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Sex on the Beach




Romance on the beach is the theme of the day at Raw Films. The two studs featured in this clip are eager to get started even if they risk being seen by prying eyes – not that they have any right to privacy. With Outdoor sex, you run the risk of being caught, but these two are oblivious to their surroundings. For us, though, it’s a great backdrop to the intense sexual pleasure that they give each other on the rocky shores of this European beach. Au naturel is the running theme and that includes the bareback session that these two enjoy!

They start off with some heavy kissing on top of the rocks with the waves crashing in behind them. Then they move down to a hot, oral session in which one of these guys swallows the other’s massive shaft. With only the rocks partially concealing them from the rest of the world, they can cry out in pleasure at the sensations of getting an expert blow job. Finally, the hardcore fucking begins. It’s almost like an intense showdown between the two as the top pounds him hard and the bottom boy pushes back to get that cock inside of him as deep as he can get it.

[flv: 510 365]

Hairy bushes, beefy bods, and frat boys – What more can you ask for?

Can we take a brief moment to thank for their latest onslaught of guys with wonderfully wooly bushes of hair below their belts? Sure, there’s nothing worse that ending up with mouthful of tiny curly hairs after you’ve been sucking you’re boyfriend dick all morning, but for some reason we’d gladly shove our face in his hairy crotch anytime. I think it has something to do with that long, pointy cock their boy Dan’s got hiding in the thick coat of hair; well, not so much hiding, as proudly pointing it toward the sky.

frat men dan boy muscle

 More than that, the guy’s got a hot, youthful exuberance to him, and delights in showing off his muscular frame. With killer triceps like that, can you blame him? I mean, those are some pretty massive guns he’s got – just watching him flex makes us want to run out to the gym and find a some all-American boy with a addiction to barbells to fuck around with. Now who’s up for some squat thrusts?

frat men dan boy muscle pretty cock

Diamond-studded neon underwear – Don’t leave home (or the clubs) without it!

It’s summer, and I think we fellas know all too well what that means – Underwear parties. Yes, if you’re anything like us boys here at GooGabber, you have a list of Underwear parties a mile long that you absolutely must attend in the coming months.

disco sex underwear swarovski diamond gay underwear party briefs

To be perfectly honest, there probably won’t be a single weekend before mid-October that we’ll be able to go to a nightclub, event, or party without first being demanded by some flamey coat check boy that we remove all our clothes (shoes too!) before taking one step further. I know, it sounds terrible, doesn’t it? Tis’ the cross we must bear…

That’s why, when it comes to cute AND wearable underwear, we’re like total pros. So what’s our pick for the summer’s cutest and coolest underwear? Baby, 2008 is all about Disco Sex Underwear. Not only does their name combine out two favorite pastimes (Disco! Sex!), each pair is studded with Swarovski crystals. Yes, you read that right – it’s diamond emblazoned neon underwear! Wow, I think we got hard just thinking about it. And for only about $25 a pop, you can totally afford to grab a few pairs – just to mix it up, right? I mean, there’s only one thing worse than wearing the same pair of undies twice to an Underwear Party – and that’s not wearing any diamonds at all. Do that more than once, and your summer itinerary will be clear in no time! More diamonds!

Boys Gone Bad – wild guys getting totally naughty!

Do you think it’s hot when a guy breaks the rules? Public nudity? Dick sucking in the middle of an open field? Wearing white after Labor Day?

boys gone wild outdoor gay porn

If any or all of these things gives you a big, fat stiffy, then you’ve got to check out Except, of course, that whole thing about wearing white after Labor Day. If that’s you’re thing, you’re probably better off visiting The Style Network, or tuning into The View, or some gay chick shit like that.

boys gone wild public gay sex orgies

Alright, still with me? Good! So, like I was saying, breaking the rules is always hot, and the tanned and wild studs from GoysGoneBad.cum are getting way totally naughty. Maybe even a little too naughty. Seriously, the shit these boys are doing could make those nipple-flashing, tequilla-downing girls from GirlsGoneWild blush!

boys gone wild public gay nudity

As you can see from their latest update, these guys will strip down to their birthday suits no matter where there are, or what the occasion. Dicks dangling everywhere, and bare butts exposed for all to see – that’s the way these boys roll. Better roll on over to the site to see some more, eh?

