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Ryan Kwanten Gets Naked on True Blood


Ryan Kwanten plays Jason Stackhouse in the HBO series True Blood, and if you haven’t seen him in action you are totally missing out! This hottie originally hails from Sydney, Australia where he sharpened his acting skills before he moved out to Los Angeles and joined the big boys.

What’s great about Ryan’s character in the show is that he plays an oversexed Southern boy, which means that many of his scenes require him to be naked and fucking a girl. He’s been on top, the bottom, choking girls and in every other compromising position you can imagine. He’s also worn a mask and danced around in his underwear in the show and from what we can tell acting isn’t his only huge talent. We imagine that he’s uncut like his fellow countryman Hugh Jackman. Both guys appear in various states of undress over at Male Celebrities, which is the only place to go if you need to see some celebrity dick, a sex tape, or anything else that your heart desires!

Aussie Twink Alex




We’ve always thought that Australian guys are among some of the hottest men on the planet. Over at you’re bound to see someone you like. These boys are plucked right off of their surfboards and beaches and asked to pose for the camera. The great thing about this site is that the boys come as they are. There are no costumes, elaborate makeup, or anything else that might be considered theatrical. These boys are the real deal! If you’ve never seen an Aussie boy naked you are missing out. These dudes are almost always uncut, and have pretty hefty loads between their legs.

One Aussie boy in particular that stands out to us is Alex. Alex was relaxing on the beach when he was approached to do a scene. Fortunately, he agreed to do a solo jack off scene, and the rest as they say is history. What we like about Alex is that he’s got a smooth lean body, and a nice uncut cock. He likes to keep things trimmed down their so he has very little pubic hair, which makes his cock look ever prettier than it already does. We wonder if Alex is planning to visit the States any time soon. We sure would like to give him a tour of our bedroom the city we live in.

[flv: 480 368]

Hugh Jackman Bares All


We hadn’t really realized it before now, but Hugh Jackman loves to be naked. Whether he’s stripped down to his just his adamantium as Wolverine, or gaying it up on stage (he loves his song and dance numbers), Hugh isn’t afraid to put himself out there… really out there. In his new movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine Mr. Jackman strips down to his birthday suit and even shows his ass off to the camera, but the mother jewels are nowhere to be seen. Seeing that we were left with a bad case of blue balls we went digging. We knew Male Celebrities would have a picture or two of him naked, but we didn’t know that you would be able to catch what he’s got hidden down under. They truly do feature the hottest uncut (hint, hint) pictures of all our favorite celebs.

Jerking Off, Cocksucking, Fucking, and Pissing At


The hot Australian dudes over at Bentley Race know how to have a wild time. These dudes love to fuck like crazy but when they can’t find a partner they show their flexibility by self-servicing themselves. These particular guys give themselves some major tongue action — we bet they give the best blowjobs from all the practice they’ve had with themselves!


One thing these dudes love to do is fuck in the open air, which is probably the reason why they have no tan lines on their bodies. These two guys jump out of the car for an impromptu photo shoot before the photographer bends his friend over the car and gives him a good pounding.


If you’re into pissing and watching guys piss you’ll love watching all the hot studs that like nothing better than whipping out their dicks and taking a long piss before jerking their poles and shooting out a milky load.


There’s nothing better than watching two hot studs who love going down under. There are tons of pictures and videos of hung guys doing what we love to watch hot studs doing best. If you’re in the mood for some hot cock to get you off you should have no problem finding something to satisfy your needs!


Aussie stud Derrick and his dick are down for anything – and up for a lot more!

“I’m a very take it as it comes kind of person.” It’s the first words out of Derrick’s mouth as he steps foot on his set for his first jack-off video, and quite frankly it couldn’t be more foreshadowing of the slutty business that’s about to go down for this Australian newbie.
Sure, it’s only his own dick he’ll be taking as it comes for now, but we have a feeling that this open-minded stud from down under will have a lot more to show us in the future.

young australian boy twinky derrick

There’s just got to be something in waters down there in the world of Oz, because the men they produce never fail to get our engines roaring and ready to go. The guys on are always so rugged and natural looking, and that’s just how we like ‘em.

They’re just so laid back and casual with everything – like jacking off on film is no big deal. Just another day in the life of Derrick. What’s that? You want him to get hard and rub one out for you again? He’ll totally do it.

Opposites attract at when tan flesh meets soft supple ass

You couldn’t find a duo more oddly paired than Taz and Tristan; On one hand you have Tristan – a hot and hairy guy with a natural tan and an appetite for sex that is, well, insatiable. Yeah, this guy’s an absolute monster in the bedroom, and let’s just say this kid is not apologizing for it.

Blake Mason gay porn Tristan Taz

 Then on the other hand, you’ve got Taz – small, skinny, and soft to the touch, you couldn’t find a more gentle, demure, and affectionate guy than him. Be careful with this sensitive stud – he’s a sucker for hugs and kisses, and loves to be held for long periods of time. Aw Taz. Come to Daddy!

blake mason gay porn blowjob Taz Tristan

Of course, the good blokes of know that if there’s one hard and fast rule in porn, it’s that nothing can get as sexually steamy as when two opposites attract. And just like that old Paula Abdul song, when Taz and Tristan get together, it just all works out. Only here the thing getting worked out the most is Taz’s creamy white ass cheeks. Watch as Tristan aggressively spreads ‘em, as he plunges his finger deep inside, much to Taz’s pleasure. It’s the kind of action that could have you singing from the top of your lungs – and maybe even bustin’ out a few old school Paula moves, if you dare.

Tristan fucks Taz in his white ass on blake mason

Australian Uncut Boys Down Under

I ran across an old favorite,, the other day and it made me long for the boys down under. I may not be able to travel down to Australia as much as I would like, but it is nice to know that I just need to cruise on over to to get my fill when I am unable to be there in person. This site is filled with hot, young Aussie boys. The models are very athletic, most of them are surfers, but all the models have amazingly fantastic bodies. My favorite part about this site is that the majority of the models are actually straight. They go down to the beaches, find a couple of hot guys surfing and offer them a few bucks to video tape them jacking off.

All Australian Boys

Since most of these surfers don’t have jobs, they take them up on their offer and we get to see young, tanned guys jacking off their uncut cocks and shooting thick loads of creamy cum which gets mashed into their forest of curly, untrimmed pubic hair. Being as athletic as these guys are, every muscle in the bodies plump up and pop out as they stretch and strain themselves to pump out their sperm loads. Most of the models are shot right their at the beach. The have sand up the ass crack and will bend over to prove it, then they walk down to the surf to wash the cum off their bodies. Their dicks flop back and forth from the waves as their cum washes into the ocean. I guess that is why the water is so salty.

To see these hot Australian studs, click here.

Seasons Malibu