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Ricco Fucks Adam





Ricco and Adam are pretty much your typical Latin horny boys. Everywhere they go, they have dick on their minds and in this clip, the hormones kick in at a cruisy public shower. Nothing stops the two from getting it on while they soap up and wash the stress of the day away. Ricco starts it off by making sure Adam’s fat, uncut meat is completely clean. He pulls back the foreskin and his tongue goes to work, covering every inch of extra skin that covers Adam’s fuck tool. Temperatures skyrocket watching these Latin studs make out for a while before they continue their oral foreplay.

Adam then moves over to the bench and lies down so that Ricco can have access to his ass. Ricco immediately starts working his hole with his tongue giving Adam a delicious tongue bath. Then, Ricco takes his own throbbing cock and starts to fuck Adam with a slow deliberate rhythm that quickly gains speed as their bodies create sexual friction. They fuck in every position and, at one point, Ricco manages to blow Adam while he’s fucking him. If that’s not enough to make you shoot a big wad, we don’t know what is.

[flv: 480 368]

Andy & Karl





Toys are a great way to subtly suggest to your buddy that you want to fuck him – especially if both are either tops or bottoms. The art of seduction works well when you’re both horny and especially when you’ve got not just one but two handy Icejacks to break the ice, so to speak. Watch as Andy and Karl fuck their toys in the Jacuzzi. Immediately, they start making out with each other and playing with their toys as their cocks slide in and out of the clear plastic toy. They watch as their cocks swell to monster proportions before Andy stands up and lets Karl play with his ass.

You know what that means, Andy’s getting some cock up his butt, and that’s exactly what Karl does. Andy rides Karl’s pole in the Jacuzzi, feeling him deep inside and making sure he hits all the right spots.  It turns out one of them does like to bottom. That doesn’t stop them from both using the Icejack again, though. Once the butt banging is done, they quickly slide their dicks back in the toys and start jacking right up until they get close. Then they slip them off and shoot their loads all over each other.

[flv: 480 368]

Cohen is sportin’ some major hard wood for us at

There’s something extra hard about the guys and their dicks on I know that sounds strange, but hear me out on this one. First off, it’s pretty rare that you’ll ever come across a guy who’s not erect when visiting their site. Take the newest addition to their brotherhood, Cohen, and his dick made of steel.

Fratmen Cohen rock hard dick made of steel

It’s almost as if that throbbing hard-on he’s got bursting from his khakis is hard all the time. I can imagine it now! From the minute this fresh-faced freshmen wakes up in the morning, to the time late at night when his head hits his pillow, he’s been sportin’ wood and making the rest of the male population insanely jealous. Just a little bit.

Fratmen cohen engorged cock

Of course, we’ve got one idea as to how we could deflate that of his, even if it does just spring back up all stiff and hard a few moments later. And I bet your ass Cohen knows a sure-fire way to thank you for giving him those precious few moments of release – I mean, relief. Oh, the price a hot youngster will pay for helping him blow off some steam every now and then. . . Cohen naked gorgeous youngster erect penis gay porn site

Blake Mason’s Mark and Grant’s bath time fuck!

Two of my favourite guys are back at and this time, they’re celebrating with bubbles – bath bubbles that is, not champagne bubbles! After receiving numerous requests for a shaving film, they asked Mark W if he’d trust Grant with a razor around certain areas of his body … and there’s no doubt just how much he wanted to let him loose! Relaxing and fondling each other in the steaming hot bath, I was amazed at just how quickly their raging hard-on’s emerged from the frothy foam. These guys were just totally horned up and eager to play with each other’s cocks and have some serious fun. Even when Grant began shaving Mark W’s chest, cock, balls and ass, it was clear they were both enjoying the experience.

blake mason

As Mark W’s hair was steadily being trimmed away, he couldn’t help but run the swollen head of his cock around Grant’s nipples – HOT! His raging red cock head was oozing with pre cum. The boys go at it sucking each other long uncut dicks, swallowing them deep sown inside their throats. There are some real gems in this film, not least when Mark W’s cock slides deep in to Grant’s eager and very willing ass for a good steady fucking. And I have to say that this is one of Mark W’s best cum-shots to date… he’s becoming quite a shooter. The great thing out Blake Mason is that he encludes extras on the site, this scene has another 8 minutes of bonus footage.

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