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Blake Mason’s Jesse Fucks Robbie






Jesse has to have about the biggest cock we have ever seen on a twink. And on top of that Jesse is also uncut! Could it get any better? Having never fucked a guy before, Jesse decided that tattooed stud Robbie would be his first. The two met through working on Blake Mason’s site – apparently they ended up getting close during some sort of dildo molding experience.

It’s crazy to think that these guys are fairly inexperienced when you see them put their mouths on each other’s dicks. Robbie starts first and unleashes the trouser monster that lives in Jesse’s pants. He looks right at home sucking a huge cock, and pretty soon the favor is returned.

Considering how big Jesse’s cock is, we’re impressed that Robbie can hang (ahem) with him. The two do a little sword-fighting and are almost evenly matched though Jesse does win that particular battle.

What Robbie really wants is to feel Jesse’s dick sliding in and out of his tight hole. Jesse, ever the gentleman, knows his 9” inch weapon can do damage, and doesn’t want to hurt Robbie. The bottom is very encouraging until the two seem to relax and hit a good rhythm. The once nervous top ends up taking control and pounding the bejesus out of Robbie who can’t take it anymore and ends up shooting rope after rope of hot jizz!

[flv: 480 368]’s Naughty Threesome

When three guys who are into each other decide to hop into bed together you can bet there’s going to be major sparks flying. Nathan B., RJ, and Matt B. are no strangers to, but they had never hooked up together. Blake had been talking to Nathan about getting double stuffed, but they were waiting for the perfect opportunity. Lucky for us, the wait wasn’t long.
The three kissed briefly yet passionately before clothes started being shed like it was prom night. The three quickly got into position as the delicious cock sucking ensued. As is always the case in these instances, the best position usually involves being the meat in a hunky sandwich, but with a daisy chain everyone gets to have it all!!
The three hard-bodied studs are really there for just one reason, and RJ takes the lead as he teases Nathan’s ass crack with his unsheathed dick before eventually rolling on a condom and shoving his cock as deep as it will go into Nathan’s tight ass.
The hot thing about this three-way is that no one gets left behind. As Nathan gets his ass pillaged and plowed, RJ gives Matt’s wanker some much needed attention which will come in handy later when the three get into a daisy fuck chain and finally double penetrate a moaning, groaning Nathan.
One thing we couldn’t help notice was just how deeply these guys fuck Nathan. Seriously, there isn’t one millimeter of space between Matt’s abs and Nathan’s ass, and that is what makes this scene so fucking hot!

Shay slips off his underwear, inhibitions at

Isn’t it hot when a guy gets so caught up while jacking his cock that he completely forgets where he is and who he’s doing it in front of? That was the case over at, with their newest boy Shay, who we’re told showed up on the set totally nervous for his very first shoot.

shay fingers boyhole

True, nerves are nothing new on gay porn sets, but Shay just couldn’t seem to shake his – until he slipped off his camouflage undies to show off his perfectly pert posterior and an amazing 7” untrimmed, uncut cock to match. I guess when you look that good naked, there’s really nothing to be worried about!

shay fingers boyhole

But it wasn’t until this young, blond stud started slowly fingering his hole that he was really transported into a whole new level of ecstasy; Shay got so into tugging at his cock that he lost all his inhibitions and started playing with himself just as he would if he had been home all alone, pleasuring himself however he pleased. Don’t worry Shay, we’ll try to not to interrupt you as we watch….

shay fingers boyhole

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