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Connor’s Gloryhole Blowjob at All Australian Boys!

Connor's Gloryhole Blowjob at All Australian Boys!
Connor's Gloryhole Blowjob at All Australian Boys!
Connor's Gloryhole Blowjob at All Australian Boys!

If you haven’t visited All Australian Boys recently, now is the perfect time. All Australian Boys has been introducing some amazing new guys this year – and Connor is just one of them! This hunky stud is originally from Ireland, but he now makes his home in Brisbane, Australia. He has a job in the hospitality industry and in his free time he enjoys cycling, running, and working out at the gym. Connor has a great body and he seems to be turned on by the idea of being filmed, because his big dick gets hard almost instantly. Best of all, he eventually winds up at the gloryhole being sucked off by another hot dude!

If you’ve never check out All Australian Boys, you’re in for a treat. It’s the largest and most awarded all-male website in Australia and it specializes in straight and bi-curious Australian sportsmen. The site received a Cybersocket Web award for “Best Original Content Site” and at last count the site had 733+ exclusive Aussie boys, 50,000+ exclusive, DRM-free, HD videos, and 170,000+ beautiful, high-resolution photos. Going strong for over 18 years, All Australian Boys now has one of the world’s largest collections of exclusive male models and videos.

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Pierre Fitch Bares All For Fans

Pierre Fitch Bares All For Fans at 2Gay4FB!
Pierre Fitch Bares All For Fans at 2Gay4FB!

Pierre Fitch Bares All For Fans at 2Gay4FB!

Believe it or not, Pierre Fitch has been active in the adult industry since 2003. And yet, he still looks like he’s about 22 years old. Maybe time flows backwards every time Pierre does a handstand, which is fairly often. That would explain a lot.

In recent years, Pierre Fitch has become increasingly well known for his DJ work. But he has never forgotten about his porn fans – and recently Pierre has been gifting them with some amazing nude selfies at a new free site called

2Gay4FB helps porn stars to post nude selfies to social media sites without breaking TOS rules – and Pierre Fitch is one of the first porn stars to start using it. For days, Pierre has been gracing his social media followers with sexy, impromptu, naked selfies – including some that were snapped in public!

If you’d like to see the uncensored, XXX versions of Pierre’s images, just click through to Pierre’s profile page at 2Gay4FB. It’s all free!

Jackson Gets Fucked For the First Time at Corbin Fisher!

Jackson Gets Fucked For the First Time at Corbin Fisher!

Jackson Gets Fucked For the First Time at Corbin Fisher!

Jackson Gets Fucked For the First Time at Corbin Fisher!

Jackson Gets Fucked For the First Time at Corbin Fisher!

Super sexy Jackson was an instant hit when he debuted on Corbin Fisher this year. With his sexy stubble and laid-back masculinity, Jackson was impossible for fans to resist. In this clip, Jackson bottoms for the very first time – with beautiful blond Kent serving as his guide and top. As the scene starts, Jackson and Kent kiss while Kent rubs Jackson’s crotch through his jeans. After some mutual cock sucking, Kent rims Jackson’s furry ass and then explores it with a couple fingers before finally easing his hard cock into Jackson’s virgin hole. This is Jackson’s first time, but he’s definitely not shy. “How does that virgin ass feel?” he asks Kent, which clearly eggs him on. Kent pounds even harder, and soon Jackson’s legs are in the air as he takes every last inch of Kent’s dick. Both guys moan as they fuck and they get so in sync with each other that they end up cumming at the same time. As Jackson’s cock spews multiple streams of jizz onto his abs, Kent explodes inside Jackson’s tight, virgin ass. Then the cameras continue filming as they clean up and chat about Jackson’s first bottoming experience. If we’re lucky, it won’t be his last!

Dru Fucks Turner at Corbin Fisher

Dru Fucks Turner at Corbin Fisher

Dru Fucks Turner at Corbin Fisher

Dru Fucks Turner at Corbin Fisher

Dru Fucks Turner at Corbin Fisher

If you’ve been craving some hot, interracial fucking you definitely won’t want to miss this recent update from Corbin Fisher featuring Dru and Turner. Sexy boy turner was a Corbin Fisher fan who had been fantasizing about getting fucked by site regular Dru. He decided to write to Corbin Fisher about his fantasy, and before long his dream became a reality. After some passionate kissing, Dru pulls out turner’s hard dick and the two studs grind against one another as they continue to kiss. Next the boys trade blowjobs and Dru teases Turner’s ass until he’s ready to fuck it. It was good that he waited, because as soon as Dru starts pounding Turner’s ass, Turner is in ecstasy. As Turner takes all of Dru’s cock and savors every moment of the pounding, both guys get close to cumming but manage to hold back. Eventually Turner cums while being fucked and then Dru pulls out and spills his load all over Turner’s ass.