Teen Surf Slut Bares Hot Ass!

If you like Aussie twinks and athletes, has been packing their site with them since 1999. You’ll find over 300 original models, 90,000 original images, 1000 video clips and new models, 24/7. “Free” can be good but it’s like they say: you get what you pay for. What I like about is all the original content you won’t find anywhere else. From rodeos in the outback, to the beaches, to sporting venues, you’re bound to find the right cock for you.

I hit up for some new pics & they sent me their surf stud. You can see from his near naked tan body and board shorts, he’s the “Real Thing”.

naked surf stud nipple ring

Check out his nipple ring. I bet this surf stud would be into some stud on stud action.

surf stud gets naked

Then the sexy surf stud reaches down and opens his board shorts…

slut surf stud bares ass crack

Sexy surfer stud stands up, teasing you with his white butt and a little bit of his ass crack.

Australian Uncut Boys Down Under

I ran across an old favorite,, the other day and it made me long for the boys down under. I may not be able to travel down to Australia as much as I would like, but it is nice to know that I just need to cruise on over to to get my fill when I am unable to be there in person. This site is filled with hot, young Aussie boys. The models are very athletic, most of them are surfers, but all the models have amazingly fantastic bodies. My favorite part about this site is that the majority of the models are actually straight. They go down to the beaches, find a couple of hot guys surfing and offer them a few bucks to video tape them jacking off.

All Australian Boys

Since most of these surfers don’t have jobs, they take them up on their offer and we get to see young, tanned guys jacking off their uncut cocks and shooting thick loads of creamy cum which gets mashed into their forest of curly, untrimmed pubic hair. Being as athletic as these guys are, every muscle in the bodies plump up and pop out as they stretch and strain themselves to pump out their sperm loads. Most of the models are shot right their at the beach. The have sand up the ass crack and will bend over to prove it, then they walk down to the surf to wash the cum off their bodies. Their dicks flop back and forth from the waves as their cum washes into the ocean. I guess that is why the water is so salty.

To see these hot Australian studs, click here.

Gay Beach Surfer Josh’s First Photoshoot

I met Josh on a gay beach in Hawaii. He was walking around with a cold drink in his hand and just about to start a photo shoot for as one of their up and coming models. As we sat there talking, all I could do is gaze into his beautiful blue eyes. I do not remember much of the conversation. I know that he is 19, loves to surf and enjoys get his ass eaten out. He said that he never thought much about modeling, but when he was approached to do this shoot that he had to jump at the chance.

Josh asked me to stay and watch the shoot. I was not about to miss this, so I took a seat behind the photographer, waiting with anticipation. For about the first 10 minutes, it was all about the fully clothed posing. Then the good stuff. Bit by bit he started discarding his clothes. I loved seeing him taking his clothes off. He would look over to me a give me a smile. I had to cover my crotch from the bulge I was starting to get. He noticed, however, and that had made him smile even larger. Josh looked over at me and asked me if I wanted to see his nuts. I was a little stunned when he held up a couple of coconuts. What a comedian.

true twinks

Once he got down to his skimpy little purple underwear it was all over, my dick was raging hard and there was no point in hiding it any longer. The photographer stopped to reposition the lighting and told him to take a break. Josh came over to me, sat down on my lap and started to rub my cock. Before I knew it, I was sucking on his nipple and tugging on his ball sack. The photographer appreciated the fluffing I did and they continued the photo shoot. Josh’s body is amazing and I understand why he was picked to be a true twink. At the end of the shoot, Josh’s dick was straining and before long he had shot a huge white load of cum all over his chest. I just sat there, watching his chest pump up and down as he tried to catch his breath and glaring at his boy juice glistening in the sunlight. It was amazing.

Later that night, we got together and re-enacted the whole thing over. You would be surprised to see what Josh can do with a coconut.

To see more of Josh’s photo shoot click here.

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