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Peters Twins Fourway With Vadim Farrell and Florian Nemec at Bel Ami Online

Peters Twins Fourway With Vadim Farrell and Florian Nemec at Bel Ami Online

Peters Twins Fourway With Vadim Farrell and Florian Nemec at Bel Ami Online

Peters Twins Fourway With Vadim Farrell and Florian Nemec at Bel Ami Online

Peters Twins Fourway With Vadim Farrell and Florian Nemec at Bel Ami Online

We’re huge fans of the Peters Twins, so we try to catch every clip they do – and this new one is a doozy. It’s a hot fourway featuring the Peters Twins with playmates Vadim Farrell and Florian Nemec. Now that they’re working as a team to get guys, Milo and Elijah Peters seem to have a voracious appetite for new conquests. Luckily, Vadim and Florian were just what they needed for a good time. This scene was filmed in South Africa, and even includes some action between brothers Milo and Elijah! Some call it taboo, but we call it hot!

Peters Twins Fourway With Vadim Farrell and Florian Nemec at Bel Ami Online

Phillipe Gaudin and Alex Orioli Fuck Raw at Bel Ami Online [BAREBACK]

Phillipe Gaudin and Alex Orioli Fuck Raw at Bel Ami Online

Phillipe Gaudin and Alex Orioli Fuck Raw at Bel Ami Online

Phillipe Gaudin and Alex Orioli Fuck Raw at Bel Ami Online

Phillipe Gaudin and Alex Orioli Fuck Raw at Bel Ami Online

If you’re a fan of Bel Ami’s cute young star Alex Orioli, you’re in for a treat. In this hot and nasty update, Alex Oriloi fucks newbie Phillipe Gaudin bareback! Phillipe is still learning the ropes, and today Alex shows him how Bel Ami boys like to play around condom-free! You can tell that this is a special treat for both of them, and it’s definitely exciting for fans as well! The boys start out in the shower and then move into another room. The sex between them is passionate and it’s clear to see that Alex and Phillipe are sincerely into one another. We can’t wait to see more scenes of these two together!

Phillipe Gaudin and Alex Orioli Fuck Raw at Bel Ami Online

Lukas In Love Orgy Scene from Bel Ami

Lukas in Love Orgy Scene

Lukas in Love Orgy Scene

Lukas in Love Orgy Scene

Lukas in Love Orgy Scene

For some people, the month of October means Halloween, but at Bel Ami it means orgies! For this breathtaking Bel Ami orgy clip, they brought together a huge group of their top guys and then set them loose. The results are destined to become legendary. There are so many beautiful guys and big dicks in this clip that you’ll want to watch it again and again to focus on different details. Never resting on their laurels, Bel Ami continues to bring us a unique vision of euro-twink sex that just keeps getting bolder. Forget candy and jack-o-lanterns – we’d rather celebrate Bel Ami this October!

Lukas in Love Orgy Scene

Kris Evans & Dolph Lambert





Kris Evans and Dolph Lambert are each super porn stars in their own right. They’ve both been busily fucking their way through the hot roster of Bel Ami models, but they had never been paired up with one another. Fans have been begging to see these two stars in a scene together, so Bel Ami decided to make it happen with this new, two-part update! They are both toned, handsome, and full of stamina – so it was a perfect match that was guaranteed to result in an amazingly hot encounter.

Kris and Dolph are both known for being lustful, sensual, and full of passion. They start out kissing, which really makes their stiff dicks hungry for some action. Instead of rushing things, they enjoy some rimming and cock sucking before moving on to the main event:  fucking. When they finally get ready to go in that direction, they forgo top/bottom roles in favor of flip-flop fucking. That means you get to see it all in this very special scene from Bel Ami!

[flv: 510 365]

Jack Harrer’s Solo





We love new models at Bel Ami and this one is definitely one that’s going to be around for a while. Jack Harrer is an up-and-coming star at the studio. He is a charming twink with a huge dick. That’s not all he can do, either. He loves to shove dildos and butt plugs up his hole and he can cum multiple times on command – talk about camera-ready! In this episode also includes dildo play. Young Jack is quite a talent, so sit back and watch him play with himself in this solo video because this will probably be the only time he’ll be doing anything by himself.

He’s so natural in front of the camera and he looks hot. He’s got a lean, thin body and a huge pecker that stick out in front of him. His perpetual hard-on is given all the attention it deserves… But Jack loves playing with his ass and it’s just a matter of time before his attention focuses on his cute ass. The butt plug looks too big to handle his hole, but it slides right in! We have a feeling this isn’t the first time he’s played in his backyard!

