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Damian and Tori-A Steamy Hook Up





Watching two guys fuck can be a very hot experience. When it’s between an expert top fucker and an extremely talented bottom boy, it’s down right scorching hot. These two talented horny studs flirted all night at the bar, but when it was time to go home, these guys weren’t ready to go to sleep. Instead they get started with some steamy foreplay as Tori explores Damian’s tattooed hard body. Watch as Damian’s cock is fully engulfed in Tori’s beautiful wet mouth. Then get ready to watch the hottest rimming you’ll ever encounter on the Internet. Damian knows his way around a nice pink boy hole before getting ready to pound the hell out of it.

Tori shows just how good a bottom he is when he puts a condom in his mouth and expertly rolls it on to Damian’s cock before he gets up and impales himself on his rock hard cock. The fucking takes on several positions as Damian flips Tori over and pounds his ass doggy style, in missionary position, and on his back. It’s not too long before their sexual chemistry heats up and Damian pulls out and shoots his cum all over Tori, who soon follows with a gusher of his own.

[flv: 480 368]

Sex is so much better with audience participation, ain’t it?

Have you seen the latest trailer over at What the fuck! This shit is insanity. It sort of reminds me of the last frat party I went to, only like not as gay and with less cock sucking. That’s not to say there’s not a whole lot of dick slurping going on this party – that takes place in some type of well-lit sex club. Actually, that’s more a comment on how gay that fraternities are at my college, but that’s another story.

guys go crazy gay orgy party

Anyways, it never fails to astound me how they get so many good-looking guys to just loose all their inhibitions and just strip down and start fucking the nearest hole they see. These guys hold back absolutely nothing; it’s like everywhere they turn, their cocks just slip into another hole, or some dude’s mouth who’s on his knees servicing the entire crowd. There’s nothing better than getting fucked, and having an entire throng of hotties yelling and cheering you on. Talk about motivation to go the extra mile!

guys go crazy gay orgy

If you ask me, sex should always happen in front of an audience. I mean, if you’re going to put on a show for your partner, why not let everyone else marvel at your amazing deep throating talents while you’re at it? That way, if your fellas gets tired anywhere along the way, you’ll be sure there’s a back-up fuck right there next to you. Now, for this next trick, I’ll need a volunteer from the audience.

guys go crazy gay orgy blowjobs

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VideoSecrets new Cam to Cam chat feature is hot and addicting

We’ve got a confession to make: We may just be a little bit addicted to the hotness that is See, ever since they updated their technology to include this new Cam to Cam interaction feature, it’s brought their live video chat site to like a whole, entire new level. An amazing level that nobody should ever go to.

one on one interactive live sex gay chat videos

See, this Cam to Cam chat feature is way personal. Using it, not only can you interact using your web cam with the star you’re watching live, but they can interact with you. It’s almost like hiring a hooker – only the two of you never touch, and you don’t have to be in the same room. It’s cyber prostitution, and quite frankly, we can’t get enough of it.

one on one interactive live sex gay streaming chat

Of course, everything is legal here, and everything goes. As a VIP member, you get to pick the guy you want to cam with, and the two of you can do whatever you want from there – talk, stroke your dicks together, or just sit and smile. The possibilities are literally endless – and so is the time we’ve spend using the thing! Quick, somebody shut our webcam off before we use all our minutes!

video secrets live interactive one on one sex chat cams

Have you got the skillz to put on a sexy webcam show? Put it to the test!

There’s a real skill to being a good webcammer.  First off, you’ve got to set it up so you’re always in the most flattering angles.’s got some great examples of what we’re talking about; notice how the focus of the camera is always straight into the guy’s crotch? That way, you not only make your package look ten times meatier than it already is, but it also makes everything around it (aka your love handles) look smaller by comparison.

webcam portal live gay dating sex cams

In addition, you’ve really got to let yourself go wild. Nobody wants to watch a guy just sit there, no matter how muscles he’s got, or how long and hard his dick is. Okay, well maybe there’s a few exception to that rule; Any guy over 9-inches has our permission to do whatever the hell they want in any circumstance) – but you catch our drift.

