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Yo! Ho! Spitzers Salacious Sex Scandal!

SPITZER UPDATE: daddy spitzer quits. Turns out the gov’s not the 1st “moral crusader” 2B brought down by some snazzy snatch.

Spring time, everyone’s cumming up… sex workers! I saw this on a news site First it’s Gov Spitzer, now its Kendall Coffey. he was on CNN givin’ some (talking) head but someone forget to i.d. him as glenn garvin. as “glenn” or coffey (so many names … is HE a hooker?) had to resign from gov job, 2 — yup, thazz why they called him “former” us attorney — for running up a $900 buck bill at a strip club.

lesson learned? hang out in a cat haus, ur gon’ get fleas (& flea bit!)

yo! ho! d’ja hear ’bout eliot spitzer, ny governor whos gone lost his job for hiring hookers?

me & my friend over at, brandon were talkin & he sez, “its craaaaazzzzy that he got caught.” (more ’bout this later but u should check out rentboy’s “hookies,” the ‘scort awards)

hookies cum to hollywood

i decided i’d call up david forrest cuz hes went down for pimpin’ ‘n panderin’ a whiles back (now, he runs this sorta “dating” service called “meet the stars” tha hooks up fans wit their fav porn stars … but its not — nOT — pimpin’: all forrest provides is contact info.)

anyways, forrest had a lot to say about gov Spitzzer. “He’s like any oversexed man who’s in a marriage. He probably likes to have an occasional different gal than the one he sleeps with every night. He didn’t realize that whoever he was dealing with was being watche. The biggest problem with this is the Feds. They’re tough to deal with. Because it was done on line and there was a crossing of state line.

just this morning forrest was in court, ge told me he bumped into Anthony Booklier (the lawyer; last night he was on NightLine with Heidi Fleiss), “And we were talking about it. The fact that here’s a public figure who’s being caught in a Federal Wire tap sting. And it’s very embarassing because he’s a Governor. Regardless if he was just Mr. Spitzer, he wouldn’t have been singled out. That’s what I don’t like about it.”

course, im wondering, is the gov gon’ do time? forrest sez, “Nope, nothing will happen to either of them. They don’t about them. They only care about the madam. Unless he gets all flustered and decides to resign. I mean, who cares?”

heidi ho disses gov spitzer

theres a funny quote from heidi fleiss (she got busted in the 90s for pimpin’ some high end snatch) i found over on “You pay people right, you treat them right, you don’t have a problem. It’s so easy to not get caught.”

& all that stuff ’bout the gov being ‘difficult’ wit demands one hooker sez, “things that, like, you might not think were safe….” (heidi sez that prolly means, “I’m sure he wanted anal sex without condoms.”)

take from a ho whod know, heidi dont think much ‘o the Gov, “I think he’s an arrogant prick and he thinks he’s above the law; no one likes a hypocrite.”

8th Annual Cybersocket Awards

Who was the best gay adult pornstar this past year? How about the best gay video company? The 8th Annual Cybersocket Web Awards announced their winners of the best individuals and companies that have influenced the gay adult internet market. There are two categories, Industry Choice in which nominees and winners are chosen from people in the gay adult industry and Surfers Choice in which regular Joe Shmoes are choosing and voting for the gay porn-stars, video companies and internet sites that they feel has participated the hardest in changing the face of the gay adult industry. Here are some of our favorites …

cybersocket web awards

Best Video Company Site – Hot House

Best Amateur Video SiteSean Cody

Best European Theme Adult SiteBel Ami

Best Original ContentRandy Blue

Best New SiteWith Marcello

cybersocket web awards

Visit to see all the winners.

Gay Pornstars Honored at the GayVN Awards Show

Gay porn’s finest stars were honored at the GayVNs last weekend. From half naked bottom boys to well dressed dick suckers to hot little go go sluts strutting themselves down the red carpet in San Francisco. What a great society we live in that we can take a hot stud and have him receive an award for being able to suck someone’s cock the best or to have him take numerous dicks up his ass. The GayVNs bring the entire gay adult entertainment community together, showcasing the best of the best and honoring the most deserving gay sex actors, directors and writers – and don’t forget about fluffers – for entertaining us all with the hottest hardcore gay porn around.

gay porn award show

Here are some of our favorites.

Best Amateur Video: Edge Series 1 (Chaos Men)

Best Oral Scene: Joey Amis takes on the cast of Mating Season (Bel Ami)

Best Group Scene: Steve Cruz, Johnny Hazzard, Joe Strong, Matt Majors, Brendan Davies, Link: The Evolution (All Worlds Video)

Best Actor – Foreign Release: Jean Franko, The Men I Wanted (Lucas Kazan Productions)

Best Sex Scene – Duo: Ricky Sinz and Roman Ragazzi, GRUNTS (Raging Stallion)

gay pornstars
gay porn entertainment

Special thanks to Brandon and Rusty for providing pictures.

To see all of the winners go to GayVN and find out more information about the best gay porn stars, hottest gay videos and the best gay porn companies around.

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