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What What In the Butt at Haze Him

What What In the Butt at Haze Him

What What In the Butt at Haze Him

What What In the Butt at Haze Him

What What In the Butt at Haze Him

If you’re one of the few people who hasn’t heard the song What What In the Butt by Samwell, now is your chance. The senior frat bros in this new college hazing clip from Haze Him actually dance to it as they torment the new frat pledges during their bizarre, homoerotic initiation rituals. One of the most memorable moments in this clip occurs when a senior frat brother puts on a viking hat and forces two naked pledges to simultaneously sit their asses down on the hat’s two enormous horns! From there on out, things just get worse as the pledges are forced to suck each other’s dicks, fuck an inflatable man-doll, and have their dicks tied together. This is definitely one of the weirdest frat hazing videos we’ve seen so far!

Boynapped: Benji Looms & Luke Hammond





A little submission can go a long way to learning the ins and outs of bondage and discipline. In this clip from Boynapped, Sebastian is the one in control. He’s got two boys to play with and he’s going to use them to full advantage. Buff bulldog Luke Hammond gets introduced to cute puppy Benji Looms in a training session that leads to some hot fucking and some cum soaked cock sucking. Sebastian has them both chained up as he leads them into submission. While Luke is the well-trained canine, Benji is new to the game and needs some strict supervision!

To get him in line with Luke, Sebastian forces him to train Benji like the good dog he’s capable of becoming. Already we can see that Benji enjoys his lessons. He eagerly opens up his mouth to let in Sebastian’s big dick and he offers his ass to Luke for a hardcore fucking… Doggy style! Between the cock feeding and the anal invasion, Benji will be a well-trained canine pup in no time. In the meantime, a little cock at both ends is just the kind of bone this dog needs to satisfy his master.

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