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take me to church


my words linger in the air as i say them. i’ve been meaning to say them for months, but it just wasn’t right. wasn’t the right timing. my words float like clouds over to your ears, as i feel the rejection coming. i love being beside you, having your body close to mine. your nipples are my favourite thing about you. your smile makes me smile. what we could be, a perfect team. i rely on you like you rely on me. a great team that no one could conquer. you beside me i feel human, only then i am safe. your arms around me, i feel like everythings going to be okay. i could do my laundry on your abs, your abs of steel. i could rub my tongue on them, feel them with my every part of me. your mind seems so fragile when youre around me. i cant stop smiling with your silly jokes, your silly smile, your silly face. you stupid face makes me melt. the creases that cross my mind continue to fold, but eventually the paper will rip, just like us. i wish you would just hold my hand, hold me close, hold me like you loved me.

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