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Mick Roberts and His Huge Uncut Dick at You Love Jack

Mick Roberts and His Huge Uncut Dick at You Love Jack

Mick Roberts and His Huge Uncut Dick at You Love Jack

Mick Roberts and His Huge Uncut Dick at You Love Jack

Mick Roberts and His Huge Uncut Dick at You Love Jack

This week You Love Jack treats us to an amazing homemade gay video from super-hung twink Mick Roberts. Mick has boy-next-door good looks, but with a wild streak and a hint of naughty slyness. He’s got a huge, uncut dick and he gingerly uses his foreskin to jerk himself off. One of the hottest parts of his clip is when he puts his hairy legs in the air and starts finger-fucking his own hole. The expression on his face changes and it’s like he’s lost in his own little world of pleasure. He knows he’s hot, so he works the camera and teases us until he’s ready to cum. As he reaches for the finish line, his breathing gets faster and he lets loose a series of powerful spurts that arc and then land on his chest and stomach. The guy who thought up You Love Jack must be a pervert genius. We imagine him as a James-Bond-esque villain with thousands of pairs of fancy shoes and a secret hideout manned by twink-bots.

What What In the Butt at Haze Him

What What In the Butt at Haze Him

What What In the Butt at Haze Him

What What In the Butt at Haze Him

What What In the Butt at Haze Him

If you’re one of the few people who hasn’t heard the song What What In the Butt by Samwell, now is your chance. The senior frat bros in this new college hazing clip from Haze Him actually dance to it as they torment the new frat pledges during their bizarre, homoerotic initiation rituals. One of the most memorable moments in this clip occurs when a senior frat brother puts on a viking hat and forces two naked pledges to simultaneously sit their asses down on the hat’s two enormous horns! From there on out, things just get worse as the pledges are forced to suck each other’s dicks, fuck an inflatable man-doll, and have their dicks tied together. This is definitely one of the weirdest frat hazing videos we’ve seen so far!

Kris Evans & Dolph Lambert





Kris Evans and Dolph Lambert are each super porn stars in their own right. They’ve both been busily fucking their way through the hot roster of Bel Ami models, but they had never been paired up with one another. Fans have been begging to see these two stars in a scene together, so Bel Ami decided to make it happen with this new, two-part update! They are both toned, handsome, and full of stamina – so it was a perfect match that was guaranteed to result in an amazingly hot encounter.

Kris and Dolph are both known for being lustful, sensual, and full of passion. They start out kissing, which really makes their stiff dicks hungry for some action. Instead of rushing things, they enjoy some rimming and cock sucking before moving on to the main event:  fucking. When they finally get ready to go in that direction, they forgo top/bottom roles in favor of flip-flop fucking. That means you get to see it all in this very special scene from Bel Ami!

[flv: 510 365]

Arnaud Laurent





We love exhibitionists! They love to be watched and they don’t care who sees them getting off. Arnaud definitely fits that description. For him, it’s a serious fetish. He loves knowing that people are getting off on his perfect twink body. When he’s having sex, Arnaud loves to have his partner caress his body, grab his dick, and jerk him off – maybe even slipping an occasional finger into his ass to increase the pleasure. In this scene, however, he’s happy just to jack off solo as the whole world watchs.

After taking off his clothes and rubbing his hands up and down his body, he grinds his fingers deep into his smooth boy hole, then slowly pulls them out and spreads his asshole wide for all to see. It’s bright pink, begging for his wet fingers to return to his pleasure spot. Arnaud keeps looking directly at the camera, teasing it as he drives his fingers back inside with a soft moan and a harsh grunt. And in no time, there’s a big load of boy jizz flying right towards his face!

[flv: 510 365]

Haze Him: Milk Gone Bad





We know there are a lot of uses for milk, but this is the first time we’ve seen it used in a sexual manner… At least with straight frat boys. At Haze Him, rush is in full swing and the eager pledges are ready to do anything to get into a fraternity. The frat boys are also ready to put them through some sexy games to prove that they can take it all… Even taking a big fat dick in their virgin asses. Nothing stops these boned up boys from humiliating their friends. Not even a banquet!

Nobody likes drinking bad milk, so when these pledges bring the head of the Florida Fraternity some funky milk during dinner all hell breaks loose. If you ever wondered what a human serpent looked like you’re about to find out. Much of it involves hairy balls touching faces in sheer humiliation, but that’s not all there is. Along with the seemingly harmless pranks, there is some dick sucking and hardcore fucking to do. Nobody makes fun of these fraternity brothers. They get their revenge, though. Prepare yourself for some naked humiliation at the hands of these sadistic boys!