[flv: 510 365]

Bel Ami: Kyle Hayward





All you have to do is get a good look at Kyle’s face to know that he’s a tease. His amiable smile conceals a devilish side to his personality and that’s the kind of guy we like to see at Bel Ami. Kyle Hayward is a hot Hungarian that gives new meaning to the term “cruise control.” He’s cool, collected and very naughty. But he’s no girly-boy (despite the pink underwear with cartoons plastered across his ass.) He’s all man and in this photo shoot he shows us his many assets – from his firm, tight ass to his sexy tattoos. Kyle definitely isn’t shy about grabbing hold of his stiff cock and giving it a good yank.

Once he’s stripped off his tattered jeans and pulled down his sexy underwear, we get a good look at the real Kyle: defined, lean and sporting a thick woody! With only a sports car and the outdoors as a backdrop, Kyle begins to jerk his cock – much to the delight of the photographer (who takes his sweet time running the camera up and down Kyle’s sexy body, pausing to admire his hardening cock. We can’t wait to see him take one of the Bel Ami models for a ride!

[flv: 510 365]

Bobby Clark and Colin Hewitt





The porn star mash up continues with the hot collaboration between European Bel Ami and the American Cocky Boys. This time around, they’ve teamed up Euro boy Bobby Clark with Euro hottie Colin Hewitt. While the pairing up of international super stars was turning into an orgy of naked bodies intertwined into a mass of stud muscle and tight skin, the cameras were able to find time to capture Bobby and Colin together as they got to know each other intimately. The pictures prove that they were able to enjoy one another’s hot bodies and even got to fuck right there on the kitchen table – a hot scene indeed!

It doesn’t take long for Bobby to lose control when he sees Colin’s naked body. He fucks the hell out of Colin even before they make it upstairs. They make out passionately – you can see the natural attraction they have for each other. Bobby goes down on Colin’s uncut dick, savoring the international flavors he’s got to offer before finding a place to lay down and start the fucking. Bobby licks Colin’s ass getting it ready for his anal penetration. This scene is so hot we can’t wait to see what else Bel Ami and Cocky Boys have up their sleeves.

[flv: 510 365]

Kris Evans of Bel Ami





Bel Ami’s handsome model Kris Evans is easy on the eyes. He’s tall, good looking and today, he’s showing off the impressive uncut tool that hangs between his legs. But it doesn’t hang there for too long. In a few moments, that tasty cock is pointing straight out ready to poke… An eye out! If his deep dark eyes and luscious full lips aren’t enough to make you want to fall in love with this stud, then his outgoing personality will suffice. Incredibly, this guy is as comfortable jerking off in front of the camera as he is doing it in private.

It’s not the first time he’s been photographed for Bel Ami, but this time, he’s even more willing and ready to show off his stuff. He’s a lot more comfortable taking off his clothes, and with a trimmer haircut, he’s quickly becoming one of the site’s most popular models. His perfectly shaped Euro-dick is a beauty to behold. It’s perfectly perpendicular to his chiseled body and it begs to have a nice pair of
lips wrapped around it. We can’t wait to see what else he’s going to do at Bel Ami!

[flv: 510 365]

Bel Ami’s Dan Arlett





Dan Arlett is one of the new guys at Bel Ami and to say that he is gorgeous barely begins to tap into the masculine sexuality that makes Dan a perfect addition to the stable of Bel Ami models. His baby-face beauty contradicts the pure manly allure that draws viewers in when they first lay eyes on his perfectly sculpted body. His laidback attitude makes him approachable and his congenial smile keeps you wanting more of this guy.

Luckily, he’s here to give you that extra “more” – his uncut dick is a beauty to behold, even in its flaccid state. But when he starts to run his hands all over his smooth body, his cock stiffens to full attention and you get a great view of that beautiful cock with the foreskin pulled back and arched out as if inviting you to taste it. The camera lingers on his body as his hands continue to explore his supple skin. He starts to pull on his dick, his extra skin gliding back and forth along his shaft making it glisten with precum as he prepares to unload his juicy man-seed all over himself.

[flv: 480 368]

Kris Evans and Eric





Breaking into the porn business can be a daunting experience. But at Bel Ami, they make sure your first time is as enjoyable as… Well, blowing a load. For that reason, they have created the “Breaking In” series. It is a series that guides their new models into the hardcore scenes they’ll be filming in the near future and the clips are just as hot as the rest of their videos. In this clip, Kris Evans is back for another round. His first video was a jerk off scene followed closely by his first blowjob. This third time is, indeed, a charm.

It’s his first time he fucks another guy on film. His sexy partner in this scene is Eric Bouna. The two instantly hit it off – they know each other well. But now, they’re really getting to know each other better. Kris works on Eric’s tight body as he prepares to fuck him for the first time. Eric is all too willing to allow that cock head into his butt ring. Kris pumps his cock like a pro and Eric gets excited as he feels the shaft massage his anal walls. When he cums, the ropes of creamy jizz fly high and land on his abs.

[flv: 480 368]

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