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Channel 1 Releasing Video On Demand

Channel 1 Releasing!

Happy Wednesday ya’ll. I hope those that celebrated Pride throughout the country had a blast but partied responsibly, remembering to wrap that meat up before you started fuckin’ the complete stranger who ended up beside you in bed.

While I was at Los Angeles Pride this past weekend I had the rare opportunity to see infamous porn director Chi Chi LaRue spin her records for a rather large crowd on Saturday afternoon. While various porn stars like Chad Hunt were shaking ‘dat ass in the crowd it occurred to me that I hadn’t been on the Channel 1 web page in a long while. I overheard from many friends that they had a VOD (video on demand) section available for instantaneous downloading of porn. Later that night when I got home I logged on and badda-bing before you knew it I spent over a hundred dollars downloading Johnny Hazzard porn and Dirk Yates Military porn – truly yummy!

Johnny Hazzard!

Mr. Hazzard has to be one of the most well known porn stars off all time. His signature tattoos strategically placed all over his body (including one on the rump of ass) are just one of the things that make this stud so stunning – the other quality about Hazzard is his mind. If you’ve ever gotten a chance to meet him in the flesh you’ll know what I’m referring too. Call me crazy but something about a man that has a mind and a body really gets me in the mood to shoot a load! Some of his movies that are now available are Feed the Need starring Brandon Lee, Claudio Martin, Adam Faust, Brad Benton, Jeremy Jordan, Marco Paris, Matt Hunter, Michael Brandon, and Nick Savage as well as In His Dreams starring Eddie Diaz, Jan Fischer, Luca DiCorso, Chad Savage, Emilio Sands, TJ Young, Tory Mason and Trent Atkins. If you’re into leather, check out Leather Sessions starring Johnny Hazzard, Cole Ryder, Luca DiCorso, Tyler Riggz, Adam Young, Derrick Hanson, Nick Mazzaro, Simon Angel and Tag Adams – now that’s a stellar cast!

Dirk Yates Live!

Dirk Yates movies now available too for those who love uniform fetish and hot tough military boys that will seemingly do just about anything for some cash! Honestly I lost count of how many Dirk Yates films are available but if you need a recommendation on what to download I strongly urge you to view Jarhead 2, Hard Corps 2nd and 3rd Division plus the entire Dirk Yates Private Collection – yes there are tons of them, but you can never have too much military porn!

With so many movies to download I guarantee you that you’re dick will be all dried out before the river of porn that Channel 1 supplies on VOD runs dry.

Happy downloading!

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