryder at College Dudes

Fans of College Dudes will already know what a great power fucker that Jarrod can be. But we don’t think we’ve ever seen him looking as good as he does in this hot new update from College Dudes featuring Jarrod Price with Rob Ryder. Rob was horny before the shoot even began, just from thinking about it. Once they are let loose on one another, it’s a storm of passionate kissing and cock worship until Jarrod slides his hard dick into Rob’s excited ass, riding him hard until he forces Rob to cum uncontrollably. Then Jarrod licks up his load and shoots his own wad.

Jarrod Price Fuck Rob Ryder at College Dudes

Andrew and Justin Fuck





Ready or not here comes action! Andrew Blue is about as horny as any young guy his age. As he lounges by the pool, his eyes turn to a hot lifeguard and he feels a stirring in his crotch for some cock. Luckily, he meets up with Justin Jameson – a hot young stud that is totally into Andrew. You have to admit that these two have awesome tight bodies with perfectly shaped abs for fucking. As they lustfully go down on each other’s rock hard cocks, Andrew’s attention turns to Justin’s smooth ass. He goes down on it, rimming every single inch of butt.

Justin enjoys all the attention his ass is getting, but Andrew isn’t going to be satisfied with a mere rim job. His tongue may be slicking Justin’s pucker, but it’s only a means to and end because in a few seconds, his dick is going to be fucking the living daylights out of Justin. We can’t be sure if Andrew is still hot fort that hot lifeguard he saw earlier, but if he is, he’s taking that frustration out on Justin’s tight hole with every hard thrust of his pelvis and Justin takes the pounding like a man should.

[flv: 480 368]

Christian Goes “Wilde” for Andrew






Having two models as hot as Andrew Blue and Christian Wilde for best buds is a fantasy come true.  Especially when the clothes fly off and the action begins.  At first, when Christian shows up with a raging hard on bulging from his pants they pretend they don’t see it.  But horny boys will be horny boys and before they know it, Andrew is swallowing Christian’s stiff shaft and showing him how well he’s mastered the act of sucking dick.  You can tell that Andrew goes “Wilde” for the fast acting tongue action and before long, he’s taking Christian’s engorged tool in his backdoor and loving every minute of it.

These two slender-built hotties don’t let up.  They lust for each other and the pleasure they share only makes them work their bodies harder and faster.  Both of their luscious dicks get a good work out in this video.  Andrew is so hot for Christian, he’s even spitting on his dick with each stroke of his mouth.  In the end, Christian ends up giving Andrew exactly what he wants and that’s a hard prick to penetrate his ass.  Nothing will stop him from getting it from his best buddy.

[flv: 480 368]

When Corbin Fisher Met Bel Ami






It’s here at last! The first crossover clip of the Bel Ami and Corbin Fisher boys! First up are Luke Hamill and Josh. From what we hear these guys got along really well, and were joking around like they had been long-time buddies. We also heard that when it came time to shoot the scene both were incredibly nervous. We’re not really sure what these two had to worry about because the scene they do together is positively explosive.

Luke fucks Josh in some of the most unique positions we have ever seen. We can’t be certain but we suspect that Josh is dickmatized. We’re not sure if flying over to the Czech Republic for sex is considered a booty call or a vacation, but we’ll be sure to ask Josh because you know he’s going to want seconds, thirds and fourths.

At one point the two look like they are trying to out-suck each other by the way they go down on one another. Josh swallows Luke’s cock so far down his throat that it actually brings tears to his eyes. Boy’s got some skills!

If this is just the first part of what is to be an ongoing relationship we can’t wait to see the rest!

[flv: 480 368]

Boys and Their Toys (Dildos, That Is)





Someone once said that dildos are forever, or is that diamonds? We can never remember. Speaking of dildos the popular sex toys made a recent appearance over at Corbin Fisher’s site. Jeff and Dawson were the lucky participants to be on the receiving end of Mr. Pinky and Mr. Blue’s constant hardness.

Jeff, who has a virgin hole after all the time he has spent doing videos for the site, and Dawson go back and forth with some witty banter before the two finally decide what will end up where. Of course, they both use them in the end. Jeff even admits that all the vibration is actually feeling quite good. Could it be that this blond stud might be having a change of heart? We think so. It always starts the same. First there’s a little action around the hole, next a tongue accidentally slips inside, and finally someone just asks to stick the tip of the head inside. After that it’s greasy bottoms up, buying Cosco quantities of lube, and an insatiable appetite to be filled that only gets subdued after you have to go to the emergency room for getting a furry little creature stuck up there… Or so we’ve, umm, heard.

