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Peters Twins Fourway With Vadim Farrell and Florian Nemec at Bel Ami Online

Peters Twins Fourway With Vadim Farrell and Florian Nemec at Bel Ami Online

Peters Twins Fourway With Vadim Farrell and Florian Nemec at Bel Ami Online

Peters Twins Fourway With Vadim Farrell and Florian Nemec at Bel Ami Online

Peters Twins Fourway With Vadim Farrell and Florian Nemec at Bel Ami Online

We’re huge fans of the Peters Twins, so we try to catch every clip they do – and this new one is a doozy. It’s a hot fourway featuring the Peters Twins with playmates Vadim Farrell and Florian Nemec. Now that they’re working as a team to get guys, Milo and Elijah Peters seem to have a voracious appetite for new conquests. Luckily, Vadim and Florian were just what they needed for a good time. This scene was filmed in South Africa, and even includes some action between brothers Milo and Elijah! Some call it taboo, but we call it hot!

Peters Twins Fourway With Vadim Farrell and Florian Nemec at Bel Ami Online

Mason’s First Time at Corbin Fisher

Mason's First Time at Corbin Fisher

Mason's First Time at Corbin Fisher

Mason's First Time at Corbin Fisher

Mason's First Time at Corbin Fisher

The guys at Corbin Fisher have become legendary, and in this hot recent update we get to see one of their new discoveries in his very first shoot. The scene stars sexy newbie Mason and more experienced stud Trey. As the scene starts, Mason is reading Trey’s profile online as the two boys flirt.  Before long, the guys are getting really into one another and they begin to kiss. As Trey leads the action, he makes sure that Mason is comfortable before he starts issuing commands. After some hot 69, Mason gets to fuck Trey and he does it like an experienced pro. Finally, Trey shoots his load halfway across the bed while getting fucked, and then Mason pulls out and does the same. It must have been beginner’s luck!

Lukas In Love Orgy Scene from Bel Ami

Lukas in Love Orgy Scene

Lukas in Love Orgy Scene

Lukas in Love Orgy Scene

Lukas in Love Orgy Scene

For some people, the month of October means Halloween, but at Bel Ami it means orgies! For this breathtaking Bel Ami orgy clip, they brought together a huge group of their top guys and then set them loose. The results are destined to become legendary. There are so many beautiful guys and big dicks in this clip that you’ll want to watch it again and again to focus on different details. Never resting on their laurels, Bel Ami continues to bring us a unique vision of euro-twink sex that just keeps getting bolder. Forget candy and jack-o-lanterns – we’d rather celebrate Bel Ami this October!

Lukas in Love Orgy Scene

Dakota and Henderson





Dakota and Henderson are two cute models from Boy Fun Collection. This shoot got them together in a steamy session of young love. They start out groping and kissing through their clothes before moving on to some very kinky naked fun. They’re the perfect fit for this site, as they love showing off their young stamina and ability to blow huge loads of cum from their ever-stiffening boy cocks! Watch them explore their smooth, slender bodies and get a taste of their own juices in this hot clip.

Eagerness doesn’t begin to describe the manner in which they connect with each other. Dakota, with his baby-face and blond hair goes down on Henderson’s long cock as soon as the clothes come off. The expert way in which he devours cock leads us to believe this is not his first time. Henderson takes this as an open invitation to fuck the hell out of Dakota’s tight, twink ass. The action gets even hotter when Dakota takes control and bends Henderson over and starts to pump his stiff dick into his hole. More sucking resumes before they both shoot their boy loads.

[flv: 480 368]

Evan Fucks Bevan





Getting fucked by your boyfriend for extended periods of time can become stale. At least it appears to be that way for Bevan, who is shooting his first video without his boyfriend. He couldn’t look more excited when he feasts his eyes on hot-looking Evan. Both Cocky Boys have slender bodies and rock-hard cocks made for fucking, and in this clip, we get a good sample of their sexual prowess when they unleash their carnal desires all over each other. If Evan’s expert help isn’t enough to put an end to Bevan’s monogamy, we don’t know what will.

He knows he’s going to ravish Evan from top to bottom. They begin with a sensual make out session – lots of kissing and hands exploring naked bodies. Bevan swallows Evan’s stiff woody and sucks cock like there’s no tomorrow. Evan returns the favor, but then Bevan sits on Evan’s pole and begins to ride it as if he was riding a horse. This gets Evan horned up and he takes the reins and bends Bevan over the coffee table in time for Bevan to blow his wad all over his abs. Evan shoots his load while Bevan laps it up like sweet nectar.

[flv: 480 368]

Trent Blade Fucks Jake Steel





When a hot stud like Trent Blade (with a sexy, tight body and a thick dick) says that he wants to fuck – you have no choice but to grant him his wish. Luckily, there wasn’t a shortage of bottoms willing to take him up on the offer. Jake Steel jumped on that chance to get his hot hole filled with Trent’s impressive tool. Jake, obviously, is the type of guy Trent wants to fuck because when they kiss passionately, there is definitely no acting going on. Jake kisses back, eager to get started on the mission at hand.

