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9 inches of erect Asian Cock at – No Joke!

I’m sure there’s a great explanation as to why the cocks of look so insanely huge. Too bad we here at GooGabber could only figure out two. Our first guess was that the guys must be really tiny in size. Like just small and diminutive in build. Ya know, like if you were to stand shoulder to shoulder with them, they’d only come up to your waist level, or maybe mid-chest if you were lucky.

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Of course, guys that short (or, to put it more gently, “height-impaired”) are usually the perfect height for doing some pretty serious dick sucking, if you ask me. I want the head of my cock pointing them straight in the eyes, that’s how I like ‘em! It does, however take a pretty open-minded guy to bring a guy who’s 4’5” home to meet Mom and Dad.

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But worry not, friends, because all the boys of are sure to be hits with parents, as well as meet your entire dick sucking needs. That’s largely due to the other reason that these spicy Asian lover’s sausages look so meaty; because they really are that gigantic. In fact, most of the boys are average to above average height, and just as the home page boasts, you really will get to see “a real 9 inches Asian cock in action!” Sure, it may not be setting any records, but it’ll definitely have you looking differently at that Chinese waiter the next time you’re ordering egg rolls at Fu’s Palace!

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Boykakke – Swimming in Boy Cum

I was chatting with a friend and told him that I was looking for something a little different, a little out of my norm. He suggested to me a site called Since I had never heard of it, I decided to check it out. Holy shit! I am going to have to thank my friend by giving him a blow job for pointing me in the direction of this site. Boykakke is dominated by young, skinny, Asian twinks, 18 – 20, 21 if your lucky. All these boys have great tanned bodies, very lean and muscular, who all seem to enjoy having sex and lots of it. All the models are very cute, very horny and willing to do just about anything to get their nuts busted.


My favorite scenes are when the Asian twinks are with this tall, white German who happens to be packing a 10 inch thick cock. They all huddle around it like it is a box of candy and everyone can’t wait for their first taste. The lucky ones who get plowed by the massive meat, have a look anguish and pleasure by having something so big being thrusted so deeply into their tight butt holes. But they take it like men and enjoy a pounding of a lifetime. My absolute favorites are the money shots and all of that cum. The site isn’t called Boykakke for nothing. (Boykakke – Bukakke – get it!) Cum shoots everywhere on the site, someone is always squirting out cum whether they are being sucked or fucked and it is always landing on someone’s face or in someone’s mouth. These hot Asian twinks lap up the cum like it is water, sucking down every drop they can get poured into their willing and waiting mouths.

If you like boys swimming in sticky, salty cum, click here.

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