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Blake Riley’s Wild Times

What happens when a hot father takes his son and all his jock friends camping? You would assume that they would razz each other and talk about girls, but not these dudes. All of these guys have a major hard-on for the father (played by Ken Mack) and they make sure he knows it too.
One of the horny dudes enjoying some fresh mountain air is Blake Riley. Those who aren’t familiar with Blake are really missing out. This dark-featured stud has a nice fat dick that likes to poke straight up when he sports wood. Both a top and a bottom, Blake looks good doing pretty much anything.
In one of the scenes, Blake hooks up with his buddy Cameron Marshall. Cameron resembles Brad Pitt in many ways, which is what makes the scene where Blake fucks the daylights out of him so fucking hot. The two really get off kissing, sucking and fucking each other, and Cameron struggles to keep his mouth off of Blake’s mouth and body.
One of Blake’s assets is his plump, tight ass. He obviously hits the gym to have a body like the one he has, but we can’t imagine what it must feel like to slide our cocks into such a muscled bottom. It must be tight from being worked out so much, so we imagine just a couple of pumps would make us want to shoot our load all over his beautiful face.

Blake Riley: Bigger, beefier, and more horned up than ever!


For anybody who goes to the gym on a regular (or even irregular) basis, there’s no compliment greater than “Wow, have you been working out?”
Well, that’s exactly what we’ve got to say about exclusive Blake Riley, because hot damn this kid looks great. Sure, we’d still put him in that twink catageory, but judging from the way it’s going, he won’t be a little boy for long.
Check out those rock-hard triceps, not to mention some stomach muscles you could wash your laundry on. Combined with his lightly hairy chest, andfull, thick juicy lips, it’s no wonder his partner in this latest scene is all over him, eagerly stuffing his mouth full of Blake cock like it was going out of style! Oh Blake, you’ll never go out of style in our eyes!

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