Jake eagerly sucks on Trent’s fat, juicy cock like there’s no tomorrow and Trent returns the favor, wrapping his mouth around an equally impressive boner. Once their cocks are slick with spit, they move on to the real fun. Trent takes Jake and positions his cock over his waiting ass and shoves his stiff cock into Jake’s warm pucker. One look at Jake and you know he’s in piggy heaven – he takes that cock all the way down to the hilt and enjoys every minute of it. These two studs go at it with some great fucking until each of them blows his wad.

[flv: 480 368]

Outdoor Fuck with Jarda Schneider and Thomas Bayer





Nothing says ‘nature’ like a good old-fashioned gay naked romp through the great outdoors. But if you’re built like Euro boys Jarda Schneider and Thomas Bayer, nothing says “nature-lover” like a good extended glance at these two hunks getting it on in their natural setting. Their smooth, almost hairless bodies accentuate their toned abs and tight torsos. It make it easier for them to appreciate what each has to offer as they ravage each other on a blanket. You can easily see that this isn’t a picnic as they remove their clothes and start savoring their bodies.

Jarda’s uncut dick gets instantly hard when Thomas starts to run his hands across his chest and lightly plays with his nipples. He must really be hungry for Jarda’s cock because he doesn’t let up. Jarda starts to stroke his fuck muscle in preparation for the ass fucking Thomas is going to get for lunch! But before he does, he samples Thomas’ ass with his tongue before he pushes his raging hard on into Thomas. Outdoor sex doesn’t get any better than this, and with these two hot boys showing you how it’s done, it won’t be long before you, too, will become a nature enthusiast.

[flv: 480 368]

Luke and Hammond





With the lean, smooth, defined bodies that they possess, Luke Hammond and Mark Lloyd may look like members of the Olympic swim team, but in this clip, they are emulating the WWF when they playfully start wrestling in bed. The passion for each other is palpable when you see their hands explore their smooth skins. They run their fingers down their chests and find big dicks that are already hard and ready to play. In quick succession, the clothes come flying off, soft lips press against soft lips, and the real action begins. They move into a 69 position and stuff their mouths with inches of hard cock.

These guys know the meaning of foreplay and they milk it for what it’s worth. They each have perfectly shaped dicks made especially for sucking. Luke is able to deep throat Mark’s raging boner with ease, while Mark eagerly runs his tongue up and down Luke’s slick shaft. If they gave out medals for cocksucking, these two studs would be gold medal winners, and if pounding ass was a sport, Luke and Mark would be contenders for first prize. With all that practice they are getting on each other, who needs to try out for sports?

[flv: 480 368]

Ricco Fucks Adam





Ricco and Adam are pretty much your typical Latin horny boys. Everywhere they go, they have dick on their minds and in this clip, the hormones kick in at a cruisy public shower. Nothing stops the two from getting it on while they soap up and wash the stress of the day away. Ricco starts it off by making sure Adam’s fat, uncut meat is completely clean. He pulls back the foreskin and his tongue goes to work, covering every inch of extra skin that covers Adam’s fuck tool. Temperatures skyrocket watching these Latin studs make out for a while before they continue their oral foreplay.

Adam then moves over to the bench and lies down so that Ricco can have access to his ass. Ricco immediately starts working his hole with his tongue giving Adam a delicious tongue bath. Then, Ricco takes his own throbbing cock and starts to fuck Adam with a slow deliberate rhythm that quickly gains speed as their bodies create sexual friction. They fuck in every position and, at one point, Ricco manages to blow Adam while he’s fucking him. If that’s not enough to make you shoot a big wad, we don’t know what is.

[flv: 480 368]

Andrew and Justin Fuck





Ready or not here comes action! Andrew Blue is about as horny as any young guy his age. As he lounges by the pool, his eyes turn to a hot lifeguard and he feels a stirring in his crotch for some cock. Luckily, he meets up with Justin Jameson – a hot young stud that is totally into Andrew. You have to admit that these two have awesome tight bodies with perfectly shaped abs for fucking. As they lustfully go down on each other’s rock hard cocks, Andrew’s attention turns to Justin’s smooth ass. He goes down on it, rimming every single inch of butt.

Justin enjoys all the attention his ass is getting, but Andrew isn’t going to be satisfied with a mere rim job. His tongue may be slicking Justin’s pucker, but it’s only a means to and end because in a few seconds, his dick is going to be fucking the living daylights out of Justin. We can’t be sure if Andrew is still hot fort that hot lifeguard he saw earlier, but if he is, he’s taking that frustration out on Justin’s tight hole with every hard thrust of his pelvis and Justin takes the pounding like a man should.

[flv: 480 368]

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