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I am going for a run real soon and after that I am going to do a show maybe a group or a party,but thats up to you guys. I shouldnt be that long and I will be right back on and all sweaty for you guys to do a show, and party with you. If you need anything special send me a message on here or on twitter and we can get that done. I hope to see you later,but if i dont I will see you tomorrow I will be on at my normal times and you can come see me then. I think its goign to be a great show later,shouldnt be more than 20 minutes in my run. I am not working out so its nothing super labor intensive. I know its going to a long weekend so I hope you guys come by and see me online. I think its about time for me to log off and jump on that cardio band wagon and get in shape. I will see you real soon and I hope I do. See ya and if I dont I will be on all tomorrow and the weekend I will on all of it so see you thenm

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