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Clamp down and give you sex life a bolt of excitement!

There’s not a lot of sex toys out there that I’d consider to be terrifying. Well, actually that newly released  11” Ben Andrews dildo is a little chilling, but far from completely frightening.

gay electric clamps

These, however, just scare the hell out of me. Especially the part in the description from the site that says, “They can stimulate great pleasure if used correctly.” Um, and what happens if they’re not used correctly? Hot damn, I hope these things come with more than just an instruction manual. In fact, I’d probably prefer it if they came with a horse hung hunk who actually knew how these tiny little shockers work – you know, just in case. Nothing is worse than, well, being electrocuted. Especially when all you’re trying to do is shock your boys downstairs into having a little fun.

Still, if used with discretion, I’ve heard these Electro Sex Clamps pack quite a powerful punch. And hey, if you’re not quite ready for hooking these bad boys up to your car battery, you can still get a kick out of wearing them alone without any electric surges. When put that way, it’s actually not that scary at all.

Put it in, pump it up, and get ready to wish Grandma the happiest birthday ever?

Now here’s a toy we came across last week and definitely had some fun with; so much fun, in fact, that we had to throw it up here at JuciyGoo and sell it ourselves.

butt plug vibrating inflatable swell guy

So my buddy Tommy took this thing out for a spin this weekend. Being the curious guy he is, Tommy’s always up for anything – especially a challenge, and I had the perfect one in mind. See, all week Tommy had been bitching to me about how he had to spend the all day Saturday at his parent’s house to celebrate his Grandma’s birthday. Not only was it going to be way totally lame, but it was going to ruin his weekend completely – I mean, when was he going to find time to find a guy to get down and dirty with?

I had the perfect replacement. I dared him to take the Swell Guy – an expandable butt plug of nearly 5 inches of pure backdoor pleasure – and keep it up his ass the entire day Saturday. See, the controls (that make it vibrate, ect.), are really discreet, so, as the site says, “you can get dressed and walk around with it”. Well, that’s exactly what he did, and judging from what he told me, he’s was all smiles all day long! Best birthday party ever! Now I can’t wait till my next family get-together!

Are you a fancy faggot? The Jeweled Butt Plug is for you!

Never put anything cheap in your butt. If you ask me, that’s a pretty good rule of thumb in life. Whether it’s objects or people, places or things, putting something inexpensive into your ass is never a good idea.

jewel butt plug fancy ass sex toy

For those of you out there who subscribe to our way of thinking, we present to you the newest and coolest thing on the market – the Jeweled Butt Plug. Only for the fanciest of faggots, this stainless steel piece of ass glamour comes in two different sizes (Large and Xtra-Large), and with your choice of jewelry (Emerald, Diamond, or Ruby)! And from the reviews we’ve been browsing online, it’s actually getting a lot of positive feedback as a product – it stays in place and feels great too!

Sure, at $120 each, it may not be for everyone on your gift list, but we can guarantee anyone who receives such a flashy accessory will be indebted to you for a long time to come. Oh, and if you’re thinking about getting one for us, here’s a hint – I think Emerald would totally match our eyes!

Finding the right spot and staying there with the Nexus O

Every now and then, there comes a sex toy across our desk which we have no idea what to do with. Oddly shaped, a bizarre size, and covered in a mysterious black coating, the Nexus O is one such toy we’ve encountered this week that left us scratching our heads here at GooGabber.

Nexus o black anal sex toy for guys prostate perineum testicle ball stimulator

That was, however, until we took this little curved shaped piece of pure silicone heaven for a test drive. And fuck man, talk about one hell of a ride! No joke, when this things claims it can find “the right spot and stay there”, they ain’t kidding. In fact, we found a few “right spots”, and stayed there for a good couple hours.

The best part, by far, was the massaging effect, which wasn’t too fast, wasn’t too slow, but rather just right. And if you’re feeling clever, you can get pretty creative with the Nexus O. Rub it, rock it, ride it – whatever you pleasure of the moment is, this little wonder did whatever job we called on it for – and then some. It had us saying, “Ooo”, and will probably having you doing the same.

Caleb’s Dildo Assplay from Dixter

Caleb is back with some toys from his adult toy box and he can’t wait to get his furry little bottom played with. Caleb is a master when it comes to the art of anal penetration. Loosening up his hole with his with his finger, then inserting and rotating a second finger to loosen up his hole. Caleb loves sticking his finger deep inside, as far as he drive them in. Once his pucker hole is all relaxed, he starts by playing with some anal beads. Slowly inserting the beads, going down each digit one by one. As he removes the pulls out, each bead is surround by Caleb’s hairy little sphincter. His butt hole clutching around every plastic pleasure ball.

anal bottom boy

Caleb then moves on to a large, long black dildo that seems to be one of his favorites. His moans intensify as he plows his ass with the huge dildo. He is pushing it in much farther and much faster than the anal beads and the smooth shaft slides in and out easily of Caleb’s satisfied ass. He then turns to his side, his rock hard cock is loving every minute of ass play. Taking out his third toy, Caleb turns on his vibrating dildo and rubs it around the stretched hole of his ass. As he inserts it, the sensations make his cock go crazy. Caleb fucks himself faster and faster until he finally explodes his load all over his stomach. With a deep sigh, he slowly falls asleep with all of his favorite toys around him.

gay butt toys

To see Caleb fuck himself, click here.

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