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There’s two things every good Marines loves: His country, and a two-handed hand job

There’s nothing we hate more than seeing a XXX site you think is totally hot, and then being totally bummed out when they only update their super sexy material like once a month. Okay, so maybe we hate world hunger, earthquakes, and that line of over-priced leggings Lindsey Lohan is currently hawking online, but still; Right up there on our list of loathes are rarely updated porn sites.

Which is exactly why we are so crazy about Yes, it’s got tons of hot marines with weeks of pent-up aggression ready to blow their wads all over the place, but more than that it’s just got tons of content. Did we mention it’s updated every single day? Yeah, everyday there’s a brand new full-length adventure, featuring site star Bobby Garcia, as he seduces yet another (and sometimes multiple) marines.

The best updates are Bobby’s famous load blowing two-handed hand jobs. The buff marine with the flawless body will lay back and let Bobby work his magic – and typically it doesn’t take long before these military boys are firing off wet, sticky shots into their own face. Talk about some friendly-fire! Hey Bobby – when ya going to lend us a hand?

Get High and Tight with Kaden and the boys of

You know that haircut all military guys always tend to have? They call it a High And Tight, and it’s that almost completely shaved look, with just a little bit of length on the top so they don’t look like a total skinhead. It’s short, hot, and feel great to rub your hands all over – especially when you’ve got a marine in your lap, blowing you into pure orgasmic ecstasy.

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Well, the haircuts aren’t the only thing high and tight about the latest update from the guys at These boys – dedicated to serving and protecting – have some of the most perfect posteriors of anyone out on the web. Supple-yet-firm, these young cadets – which includes soon-to-be breakout XXX superstar Kaden Saylor – are as clean cut as they come, not to mention they give head like nobody’s business!

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Speaking of Kaden, his ass is definitely the highlight of this foursome’s roll in the hay. The boys can’t take their eyes (or lips) off of it, and it isn’t long before they’re all fighting for a turn to plunge deep into his hole. Who will win? Well, you’ll have to go over to to find that one out…

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English Lad Army James’ Cannon Load of Cum!

James is back after a stint in the army and stopped by English Lads, he is looking as buffed as ever! It has been a very long time since this hot boy has gotten laid and he is hornier than ever. He is looking forward to beating off his cock properly and spewing a heavy solid load of cum everywhere. One thing is certain as he pulls down his combats his army issue long johns are bulging! He pulls the material tight round the bulge and there is no missing his pulsating erection. James gets such a thrill from showing off in front of the camera and in no time his cock is out and getting some attention. He tugs on his long uncut cock, pulling his foreskin way past the head of his dick.

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For all those ass lovers, James shows off his hair free crack in all its glory. Spreading his cheeks far apart making his sphincter lips stretch left and right. His cock gets harder as he shows off his ass. Once back into some serious wanking, James gushes his load all over his t shirt in what must be one of his biggest and strongest cum shots that really flies. His moans soften and his body trembles as he lies in a pool of his own spooge.

To see more of James, click here.

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