[flv: 501 365]

Tyler James Sucks His Dick





You Love Jack is really good at recruiting the hottest, youngest and horniest studs around – especially the kind of guys that have a unique talent. Tyler James has a unique talent that involves the use of his long snake-like dick and his mouth. He can suck his own cock with little to no effort. In this clip, he strips down and jerks off his dick for us before showing us his natural talent. At first glance, his dick looks like your average cock. But when the blood quickly rushes to his cock head, it comes to life!

He’s got a charismatic personality that comes through on camera. He flirts with it, knowing that we’re on the edge of our seats waiting for him to take off his clothes. When he does, he goes wild. He rubs his crotch, fucks his round bubble butt and even inserts a clear butt plug into his ass. But the best part is when he throws his legs over his head on the couch and starts to feast on his own pre-cumming pecker. That thing is long enough so that he can swallow it down with little strain. That’s talent you don’t see everyday!

[flv: 510 365]

Andy O’Neill’s Sexercise





Andy O’Neill gets a surprising delivery in this clip. If the hot delivery boy got Andy’s cock stirring the actual package delivered will surely finish off the horny task. As he unwraps it, it turns out to be a rubber ball, which he starts to inflate. Complete with an attached dildo, Andy can’t wait to ride it. I guess killing two birds with one stone has been Andy’s idea all along. Who ever thought that combining an exercise regime with your daily jerk off necessities could be so practical? It certainly leaves more time to fantasize about kinky scenario with the deliver boy.

Like a freaky new Pilates workout, Andy climbs the rubber ball and takes it for a test run. He mounts it like a stud and starts to sit down on the dildo. As it inches its way into his rectum, Andy’s face is filled with sexual pleasure. As weird as this sex toy is, it surely does what it’s supposed to do. He fucks it with the passion of a twink in heat before it sends him over the edge. His load shoots forth with full force covering him in twink goo.

[flv: 480 368]

You Love Jack’s Tommy Defendi





This working stiff comes from a hands-on background so you know that he’s naturally good with his hands as he demonstrates in this You Love Jack clip. Tommy loves nothing more than relaxing after a hard day of labor and the way to loosen up is to sit back and start working his man tool. Even before he gets home, his package starts to bulge; yearning to escape the tight confines of his jeans. Once it is let loose – watch out! This monster cock is huge! It’s no wonder Tommy needs to let it out once in a while.

His masterful hands wrap around his thick shaft and start to bring him to the edge. But Tommy has more tricks up his sleeves. Besides giving his hose a tug, he likes to explore the pleasures of his sweet, tight fuck hole. Like a true man’s man, he doesn’t fear the stigma of anal penetration as his fingers dig deep inside his hole. You can tell he loves it, too. The way he plays with the camera as he shows us his finger-fucking skills reveals pure ecstasy as his cock finally lets out a powerful shot of jizz straight into his mouth!

[flv: 480 368]






When Russ Connors went out for a night of drinking and partying, he never imagined he would end up with a big black dildo shoved up his bum. Such are the hazards of being cute, horny, and a little naive. The guys at Boynapped were out looking for a victim and they couldn’t resist this chance to find out how much torture this cutie could endure, but Russ was able to hold his own – although holding your own can be a challenge when your hands are tied. This turned out to be a night he’ll never forget.

Russ finds himself enjoying a drink before he’s quickly gagged, tied up and severely penetrated by a big black dildo. At first, it looks like it will never go into that sweet, little hole but Russ relaxes his sphincter and it slips in with no problems. Sebastion Kain is the lucky guy that gets to inflict all this torture on Russ. He masterfully shoves the rubber toy into his ass until it’s nice and open before he mounts Russ and shoots a massive load of sticky cum on his face. This is definitely a night Russ didn’t see cumming.

[flv: 480 368]

Flirt 4 Free Model Saxie







Saxie is one hot stud! He’s got a magnetic personality that attracts both men and women. It’s a good thing he’s bisexual and won’t turn down a sexy offer from either sex. His winning smile melts hearts and his penchant for kissing and gentle touching makes him the ideal type to bring home to mother but he’s dirty enough to let you go down on him while he’s driving – at least that’s one of his fantasies listed at Flirt 4 Free. Saxie is one wild stud – just watch his live video performances and you’ll see that behind his sweet face and cuddly personality lies the slutty heart of a true beast!

Of course, we can talk all about him, but the best way to see for yourself is to… Well… See for yourself.  His page at Flirt 4 Free is stocked with over eight hundred recorded private shows and by the looks of some of them he’s a real tiger in bed! From the list of videos available, you will instantly gather that he’s got a penchant for jacking off and shoving enormous dildos up his perky butt. But if you want him to play just for you, hit him up for a private show!

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