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Helix Studio’s Breaking the Rules






Hot, young twinks are what this movie is all about. The ever-effervescent Tommy Anders shows up in two different scenes in which he unleashes his huge throbbing tool on two guys who have no idea what they have gotten themselves into. For a young guy, Tommy has really learned how to use all his inches to great effect. He slams the poor boys’ asses until they can’t take it anymore, and then he slips out of them and uses their bodies as his own personal cum rag leaving a big load on both of them.

Tommy isn’t the only one who is doing some damage with his cock. Michael Lee appears in the film as well and really takes control as he plunges his fat cock into a guy’s waiting mouth. What’s exciting about Michael is that even though he might be young he’s a pro when it comes to fucking. There’s no way you can keep from sporting wood when you see him plunging into a boy’s ass relentlessly. His body is all sinewy toned muscles that flex and release with every thrust until he drops a big load.

At an appealing 102 minutes in length Breaking the Rules will put smiles on the faces of twink lovers everywhere.

[flv: 480 368]’s Twinks Love to Suck & Fuck


It’s difficult not to get hard when watching the young bucks over at who are as horny as they cum. The site allows you to peruse the hot boys and lets you know what films they have done in the past — just in case one of them really gets your goat!


They may be young but they definitely know what they’re doing when it cums to bedroom shenanigans. These boys can suck and fuck so well that they prove once and for all that it doesn’t matter how old you are as long as you love sex you’ll be a master in bed.


One thing all of these twinks have learned during their short time is how much they love to fuck a tight ass. These skinny guys — sporting big dicks — love to pop their boners into a nice tight hole and pound it until they are on the brink of shooting their loads.


We can’t imagine what it must be like to be 5’11” and weigh 120 pounds soaking wet, and be able to take such a huge cock up our slender tight booty holes, but we guess not everyone can be a twink. It’s a good thing they’re out there though and this site provides you with some of the hottest twink DVDs both new and old for you enjoyment.


Grab your (sleeping) bag and your dick – is having a party!

Okay, so here’s what’s been going down over at lately, and it’s two of the hottest words you’ll ever read. Well, at least the hottest until you read our next post. Alright, are your ready? Here is it! Sleepover Party.

hot naked sleeping boys

Yes, sleepover party. See, what they do is invite a handful of their hottest, horniest studs, put them in a room, and tell them to go to sleep. No, just kidding. Actually, they tell them to do whatever the fuck they want – and what they want is to play with each other’s cocks all night long.

hot naked sleeping boys

Their latest sleepover party turned into an all night fuckfest. Seriously, these three boys could go forever without dumping their loads of cum all over the damn place. There was kissing, there was thrusting, there was humping – there was everything you’d expect would happen if you threw three horny guys on a bed and told them to have a party. I hear they’re going to have another sleepover party real soon –cruise on over to for all the details!

hot naked sleeping boys

Casey Wood is the undisputed twink king of huge cock!

Meet the twink king of big dicks, Casey Wood. For those of you unfamiliar with his work, his breakout roll came early last year as the gun toting baby-faced hero in the cleverly titled  Da Vinci Load 2. And ever since then, he and the massive piece of meat he’s got between his legs have been scaring – and seducing – the crap out of bottoms everywhere. Seriously, it’s the kind of dick so big that when he’s in any locker room shower, even the straightest of guys can’t help but stop and stare.

boyz party casey wood

Actually, one of the biggest curses of having some elephantine-sized trunk like Casey is that it’s really hard to find guys brave enough to bottom for you, which is why in most of his scenes, this donkey-dicked stud is the one taking one for the team. Casey’s a pretty good sport about it, however, and doesn’t seem to mind putting his legs in the air all the time for most of his scene partners.

casey wood boys pissing

But every so often, there’s a guy who steps up to the challenge that is known as Casey Wood and his mammoth piece, and captured just such an event with their boy Dustin – who, though might not be able to wrap his hands around Casey’s dick, has no trouble pouncing up and down on it. Now that’s some truly inspiring work, Dustin!

casey wood

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