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Wow, this is like the perfect amount of time, so let us see if we can do it, including taking nourishment in the time available. No time, no time for better things, no time, no time, no time…but, tonight we are going to have the time for the best thing, going in to my room with a pair of tight underwear and my singlet and my cock in its harness to entertain and perform with and for you…I am looking forward to my up coming interview slated for online or e-mail, but I hope to be able to sky it so that it is recorded and will be a little less easier for me than having to type it all, it will be better to see it in print after my recording is transposed…I have been very fortunate recently as far as the weather has been a bit rainy so as to not have had to spend time each day watering the yard…that much more time to spend in my room with you…Spandex, jock straps, thong, see through bikinis, hmm, I think that is the winner, black see through bikini for tonight and sox, black ankle height sox…what do you think, what do you request?

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