Ryan Kwanten Gets Naked on True Blood


Ryan Kwanten plays Jason Stackhouse in the HBO series True Blood, and if you haven’t seen him in action you are totally missing out! This hottie originally hails from Sydney, Australia where he sharpened his acting skills before he moved out to Los Angeles and joined the big boys.

What’s great about Ryan’s character in the show is that he plays an oversexed Southern boy, which means that many of his scenes require him to be naked and fucking a girl. He’s been on top, the bottom, choking girls and in every other compromising position you can imagine. He’s also worn a mask and danced around in his underwear in the show and from what we can tell acting isn’t his only huge talent. We imagine that he’s uncut like his fellow countryman Hugh Jackman. Both guys appear in various states of undress over at Male Celebrities, which is the only place to go if you need to see some celebrity dick, a sex tape, or anything else that your heart desires!

Brent Corrigan Gets Pounded




Anyone who enjoyed the Borne action films will definitely enjoy the porn take-off of the popular series. In the Porne Identity Brent Corrigan returns as the young sexy doctor, and Kaden Saylor reprises his role as Chason Porne. The movie furthers Chason’s quest to find his true identity with the help of Corrigan, but the two have to go through the type of sexual trials that would have regular folk clambering to help out any way they could.

All the boys that appear in this film are absolutely scrumptious. The first scene finds DJ and Devon Moss embroiled in some hot man-on-man action that leads DJ to fuck Devon’s fuzzy hole. The fucking quickly turns into a triple-stuffed sandwich as Spencer joins in and plugs DJ ‘s rear – creating the kind of train on which any hot-blooded gay man would love to hitch a ride.

Let’s face it, it’s all about Brent C. and the third scene truly delivers. Poor Brent is being held hostage by Thomas – if only all captors looked like him there would be a lot more missing people in the world! In an attempt to prove that he is willing to do anything in order to be let go Brent begins to suck on one of Thomas’ fingers. It’s a no brainer that the two end up butt–naked with Thomas’ dick going straight into Brent’s tight little hole.

The final scene features the star of the movie in an all out three-way fuck-fest with Cash and Chaz. Poor Chason has been captured and drugged by the two bad guys, but he comes to when they decide to include him in their sexual shenanigans. Fortunately, not only does Chason do what he is told, but he seems to enjoy doing it!

Bel Ami’s Out At Last 6




Bel Ami’s Out at Last 6 Web Site Stories is the latest in the popular series that compiles its web site scenes onto one DVD. The great thing about this compilation is that most of the scenes were only offered to online members, so if you’ve missed out on all the hot shenanigans, now you can catch up.

In one scene we find Ethan Clarke and Alex Orioli being interview in bed. Ethan throws off the covers and shows that the two are already rock hard underneath. A few tender kisses later, and Ethan has his rosy colored lips wrapped around Alex’s manhood. The two end up 69ing before Ethan crawls behind Alex, and slides himself inside. Where Alex really looks comfortable is on top, and by that we mean riding Ethan like a cowboy. The two fuck until they both jack off side-by-side until they let out loud satisfied moans.

Renato Amoroso gets paired up with Tim Hamilton who begins by licking Renato’s nipples and pulling out his dick. Once Renato is hard, we can really begin to appreciate just what a beautiful thick cock he has. After Renato gets blown by Tim he bends down and does a little sucking of his own. Tim even helps him out by holding on to the back of his head and guiding it up and down his throbbing tool before plowing Renato with his own formidable cock.

With over two-and-a-half hours of non-stop action and some of the hottest boys Bel Ami has to offer including Neil Ferris, Rick Fontana, Danny Saradon, and many more, you’re bound to revisit this flick over and over again.

Helix Studio’s Breaking the Rules






Hot, young twinks are what this movie is all about. The ever-effervescent Tommy Anders shows up in two different scenes in which he unleashes his huge throbbing tool on two guys who have no idea what they have gotten themselves into. For a young guy, Tommy has really learned how to use all his inches to great effect. He slams the poor boys’ asses until they can’t take it anymore, and then he slips out of them and uses their bodies as his own personal cum rag leaving a big load on both of them.

Tommy isn’t the only one who is doing some damage with his cock. Michael Lee appears in the film as well and really takes control as he plunges his fat cock into a guy’s waiting mouth. What’s exciting about Michael is that even though he might be young he’s a pro when it comes to fucking. There’s no way you can keep from sporting wood when you see him plunging into a boy’s ass relentlessly. His body is all sinewy toned muscles that flex and release with every thrust until he drops a big load.

At an appealing 102 minutes in length Breaking the Rules will put smiles on the faces of twink lovers everywhere.

[flv: 480 368]

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