As you can see from most of the guys at, there’s something about on film that’s truly liberating – these guys find themselves doing and saying more than they might in the company of another person. It’s a great chance for a stud to live out some of his hottest fantasies – and for you to watch.

Let the Champagne Flow and your inhibitions go at one of’s parties

Today, loyal readers, we ask for your help. You see, our birthday is coming up really soon, and there’s nothing more in this world that we could want more than an invite to one of’s wild orgy parties. Yes, it may be a pretty tall order, but with all those fresh-faced studs and firm athletic bodies together in one room, it’d be enough to make us the happiest guy in the world.

guys go crazy gay party hardcore

First off, the thing that stands out about these parties is the intense, raw, sexual energy these guys exude. It seems like every time we come across another update from one of their recent festivities, it’s full of sweet smiles and dirty dry humping. It’s like these hunks are magnetically drawn to each other, and the pull to all too undeniable.

gay crazy sex party guys gone wild

More over, these studs know how to party. There’s almost always some guy with a champagne bottle, pouring the bubbly liquor all over another guy’s ass cheeks while the rest of the partygoers lap it all up with their tongues. Sure, we typically prefer to sip our Cristal from an elegant flute, but we’d make an exception if given the chance to lick anything off of these boy’s plump pieces of perfection!

guys go crazy party sex orgy gang bang

Boys Gone Bad – wild guys getting totally naughty!

Do you think it’s hot when a guy breaks the rules? Public nudity? Dick sucking in the middle of an open field? Wearing white after Labor Day?

boys gone wild outdoor gay porn

If any or all of these things gives you a big, fat stiffy, then you’ve got to check out Except, of course, that whole thing about wearing white after Labor Day. If that’s you’re thing, you’re probably better off visiting The Style Network, or tuning into The View, or some gay chick shit like that.

boys gone wild public gay sex orgies

Alright, still with me? Good! So, like I was saying, breaking the rules is always hot, and the tanned and wild studs from GoysGoneBad.cum are getting way totally naughty. Maybe even a little too naughty. Seriously, the shit these boys are doing could make those nipple-flashing, tequilla-downing girls from GirlsGoneWild blush!

boys gone wild public gay nudity

As you can see from their latest update, these guys will strip down to their birthday suits no matter where there are, or what the occasion. Dicks dangling everywhere, and bare butts exposed for all to see – that’s the way these boys roll. Better roll on over to the site to see some more, eh?

Gay Masquerade Orgy Sex Party at Local Bar

Brand new gay orgy party pics and gay porn videos from the Guys Go Crazy Masquerade or should I call it ASSquerade, Ball Gay Sex Party! They’ve invited a bunch of lucky new boys from Hungary and Denmark to come party with them and everyone’s decked out in funny, sexy, or just crazy costumes to come celebrate at the club, play some games, and maybe even win some prizes! They start off with a “Best Costume” contest, where contestants shake their stuff on stage while showing off their outfits. Then things heat up with “The Great Dildo Suck-off”, where the dudes simulate fellatio on each other by sucking whipped cream off of dildos … just a sweet taste of things to cum.

gay sex party orgy

Before you know it, the hot euro twinks and toned hunks are rubbing each other’s cocks, getting hard and popping their boners out of their pants to get sucked by the closest cock-hungry stranger, or friend — they don’t know, and frankly they sure as hell don’t seem to care. For some in the crowd, watching this simulation got them right in the mood for the real thing, and they started to undo each other’s pants, pop out their friend’s boners and go to town on their rock hard cocks, giving them some hot wet mouth service. Your cock will be rock hard by the end of this round of hot gay sex party pics and vids. All of the boys cocks in this crazy cast of characters’ are out and getting the knob-gobbling they deserve!

To see more of this hot orgy party, click here.

Fuck My Gay Hole Raw at the Disco!