What What In the Butt at Haze Him

What What In the Butt at Haze Him

What What In the Butt at Haze Him

What What In the Butt at Haze Him

What What In the Butt at Haze Him

If you’re one of the few people who hasn’t heard the song What What In the Butt by Samwell, now is your chance. The senior frat bros in this new college hazing clip from Haze Him actually dance to it as they torment the new frat pledges during their bizarre, homoerotic initiation rituals. One of the most memorable moments in this clip occurs when a senior frat brother puts on a viking hat and forces two naked pledges to simultaneously sit their asses down on the hat’s two enormous horns! From there on out, things just get worse as the pledges are forced to suck each other’s dicks, fuck an inflatable man-doll, and have their dicks tied together. This is definitely one of the weirdest frat hazing videos we’ve seen so far!

Dakota and Henderson





Dakota and Henderson are two cute models from Boy Fun Collection. This shoot got them together in a steamy session of young love. They start out groping and kissing through their clothes before moving on to some very kinky naked fun. They’re the perfect fit for this site, as they love showing off their young stamina and ability to blow huge loads of cum from their ever-stiffening boy cocks! Watch them explore their smooth, slender bodies and get a taste of their own juices in this hot clip.

Eagerness doesn’t begin to describe the manner in which they connect with each other. Dakota, with his baby-face and blond hair goes down on Henderson’s long cock as soon as the clothes come off. The expert way in which he devours cock leads us to believe this is not his first time. Henderson takes this as an open invitation to fuck the hell out of Dakota’s tight, twink ass. The action gets even hotter when Dakota takes control and bends Henderson over and starts to pump his stiff dick into his hole. More sucking resumes before they both shoot their boy loads.

[flv: 480 368]

Flirt 4 Free Model Saxie







Saxie is one hot stud! He’s got a magnetic personality that attracts both men and women. It’s a good thing he’s bisexual and won’t turn down a sexy offer from either sex. His winning smile melts hearts and his penchant for kissing and gentle touching makes him the ideal type to bring home to mother but he’s dirty enough to let you go down on him while he’s driving – at least that’s one of his fantasies listed at Flirt 4 Free. Saxie is one wild stud – just watch his live video performances and you’ll see that behind his sweet face and cuddly personality lies the slutty heart of a true beast!

Of course, we can talk all about him, but the best way to see for yourself is to… Well… See for yourself.  His page at Flirt 4 Free is stocked with over eight hundred recorded private shows and by the looks of some of them he’s a real tiger in bed! From the list of videos available, you will instantly gather that he’s got a penchant for jacking off and shoving enormous dildos up his perky butt. But if you want him to play just for you, hit him up for a private show!

Dallas and Shane





Dallas is a 6’ 3” Texan with a hung package. His buddy Shane is a surfer from Southern California and he is also tall with a huge bulge. They’re no strangers to doing porn, but in their videos, they’re strictly tops. Today, though, one of these tall, lean, fucking machines is going to bottom for the other and it looks like Shane is the lucky winner who gets a taste of that huge Texan cock. It’s not a big deal for either one. When they start to suck face, you can tell they’re both going to enjoy this naked romp.

From the moment Shane drops to his knees to suck Dallas’ fat cock, he unzips his own pants, spits on his dick and starts to stroke it while getting face fucked. This stud is ready for action! You can tell it really is Shane’s first time getting ass fucked. He winces and breaks into a sweat as Shane invades his surfer boy hole. But he takes it like a pro as Dallas starts to dig into his moist anal cavern. Apparently, the pain goes away because by now, Shane is slamming into Dallas’ 7.5-incher with no problems.

[flv: 480 368]

Video Boys: Jo and Damien’s Power Fuck





Jo has the looks of a Greek God come to life.  He’s got the ripped body with muscles packed into a lean frame.  Those brows and dark eyes confirm his mischievous streak as he tells Video Boys that he wants to fuck a nasty bottom with a skinny frame who can take control as he’s being fucked hard (do we sense a closet bottom here?)  Enter into the scene, sweet-faced Damien, not skin and bones, but exactly what Jo ordered.  Damien is instantly drawn to Jo’s sexy physique and as they get more acquainted, their animal instincts take over.

But as soon as the cameras start rolling and they start to sweat up a frisky fuck session, Jo forgets his demands as he gets an eye full of Damien’s sweet boy hole.  Forget the dominant top, Jo shows off his true top fucking qualities as he lays into Damien’s ass.  Damien can keep up and also shows off a few talents of his own as he takes Jo’s big fat dick and shoves it in his mouth.  Knob polishing seems to be his favorite activity–next to get getting his ass pounded by a hard and horny top like Jo!

Sizzling Euro Boy Action






We love it when members of a particular website find a model so hot that they basically convince the powers that be to invite said model for an encore performance. In this case the hot guy in question is Euro stud Alan Carbol who makes a return visit to Bad Puppy and brings his equally hot friend Rudolf Ulrych along for some wild and crazy times.

Not only do these two swap blowjobs but they also get into a little sixty-nine action just to be thorough. If Rudolf is nervous about performing in front of the camera he doesn’t show it because he’s able to stuff Alan’s big dick all the way down his throat.

Alan ends up flipping Rudolf over and tasting his ass before diving in dick first into the bottom’s tight hole. We have to admit that Rudolf is one sexy looking bottom while he gets fucked, and we would’ve ended the scene exactly the same way that Alan did. Brava boys! That’s the way it’s done.

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