Four nameless strangers meet in the back of a retro 80’s club. Disco balls and hectic neon graffiti surround the room. None of the boys are over twenty and are a little anxious in their new adventure. As they start to undress, their hard ons start popping out of their jeans straight up into the air. Young and full of cum has never proven its point better. They forget the formalities of kissing and go right for each others cocks. The younger of the four get dominated right away as they are pushed to the floor and made to deep throat the cocks as far down as their throats will allow. Both boys are troupers and take every willing inch of boy flesh the can suck on, making sure to grab some foreskin on their way back up the cock shaft. The boys end up on their backs getting the asses played with.

chill out boys

First one finger, than two, stretching the boy butt just enough to stick the head in. They slide forward slight and getting ready to be mounted. They can feel the raw, uncovered cocks pushing against the holes. A little spit helps the monster dicks find their way inside these warm, fleshy bottoms, barebacking the boys into total pleasure. The strangers feel connected as the skin on skin ass action continues. They pound the asses harder, faster trying to decide where to cum. Should they shoot their loads up their asses or make them eat every ounce of their boy juice? Both pulled out at the same time and shifted up towards the young angelic faces. They both had their mouths open and their tongues out. Cum came flying out at full force and both captured as much as they could. They swallow the cum that landed in their mouths and search for any more that they had missed.

To see videos of these hot, young cum eaters, click here.

Steamy Showers at College Dudes

College showers. This is where college dudes get all of that cum off their bodies. Of course, they have their buddies to help them wash it all off, because you know, that is how they got the cum all over the place in the beginning. College guys can get away with so much just by calling it male bonding. They will watch their room mates jacking off in the communal showers, soaping up their thick veiny dicks and talking about sports at the same time. Some frat boy will mention the chick that he boned the previous night while a line of guys are pulling on their hardening dicks as they listen to the tale of how he got tail. Since there is not a whole lot of privacy in college, the showers are one of the quickest and easiest ways to unload a load. Your naked, you have slippery soap and your hand is touching your dick. This works out much better in the showers than it does on the dorm room as you bunk buddy walks in with his girlfriend and you are forever known as the Jerkinator.

college dudes 247

But the best part of the college shower experience is the bonding the showers are able to provide … with his cock to your ass. You start by soaping yourself, your arms, legs, ass, cock, which at this point, you stop and look to see if there are any eyes on you. Once you spot him, you have a dual masterbation battle from across the room. You can see the redness of his cock through the fluffy white foam of the soap. You move to the old handicapped stall all the way to the end, he follows you. You kiss him as the hot water crashes onto your faces, stroking each others cocks. You go down on him, keeping an eye out in case someone comes around the corner. He lifts you up and presses your chest against the cold tile. As he leans up against you, his soap lubed cock enters your wet hole. You try not to moan for the fear of the echos in the room. A few more thrusts and he pulls out and cums all over your ass. As he holds his softening cock, he watches the cum being washed away and he gently kisses the back of your neck. By the time you turn around, he is gone.

To see what else college dudes go through click here.

Lunch-Break Glory Hole Action at!

Image from!

Do you ever catch yourself fantasizing about hot looking businessmen? Behind their expensive suits and their conservative veneers, they get just as horny as anyone else. To satisfy their sexual urges, they often resort to impulsive, dangerous solutions such as frequenting gloryholes in public restrooms or seducing deliverymen and coworkers after hours. They know all the best places to get blowjobs on a lunch break and they know how to have sex in the office without getting caught by the security cameras.

If this is your fantasy (or your reality!) then you’re in luck, because that’s what Men At Play is all about. They get some of the sexiest men in London to pose for them, resulting in some of the world’s steamiest videos and photo sets. It’s like a nasty cross between an advertisement for The Men’s Warehouse and your favorite porn DVD!

One of their newest models, Jan Fischer, is 25 years old, 5’10” tall, and has an 8″ dick. He stars in On the Bench and you can watch a FREE PREVIEW of it at the site.

Image from!

As a Men At Play member, you’ll get:

  • VIP access to exclusive movies and photos not seen anywhere else on the net.
  • Enjoy hardcore videos filmed in London, featuring the hottest guys from the city.
  • Become part of the MAP interactive community. Submit reviews, share fantasies, and chat to other members, models, and site directors.
  • Access extras featuring the hottest, uncensored, behind the scenes action.
  • Submit your requests and suggestions and then see them brought to life by your favorite guys!

Men At Play has walked away a winner at the last two Cybersocket Web Awards and you’ll instantly understand why the surfer’s voted it #1 when you visit!

Image from!

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